Thursday, June 4, 2020

Being Ready

We all know there are many reasons to stock and be prepared.  There can be job loss.  There can be extended illness.  There can be death.  There can be weather emergency.  There can be emergencies of any kind.  Anything can happen.
People have seen a lot of things this year that have caused pause.  Many were no where near ready.  Many were.

We NEVER know what can happen tomorrow.  We all need to be prepared for anything.
Now that you can get back out and about more - start getting back into the frame of mind of building your pantries.  DON'T wait for an emergency again.


 Slowly rebuild your can and dried food pantries.  Slowly add TP and health and beauty items.  Slowly add meat when and where you can.  Add shelf stable meat or can your own, just in case there would be an electrical disruption.  Grow whatever you can and can if at all possible.  Make sure you have "how to" books in your actual hands in your library at home.   Know where sources are for things you may need - in case stores are closed.  Know your neighbors.

I have spent years preparing for "anything".
I keep funds on hand at home - just in case.  I have protection for myself and home.  I have knowledge of how to take care of myself.
During recent events, I did not once worry about running out to buy TP, cleaning supplies, masks or gloves.  I had plenty of all of it.  I had plenty of food and other supplies.  I was ready.  I did not panic.

Please take care of your families and yourself.  Be ready.  As stated above - the only way to be ready for anything is to be ready for anything!!!!
Get busy filling in the areas that you were lacking, during this past event.  Add as much shelf stable food as possible.
NOW is the time to get busy and do as much as possible.  NOT when something happens.
There is no need for panic if prepared.
Now please understand I am NOT ADVOCATING HOARDING!  I am talking about storing enough for you and your family for a long term event.

Let's all get busy and be prepared (in case).


  1. Good morning! I'm curious, how much $ you keep at home. I realize this shouldn't be posted online for your safety. Is it 2 weeks expenses? Is it a month expenses?

    I go back and forth on how much cash I should keep in my home rather than at the bank.

    1. Realize that I have just utilities and groceries. My Medicare comes out of SS. Of course supplemental comes out of bank as well. Not sure what would happen there - if grid was down. Of course we would all be in same boat - no way to pay anything!
      I keep enough to barter, pay for any meds and groceries and incidentals and current bills. We have always tried to have about 5-6 months. That was just us. I would say 2-3 months if at all possible would be wise. You just never know.

      Until this year nobody really thought they would go 2 - 3 months with no income. It always pays to be OVER prepared.
      Hope that helps a bit.

      (Realize too, if like mine, the bank isn't paying much at all!)

  2. Yes, anything can happen and even money won't help as we learned during this latest coronavirus pandemic. It's good to have some savings in the form of food and supplies at home. Great post, Cheryl.

    1. Thanks. Yes food and supplies are the same as or better than (sometimes) money in the bank. Get while the getting is good!

  3. Cheryl, PLEASE be careful! You have given more than enough information for someone to be able to find your home. Husband and I take similar preparatory measures, but we are careful not to let anyone (including family, given their entitled attitudes) know what we have or where. I pray for your safety.

    1. Thank you!!! No one close around has any clue. I guess I don't worry as much with the distance of us all and the different states and countries. I know that is no guarantee.
      Thank you so much for caring. Keep me in your prayers!

  4. I am now in the process of restocking.
    Last week I added a lot of hair supplies (there was a great sale on my favourites) and a few cans of beans and corned beef.
    On Monday I found Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer - held behind the counter at my local drugstore and bought my limit of two each.
    Today I found jars of yeast at a little downtown supermarket and bought two - didn't want to be greedy.
    Just doing it bit by bit now.
    I always keep a bit of cash at home after witnessing people trying to get money out of the ATM's during a major power failure a few years ago - it lasted for a few days and it didn't seem to occur to people that those machines use electricity. It's the same reason that I've kept my landline - cell towers were down but I was fine.

    1. Glad to hear you are restocking. Make sure you keep that yeast in the freezer if you don't need it soon. It will last for years.
      Good going on getting what you can, as you can.
      Smart woman!

  5. We always kept cash too, but nobody wanted it during the beginnings of Covid! I told my husband that I never imagined anything that would make cash unwelcome!

    I'm right there in the stocking up. I think winter might be a challenge so I'm thinking of that. I usually do a cold/flu prep in about October. I buy cold meds, frozen oj, tissues, and such. Usually a dozen cans of both tomato and chicken noodle soup too. Though I usually have frozen soups, I like extras just in case. A couple of years ago, we both got the flu and then pneumonia and were horribly sick for 10 days. Our only trip out was to the doc and then the drive thru pharmacy. We pretty much lived on soup, scrambled eggs, and oranges!

    I don't think most of us do anything like hoarding because we do keep at it all the time. We didn't panic at all when this happened. It might get boring but we won't starve!

    1. I heard stories about cash as well. I never had that happen. Pretty darn sad!
      Thanks for giving a good example of why we stock. Being down sick, means relying on what you have. It sure is a comfort.

      LOL - yep many got bored, but at least they ate!
      Good job.

  6. It is wise to have adequate supplies set back for a variety of reasons. You would love my sister-in-law. She and my brother would figure out what paper goods and non-perishable things they would need for the year, buy it and store it on shelves in their garage. She is a very practical and common sense person. Some folks only live in the moment. I believe in being prepared, not only for our own needs, but to help someone if need be.

    1. Your sister in law sounds very wise. It just makes good sense.
      I can't imagine not knowing how I would survive next week if I didn't prepare.
      It is wonderful to help others as well. Thanks

  7. Great advice. I am hoping with everything that has been going on this year that more people will be prepared in the future.

    1. I do too. Surely it has opened a few peoples eyes. I would hope so!

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