Tuesday, June 2, 2020

It Takes So Little

I have read a couple things over the past couple of days that has reminded me that it takes so little to make a change, to help another, to live a good life or to live a humble life.
We can all do something.
Yesterday I was reading my horoscope in the paper (for fun) but the words were good.
"It's pretty easy to know when it's time to do the right thing;  it's always now."

Yep, now is always the time.  Why wait?  What will waiting do for any one?  Now is always the right time!
We can each make a difference in our family, communities, state and world.  Little things add up.

I have heard people talk about trying to get frugal and do things more simply, and so many say it is just too hard.  It is easier to go out and eat than to go buy groceries ad then cook.  It is easier to buy what you want now (and even go into debt) than to work hard and save for the future.  Many think they will just let others take care of them later in life.  Many only worry about today - never tomorrow.
"Have patience.  All things are difficult before they become easy."  Anonymous

My goodness, if we never tried anything and failed we would never learn.  Failure is a key to success in my mine opinion.  We try, fail, try, fail...….and eventually we succeed!  Sometimes it only takes once and other times it takes many failures - many mis-steps, many skinned knees - but eventually we get it.  Lessons learned are important.
Once you get it - it becomes a way of life.  It becomes GOOD!

I have also heard so many people say "there is nothing I can do to make a difference".  Well -  nothing becomes something once you speak it,  plan it,  or act on it.  Think about that.
Once there is action - there is SOMETHING!

Sit down and think about what you want changed in your life.  Maybe write those things down.  Then start taking small actions to make them happen.  You can do so much to make a difference.

Let your life be good.  Let your life be special.   Let your life be eventful.
Make a difference - big or small.  It is all part of what makes the world go round.  We are EACH part of what makes the world go round!



  1. What a heart-raising post and such a pity that people are raised to be failures . . . or see themselves so. Onwards and upwards and improve yourself. Oh and don't be BONE IDLE and not cook at home or care for others!

    1. It is sad isn't it? We are all successes IF we try!!!!
      What a neat world it would be if everyone tried just a little harder.

  2. Great message! It's so easy to feel overwhelmed these days with the chaos and fear due to the current issues. You're reminding of the song we learned in Sunday school, "This little light of mine".

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Yes mam. We need to let our lights shine and shine brightly.

  3. This is a very good and timely post, Cheryl. I think the best way to be the change I want to see in the world is to model it through my behavior. Your life is your witness to your values and beliefs (and that is not solely in the religious sense). I am frugal and proud of it. I have been mocked for my lifestyle (thrift shopping, vegetable garden, no TV, keeping my car forever, living in a mobile home, etc.). I don't care. I am true to myself.

    I have noticed that especially this spring, a few people in the trailer park have been making small lifestyle changes toward a more frugal life (more gardens, fewer pizza boxes out on trash day, not dyeing/cutting hair as often, etc). The events lately (the virus and now riots in major cities) are forcing people to live differently.

    People don't naturally embrace change. We must be made uncomfortable enough by our situation to WANT to change. Many people SAY they want to live a more frugal life but are not ready to do what it takes. They are too comfortable in their materialistic lifestyles, and our societal norms make it very hard to scale back.

    If you ask someone if they want to be manipulated, they would of course reply NO emphatically. Yet that is exactly what modern media does. TV, radio, movies, Facebook, etc. on the internet all tell us to BUY, BUY, BUY and consume as much as possible. Should we think we have enough material things, we are then supposed to value experiences (blow-out vacations, etc.). We are supposed to do our "duty" to "stimulate the economy." Eventually (sooner than later) the bill is going to come due for all of this profligate spending, both on a personal and governmental level. The pain will be great and will force change whether we are ready or not.

    One of the things that holds some people back from making frugal changes is the idea that it has to be an all-or-nothing proposition or it won't make enough of a difference. Not true. Yes, there are people who are able to live on tiny amounts of money and are almost completely self-sufficient. The majority of us who are frugal cannot live like that for a multitude of reasons.

    The key is to get started. Learn the difference between wants and needs. Make one simple change in your spending habits. Then make another. Practice delaying gratification. Read blogs on frugality for inspiration and suggestions but don't feel you have to do everything they do in order to be frugal. You will make mistakes. I can't tell you how many things I've bought that ended up at Goodwill because I should never have bought them. Those are sunk costs. Get over it and move on. Brooding and blaming yourself will not get the spent money back. Just learn a lesson from the "failure" so you don't do it again. You WILL over time become frugal and learn to get your life and finances under control. And there is no time like the present to begin!

    1. I should have had you write this post. Excellent words indeed.
      Be true to yourself - are the best words ever!

      They gonna be waiting a long while if they are waiting on this girl to stimulate the economy.
      I have been frugal for years and will continue to be so. Not my job to take care of the economy that is out of control.

      You hit the nail on head about it all. I could respond to each thing - but I am just going to say PREACH IT!!!!!
      Keep doing what you are doing.
      Thank you for your words!

  4. Oh, Cheryl, you are always so inspiring!! One thing can be such a positive thing indeed! However, we also need to remember one little thing done to negatively impact another can haunt that person/child for many years. We all need to do....but do good! Because, nothing is too small to make a difference....you just need to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
    I know through the years...and I am retired and have been blessed with many...people have done"small things" for me that were indeed big things in my life. Sure hope I've done some of that also.

    1. Yes mam. I think probably the smallest of gestures I have received have had the biggest impacts. Someone made an effort and it helped. Nothing huge or grand just a little effort.

      We all need to go forward and be positive. It all helps.
      Thank you

  5. Thanks for such an uplifting post. I was chatting (virtually) with a coworker today. She was expressing that she feels guilty for taking herself during this time, when so many others are suffering. My approach is that, this is when taking care of yourself is the most needed... so you can help others who are not in a position to help. It's very powerful to take care of your own physical & mental well being (and, financial well being, of course), which gives you the time, energy & resources to pay it forward.

    1. So true. We do have to take care of ourselves - and that is just fine. If we are well and happy we can do better for others.
      Thank you

  6. I always taught my kids that smiles and hugs are free so give lots of them away. It could change someone's day. The world has me sad right now. That is why I haven't been blogging. My mom taught me if I can't say something nice, then shut up! So I have been quiet. I have been praying lots for my loved ones, the world, our country and our politicians. We need some change. It cannot stay the way it is. I worry about my kids future and their future kids future. Stay healthy,stay safe.

    1. You are so correct - one little action can change the entire day for someone.
      I understand being sad. Blogging is my safe place. I can come here and blog and communicate with others and that helps me stay sane and feel a bit better. Things DO have to change. Praying and my family, friends, fur babies, and you all get me through each day.
      Blessings to you and hugs.

  7. I had no idea I was so far behind on your blog.. I love that about knowing the time to do the right thing is now...mom always said if you have not failed, then you've never done anything.