Wednesday, June 10, 2020

An Idea or 2 or 3 From Me to You

We all like new ideas on using what we have or finding new things that benefit in a positive way.
I have a couple ideas for you today.  I hope they help someone or give you an idea or two that you can use.

The other day I was putting out a new mail box cover (that I was gifted  sometime back) to pretty up the plain old mailbox.  The cover comes with magnets along box sides at the bottom.  They just didn't seem to working all that well.  I needed a couple more magnets on each side.
I came in and started looking around - no magnets.  Then I REMEMBERED!!!!!!  I had several of those old business card magnets that we have all received over the years.
For some reason I had kept them in a bag together.

I cut these into strips and then used a glue gun to attach.  It worked perfectly!!!!!!  NEVER throw away those promotional business card magnets - they will surely come in handy at some point.

I mentioned I had poison ivy in my Sunday post.  I also mentioned coal tar soap.  I have used this for years and it is very healing for many types of skin irritations.  Coal tar or pine tar both work.  I find at any health store that sells soap.
The soap is black.  As you can see in the background I also have tea tree oil soap.  I also keep and use soap made with Aloe Vera  daily.  These soaps are all very healing.  You might want to look into getting one or 2 of these.  I just love having a more natural alternative to hard and brash soaps on hand for my face and body for daily use.
Lana commented on Sundays post about a product called Warrior from Hopewell as well for severe poison ivy.  I haven't checked that out yet, but plan to.  Love having options.

For years and years I saved all the birthday (and other) cards that we received.  I recently went through and sorted and saved a few special ones - but the rest I carefully cut the fronts off.  I will reuse those for making my own card fronts.  I always keep the fronts from Christmas cards and use them as gift tags the next year or to use for making lists.
I also bought some little books of prints a few years back that I came across while de-cluttering.  These will be used for making cards as well.
I got this idea a long time back from reading Annabel on The Bluebirds Are Nesting.
I have always kept packs of card /photo stock printer paper on hand - you can use a whole sheet or half, depending on the size card you want to make.  I also always have lots of envelopes (I get many at yard sales for pennies).
Just add you pretty picture to the front and your sentiment can be written inside.
You can use pretty pictures from magazines (Birds and Bloom would be cool) or pictures from calendars or even pages from books.  Actual photos can be used as well.  Use double sided tape to adhere your pictures to cardstock.  Glue could be used - but that may be very noticeable.
Get creative and make your own original cards for any occasion.
A packet of stock will last quite a while (or any heavy paper stock).  Always be on the lookout for envelopes at thrift stores or yard sales.
It is fun getting a little creative.

Lastly, I thought I would share something I got in the mail the other day.
On June 2 I did a post called "It Takes So Little" - about how we can all do something to make life easier/brighter for others.
Then I got this letter in the mail.  I have no idea who this person is.  It is hand written and hand addressed.  It was addressed to me (just my name - not Glen as would be in the phone book) and not occupant.
Click on picture to better be able to read.

Is that not the sweetest thing?  I wonder how many she mailed.  I wonder why me.  I just love the idea of spreading a bit of hope and love - reaching out.
I show this as it may be something that others may want to do.  Anonymously send a letter or card to someone with a word of hope.  That could absolutely change their day, week, or month.
Such a lovely idea.

I hope that this gives you an idea or two to recycle things or get new uses out of things.
Stay positive and stay blessed.


  1. Great tips as always.
    As for the letter - it was very kind of the sender. I attend church - even work in my church office and volunteer but I've never thought of myself as overly religious - it's much more of a private thing with me. However, I do have to agree with the writer as I have been rereading the Gospels during lockdown - just a couple of chapters per day, but it has become a form of meditation for me and has really helped with the stress of all that has happened in our world over these past few months.

    1. I consider my religion pretty private too - but it was just so kind of someone to reach out. Gospel is comforting and reassuring.

  2. What a sweet idea, those magnet cards have saved my bacon a few times!

    1. I wish I had thought of the magnets before. I am sure I have thrown some away in years past.

  3. What a lovely letter. My husband likes coal tar soap but it is yellow here. I don't like the smell but ok for cleaning. I like to reuse things where possible. It's very satisfying.

    1. I have never seen it in yellow and this has no smell other than soap.
      Love reusing things. Such a money saver.

  4. I use a plastic box designed to hold crayons to hold my sewing pins. I glued an old magnet (from a no longer working under the counter puck light) to the outside of the bottom of the box. It helps keep the pins in the box, and if I drop a pin, holding the box a little bit off the floor and going back and forth helps find the pin.
    While many people might like a letter like the one you received, I am spiritual but not religious and would not be as appreciative. Know your audience before sending a letter like that.
    My former mother-in-law made homemade greeting cards like you describe. She used kids' construction paper and glued the picture to the front. Great way to save money, since cards can be so expensive.

    1. Great idea on using the magnet for the sewing pins. That would be a great way to find a lost pins! Thanks for that idea.
      Greeting cards are very expensive unless you buy them at the Dollar Tree.
      Making cards is a lot of fun.
      Take care!

  5. Thanks for the ideas.
    Don't think I have ever used coal tar soap, but sounds like something good to have on hand Great use of the magnets.
    I'll see if I can think of someone to send a note of encouragement to.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks . I wish I had thought of using those magnets years ago!
      I think everyone can use a word of encouragement at some point!
      Have a great one.

  6. Hope you don't have poison ivy again this summer! Haven't used the coal tar soap but we keep tea tree products and use silver products. The person who sent you the letter is very sweet. What a lovely surprise! Some folks shy away from anything they consider "religious" but a kind word of concern is always welcome. In my humble opinion, this country needs all the prayers we can muster.

    1. I always get poison ivy once or twice a year. EVERY year!
      It was a lovely gesture. I understand not all of us believe or think the same way - but a kind gesture is just that. Kindness and caring is greatly lacking in our every day lives.
      We definitely need to be lifting this country up!

  7. I would like to get one or both of those soaps...also, when you recommended aloe vera for Roger when he was broken out so bad that first, it saved the day!

    I keep wanting to make cards but never get started...