Sunday, June 14, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 6/14

Hello everyone.  Hard to believe it already Sunday again.  The weeks go by so quickly.
I sure did not want to get out of bed this morning - it felt so comfy.  It is quite cool outside and I had the window open and the fan on - my goodness the bed was cozy and comfortable!

Lilies have started.  The Tiger lilies are covered with 100's of buds and will begin opening any day.
The hot and humid finally broke for a few days.  It is fantastic - and wonderful to have the windows open and fresh air coming in.  The kitties are sure enjoying the cooler weather.
The heat will be returning quickly this week.  We haven't had rain for several days and none predicted until the end of the week.  Water barrels getting good use and the hose got hooked up this week!
I haven't seen a lot of hummingbirds yet this year.  Every now and then a ruby throated baby shows up - just not a lot of activity yet.

I have blooms on the tomatoes and squash.  The cucumbers are growing.  The potato experiment seems to be working - plants are growing!  Pepper plants are still very small.

See the baby zucchini?  I have a few out there and there are lots of flowers!!!!

My week:
  • I made a batch of tuna salad, faux crab salad, and fruit salad this week
  • Made a chocolate pound cake - my goodness it was good (part saved for another time).  It was from a Tastefully Simple mix I received for Christmas gift
  • Mowed and trimmed
  • Did lots of weeding in flower beds and weeded the garden
  • Picked up what seemed to be a gazillion sticks and limbs this week.  We had unbelievable wind for 2 days (40-50 mph).  Sticks, sticks every where
  • I 'found' several sleeveless tops I had forgotten about in the back part of the closet.  YAY - like finding new clothes!!!
  • Got to have A/C off for a few days and windows open
  • Received a gift from an old friend this week (via UPS).  It is a nice wind chime with a special plaque  "In Memory of Glen" and his birth and death dates.  It is just so lovely and so thoughtful.
  • I worked on rearranging and organizing a part of my extra pantry storage.  Found many things that will be used soon.  I love getting things neat and organized.
  • I went out 1 day this week and ran to Kroger.  I wanted lettuce and tomatoes (still waiting on mine).  I got some deals!
Polaner sugar free grape jam .49 jar.  I got 4 of these for my sister.  Dated 2022.
6 boxes Lindor truffles (best date 2/28/2021) for 1.99 each - for Christmas baskets
Peppers - .99/bag of 2
Pure honey crisp apple juice 1.09 bottle.  Got 3
  • I ate a lot of popcorn as a snack this week, as well as dill pickles and fruit smoothies (not all at once!!).  Quite a combination - but for some reason I have been craving all these things.
  • All the normal stuff - making Kool-Aid, also drinking water, laundry in cold and line dried, airing house, cooking from home, etc.
  • I did several outdoor projects this week.  I worked on the ramp out front and cut some rails that were getting bad.  My neighbor helped with that project.  The inside upright rails had wood going bad - so we lowered those rails - still safe but not as high.  Just did this to make it look better until I decide what I plan to do with ramp.
Meals this past week:
Many were easy and cool - when it was hot!

Tuna salad with tomatoes and chips
Made myself a sampler platter with lots of goodies
Meat/cream cheese and pickle roll-ups and a fruit salad shake
Crab salad on a toasted bagel - 2X
Chili cheese dogs and chips
Chili sauce added to  mac n cheese with cut up hotdog added - side salad
My sampler platter - tuna stuffed mushroom caps, cauliflower, carrots, pickle and olives and a little cheese.  It took a couple hours - but I ate it all!  It was tasty.

How was your week?  Is your garden growing?  Staying frugal?
I am now over 3 months in on this tank of gas in the Blazer.  Still haven't hit the half tank mark!!  Crazy.
Give us a shout out and let us all know what you have been up to.  We learn so much from one another.

Stay safe, healthy, kind and appreciative.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Your tiger lilies are beautiful, Cheryl. The wind chime with special plaque was very thoughtful of your friend. Such good deals at Kroger, especially the Polaner jam for 49¢! Sounds like you've had a good week!

    1. The lilies are just beginning - I sure have tons of buds.
      The chimes were special indeed.
      Thanks - I thought I did pretty good.
      Have a great week.

  2. I enjoy reading your posts so much.
    My work weeks are alway the same. Busy. I was more than ready for 5 p.m. on Friday.
    I spent Friday evening watering the garden and all the potted plants and the new hosts. It was cool enough with a breeze to sit on the patio for an hour and just read with a "beverage." Made Chef Salads with Deviled Eggs. I am getting eggs from a friend in her CSA Salad boxes. So good & fresh. I get 2-4 doz every other week.
    Saturday: Farmer and Son2 worked cattle and took the big herd to their pasture and sorted out 3 that will stay at our home pasture. I watched the 2 older grandchildren.
    After they left (mid-afternoon), Farmer went out to cut hay and I did my usual Saturday housework. I did take a short break and watched the British Baking Show on Public TV. This was the first time I've seen it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have it tagged on Netflix so I will go back and watch more this week in the evenings.
    Last night after we got all our work done, we went into the city for a date night. The restaurants are slowly opening. I don't think we'll be going out again for a while. We had to wait outside for our table and then it was a long wait for our service and food. And it wasn't a whole lot better than what I can make here.
    Today we had to get one calf to it's mom. It must have not been with the herd and got left behind. No worries, it was with the 3 we had left here. After we got that all figured out, we got the garden hoed/weeded and everything watered well as it's very windy and will be hot all week. After we cleaned up, I made smoothies and blueberry muffins and we are relaxing. We'll watch our church service later.
    And tomorrow starts another week. :)

    1. My goodness you made me tired - all that in two days!
      Glad the calk is back with Momma - poor thing. Farm life has to be exhausting and then working away on top of that is a lot.
      I still have not gone to a restaurant or big outing - not sure when I will feel ready for that. I have been invited to a one year old's birthday for next Sunday - just not sure I am ready for a crowd that close.
      I hope you have a good week!

  3. You certainly have full days! What a thoughtful gift from your friend.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. It doesn't seem like much to me - I do have a lot of down time as well.
      I thought the gift was just lovely.
      Take care my friend.

  4. Our weather was much like yours - last Sunday and Monday the high was about 70F with beautiful clear blue skies - then Tuesday & Wed. it felt like 100F with the humidity and those days came with high winds and thunderstorms - then back to high 60's & 70 for Thurs., Fri. Sat. Sun. and the same for tomorrow before it gets really hot again. Crazy - I much prefer the cooler end of things - I have much more energy, even got in my 10,000 steps before noon today!
    I went into the office one day last week and will probably do two days this week. I also work a bit from home but it's limited.
    While it was cooler I decided to do some batch cooking:
    .A tray of chicken thighs were coated in mustard, yogurt & bread crumbs & baked
    .Cooked a pork butt for pulled pork
    .Made a chicken & chickpea curry
    .Made some egg salad
    .Cooked a batch of rhubarb (into the freezer for baking with later)
    .Saved the rhubarb juice to add to water & smoothies this week

    I've added some of the above to the freezer for days when it's too hot to cook.
    Went through the freezer again to rearrange a few things that I want to use up first and later today I'm going to make up a plate of raw veg that I'll use up this week along with some hummus and tsaztzikie - trying not to waste anything.

    Have a good week.

    1. I am with you - I prefer the cooler end of the temps myself. It could stay in the 70' all year and I would be happy.
      You have sure stayed busy. That is a lot of yummy food and good cooking. It sure sounds like you will be eating good for quite a while. Nice to have things easy and readyy or just to pull out of the freezer.
      Have a great week

  5. You may want to fill up your gas tank to get some fresh gas in there because gas goes bad and could cause problems with your vehicle. My husband has filled up the van every time it has gotten down to 3/4 tank through this just to keep the gas fresh. He always runs our riding mower out of gas before storing it for the winter for the same reason.

    1. I know I have points to use as well (cents off gas). I need to get out this week and top it off.
      Thanks - good advice!
      Have a nice week

  6. What a sweet gift!
    Great deals, and your meals sound good.
    I like the cooler temps too. It looks like we will have rain for a few days.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks.
      I never thought I would say it this spring, but we could use a little rain! None for days.
      Cool rainy days - inside work!
      Have a good one

  7. Your friend who sent you the wind chime is a good friend indeed. How sweet. We could use some rain here in the Indy area. The Urban Farmer checks the weather for rain to see if he will need to water the garden. We bought green bean seeds from Damman's and they aren't coming up like we think they should. May be old seeds. Zucchinis and cucumbers have set on so we are looking forward to that. Several green tomatoes and several peppers look very promising. I'm off to pick strawberries and do some weeding after I finish my morning tea. Got an email from IMCPL that the Wayne branch opens on June 22. Yay!

    1. I got an email about the library as well.
      Before Damman's was Damman's I was well acquainted with Jim Sr. - he used to be a sales rep. when my parents had their garden center. Know him since I was a teen! Such a nice family.
      I was there today as a matter of fact (south) - getting critter feed.
      Oh I can't wait for a fresh tomato!
      Enjoy your strawberries.

  8. The wind chime is such a thoughtful gift!
    I was very busy last week running errands and having my annual physical and labs (all normal, I'm pleased to report). Have to get my mammogram scheduled soon.
    Went to Walmart and stocked up on a number of things that I can't get at Aldi or the local grocery. Also bought more yarn for Project Linus blankets. Received my sewing machine belt in the mail and it is the wrong part (despite what the website says), so I will have to contact the company to return it. My belt isn't broken, but is getting a little loose. I can't find one anywhere in the US, and shipping for the one I found in Canada is over $47! I can buy a new machine for less than $200 (not that I want to have to do that any time soon). Went to Aldi today and stocked up for the next two weeks. Both at Aldi and WM, I bough extras of items for longer term storage. I want to have at least six months of staples on hand. I'm also placing an Amazon order for things we can't get anywhere else. I'm stocking up on furnace and A/C filters, Husband's favorite lip balm, vacuum cleaner bags and filters, vinyl gloves and toilet paper (our favorite brand is back in stock, and we buy it in the 80 ct. case).
    In the frugality department, I seriously cleaned both of our vacuum cleaners and washed or replaced the filters and bag. I see so many vacuums curbside on trash day, and I know most of them just need a good cleaning. Unfortunately, I don't know which houses have fleas or bedbugs and don't want to find out the hard way!
    We spent Saturday afternoon in the backyard, with Husband watching me rearrange the garden and re-pot plants. The cherry tomatoes have set on, and the store-bought green pepper plants have buds. Two days of temps in the 90s pretty much did in the peas just as they were starting to produce well. I went out to find the plants had all collapsed! I tied them up to try to straighten the kinked stems, but I don't know if they will make it much longer. The strawberries are just about done. I froze almost 5 qts. Not as good as last year, but we haven't had the rain we had last year. The grape tomatoes I grew from seed got transplanted into pots. The sweet peppers I grew from seed are in the raised bed. I also filled a couple of long skinny planters with fresh soil and spinach seeds and transplanted the cucumber plants into large pots. We're going to be swimming in produce if all goes well!
    I received my copy of Carla Emery's "Encyclopedia of Country Living" today, thanks to the recommendations of Cheryl and many on this blog and other blogs. Should make for some enlightening reading.
    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week!

    1. Glad to hear your check-up went well. YAY!
      What a bummer on the belt. Nothing is ever easy! Hurry up and wait as my Daddy used to say.
      I don't blame you on the vacuums - you just never know what may be hiding within.

      Sounds like the garden is going well. Glad to hear that.
      Enjoy you book - it is just a wealth of all kinds of information!
      Have a pleasant week

  9. I wish we like tuna, but neither of us can eat it. You got some great deals at Krogers.