Sunday, June 28, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 6/28

Happy Sunday all.  It is a gloomy, humid and wet last Sunday of June here.
We had storms and rain off and on yesterday.  Some rain predicted for each of the next 3 or 4 days and hot.
The rain is surely making the garden and plants grow.  They are thriving.  Nature's water is much better for the plants than hose water.

Enjoying watching all the animals around.  One night I had 2 adult and 4 baby racoons out back.  They were playing and scurrying around every where.  Up this tree and down and then up the other tree and down.  Big old opossum came walking by that night and the cats were just sitting on their chairs watching everything!  Bunnies were out playing and eating clover earlier.  Birds and squirrels and neighborhood cats visiting ...... it is a real menagerie out there.  My neighbor used to say I was "Alice in wonderland", now I am just "Jane of the jungle"!!!!!  LOL

We had a power outage Friday night in the neighborhood.  From the sounds of all the sirens, I imagine it was caused by a wreck somewhere close by.  My generator kicked on instantly and I was the only one with power!  Power was only out about an hour - but good to know I am covered.

Update:  The kids from two doors down came and apologized to me!  I don't believe it was their idea (teen just looked unhappy) - but they did apologize for being rude and for saying the things they said.  We had a nice talk out on the porch and I told them we were just all worried that they may do something that they can't take back and then they would have their lives ruined.  The young couple next door had a HUGE conversation with their Mom and told her she better start parenting - because that was her job, not theirs and not the neighbors.  We'll see.  Just figured I would let you all know.  It has been quiet this week!!!

This week:
  • Steamed & sautéed some fresh veggies that needed used up
  • Towered my potato plants - they are really growing - don't know if there will be potatoes, but plants are really pretty & growing
  • Repotted several house plants.  Some very old and leggy looking plants and some from planters I got  last spring.  Had the pots and soil on hand
  • Placed some starts from old plants in water to root as well 
  • Raked leaves 2X.  YES, raked - the tulip poplar always starts shedding in mid June and July - ugh!  Used the leaves as a mulch grass barrier behind the shed
  • Mowed the entire yard while it still was a bit cooler
  • Rain barrels are both full again!
  • Picked my first zucchini on Tuesday!!!  Looks like I will be eating zucchini a lot in upcoming days!  YAY - free food.  There are many coming on.
  • Made up an Aldi dirty rice mix and used it in 3 different ways for meals this week
  • Used some sausage in a skillet zucchini dish and then sliced up rest of sausage into (7) patties and froze for future use.
  • Put together a new bottle of dish soap and one of  shampoo, adding vinegar to both
  • Just doing all the normal every day stuff
  • Did go out to fill gas tank and saved .20/gal. with points
Meals this past week:
Steamed cauliflower and sautéed mushrooms/pepper & fried chicken/cornbread stuffing patty
Repeat of above
Dirty rice with a single sausage, green beans and cherry toms
Rice (leftover) & bean/cheese enchilada 'like' burritos  (topped burritos w/sauce)
Homemade veggie cheese burgers (using rice and beans in burger mix) & slaw
Zucchini/sausage/cheese skillet (threw in leftover green beans)
BLT sandwich and chips and salsa
Dirty rice with an indiv. size smoked sausage - love dirty rice
Zucchini, ground sausage, onion, salsa, a handful of pasta and cheese - YUM (having leftovers today!)

I have just been hanging out here at home.  Only left to get gas (didn't want to lose my points).  Did some porch sitting the first part of the week when the temps were cooler and watched the birds and hummingbirds.  Weeding garden and pulling weeds from flower beds have been my main activity and just visiting with all my nature and kitties.  Kitties know where to lay to stay the coolest - they sure are smart.
Not much exciting in my neck of the woods.

How was your week?  Have you harvested anything yet?  So many of you are in places that so far ahead in crops than here.
Look forward to hearing from you all.

Stay kind and helpful and positive.  Prayers that you are all safe and healthy.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Good morning, Stopping by to say Hi. Did a stock up this past week of items from Costco and the restaurant supply store. But I can always use more carrots. Made a roast, potatoes, carrots and celery in the crock pot last week. We usually have plenty of leftovers I need to reinvent. We had tacos one night too. You are lucky to have a zucchini so soon. I'm still waiting on mine. But we have had blueberries and strawberries to pick. Not enough to really do anything with so they end up in the freezer for later. Still coming across things to repurpose around here. Like Christmas when I open a tote! Have a Blessed Day. Try and stay cool; your weather seems quite steamy.

    1. Howdy. Good going on the stock-up. Maybe make the leftover roast and veggies into stew or soup (?) Stew sounds yummy to me.
      I figured I may be late compared to some people's gardens. Guess not. Mmmm fresh fruit.
      Moving sure helps one discover long forgotten items! Maybe some can be used in the gift dept. for the holidays.
      You stay cool as well.
      Blessings my friend!

  2. I'm glad to hear the neighbour children dropped by to apologize. Fingers crossed the peace continues!

    I had to look up dirty rice, found a recipe with ground beef that sounds delicious. I've have to give it a try.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. I was glad to see the kids apologize too. Yep, fingers crossed.
      I love dirty rice - it is kind of spicy and it sure is tasty. You can make it with any ground meat, smoked sausage, ham, or no meat. It is good as a side or a meal!

  3. I'm also glad those kids apologized. Year ago we had a bad situation in our neighborhood with young children being left alone all weekend while the single Mom was out partying it up. They were 5 and 7 and thought it was just normal. These things are all too common.

    We really like the Aldi red beans and rice mix and often slice up and brown some smoked sausage to stir into it. We need to try the dirty rice, too. Southern Plate has a good dirty rice recipe that we make often.

    1. My goodness, that is too little to be alone. So sad.
      I like the red beans & rice at Aldi too. You just can beat the price for either one.
      have a good one!

  4. I was happy to read things have quieted down in your neighborhood. I was worried for you.

    My last week was full of stress at work & super busy. But on Friday I had a nice convo with my lady boss and was assured I am ok with all of the admins & managers. Just one co-worker who has issues. They are aware of it and will be taking care of it. Thank goodness. With the heat, we are so busy and don't need drama in the office on top of it all.
    On the Farm, Farmer has been haying & spraying the beans. The corn looks great. The hay is good. We need rain badly for the beans. It has been going around us.
    Garden: The last 2 weeks of getting up early and hoeing and mulching and watering in the evenings several times, has all the potatoes, onions and tomatoes looking healthy and lovely. Few weeds and I think it's because its new soil and we tilled twice before planting. Now its all mulched with old hay so I think we will keep it clean for the summer with little effort.
    I have discovered that the cheap potting soil I got on a recommendation from a friend is terrible. Nothing I've planted in it, is happy. I have Wave petunias and they are just sitting there. The peppers and cucumbers in planters are slowly starting to grow. The zucchini in the big raised bed dries out instantly. Lesson learned, next year I will pay the price and get the Miracle-grow (or similar kind).
    I was sad to learn my local produce grower is stopping her produce box sales. The restaurants are opening and that is what she really does, supplies them. Offering to the public was a way for her to continue to sell her lovely produce. I'm making a rhubarb coffee cake with the last of hers, today.
    Now I'll have to head to the farmer's markets each week. I don't mind, but this was so convenient. Ready for pickup in a box and payment via Paypal.
    Menu for this coming week: Pork roast, taco salad, breakfast for dinner, chicken sausages on the grill, fish on the grill and maybe pasta one night.
    Finally, we will be getting ready for our Ohio son and family's visit the second week of July. Cleaning and figuring out sleeping arrangement since the 2nd floor bedrooms don't have a/c.
    Have a happy week.

    1. I'm tired now! LOL
      Glad you got the work situation taken care of. It is awful when one bad seed can ruin everything.

      Busy days at the farm. I am sorry you are getting missed by the rain. We have been getting plenty this week.
      I am glad your produce grower found a way to make a living and help the community as well. Ingenious!
      I like Miracle Grow soil as well. That is what I used this week.. I also threw some in the pots where my pepper plants are.
      Your meals sound so good. Glad you will be a family visit soon!
      Have a good one!

  5. Ditto on the gladness of the kids. If nothing else, at least mom is paying attention and not like the crazy neighbor (Brooke Shields played her hilariously disturbing) Rita on The Middle.

    Still on my butt from my knee injury. 3 weeks now and don't see the doctor for another month. I'm going stir crazy from frustration but I'm so grateful my husband is home right now to help me.

    Our mini garden is producing cukes and cherry tomatoes now regularly. Yum!

    The Godzilla dust cloud settled over us today so it's dull grey outside. I wish it was rain cuz we sure could use a good soaker.

    1. Oh I remember that character - she was something. I used to laugh, but it was really sad too.
      I am sorry you are still down for the count. You have sure had to wait a long time for the doctor. Maybe the emergency room?
      Glad you are m=getting some fresh produce. When the sun did pop out for a few Saturday, there was a noticeable ring around the sound - they said it was the dust causing that effect.
      Take care.

  6. I'm so glad it's calmer in your neighborhood. I'm glad the kids came to apologize and the neighbors talked to the Mom.
    I dreamed that I didn't plant any zucchini and it freaked me out the next morning. I went and visited my plants just to make sure ha ha.

    Have a wonderful Monday.

    1. I didn't plant much last year, and I did miss zucchini. There are just so many ways to eat it.
      Have a good day!

  7. The calm in your neighborhood is due to answered prayers. We can all have abundant life if we live according to Scripture. This woman and her children deserve to have a better life. (Even that sorry excuse of a man) Enough of my sermon for the day...ha!

    Your porch sitting sounds peaceful. When I was a kid, we would enjoy the outdoors in the summer, even taking a pallet out under a shade tree to take a nap. Not to sure about all your nocturnal visitors. Interesting to observe but stay away from the garden!
    Something has been eating our green tomatoes. The possums eat all the grapes. Had a baby possum get in the hen house and the chickens were spooked, even after it had been removed. They would not roost in the coop and slept out in the run on their jungle gym.

    We sure were glad to see the rain the last few days. The strawberries have all but stopped producing. Now there are new blooms and green strawberries. The black raspberries have been good. We made a black raspberry and rhubarb pie with a yummy crumble topping. Just what I need with a doctor's appointment coming up to check my A1C. Need to be more disciplined...arghhh! Potatoes are up and green beans are still straggly. Might get a mess out of each bed. We have had cucumbers and zucchini are about ready. Lots of green tomatoes, except for the almost ripe one a varmint got.

    You can stretch meals better than anybody I know! Years ago it was unheard of to waste food.

    Have a good Monday, even tho it'll be hawt! I have some errands to run this morning and the rest of the day will be inside chores.

    1. Front porch sitting is so peaceful - you see so much and get to talk to people as well. Lot's of older walkers & folks with baby carriages in my neighborhood.
      So far so good on the garden and varmints. I make sure to leave plenty of water and the squirrels go to that instead of tomatoes. The racoons were just passing through - don't leave anything out at night any more.
      Cats just watch the possum - it just wonders around - it lives next door I believe.
      I love black raspberries - that is what mom and daddy grew so many of. I have plants - they just hardly produce anything.
      Sounds like your garden is doing well.

      I hate to waste food - so I just make new things out of it. That is my creative self!! LOL
      It sure is HOT! So muggy and hawt (as you said)!!!!
      Have a good day.

  8. Hi! I think I've only commented once before, but I've enjoyed your blog for a year or more now:). Would you consider doing a recipe post for your veggie cheeseburgers? I'd be interested to see how you make those (sounds like a good way to "healthy" up a burger). Thanks for sharing your life with us!

    1. Hello! Glad to see you post. I love all the interaction we get here.
      YES MAM - watch Thursday's post. Going to print a few of my ODD recipes. I throw things together a lot - a for the most part they turn out pretty tasty!
      Thanks for being here.