Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Nature - Pretties and Smiles

I have a busy day ahead, so I just want to put some pretties out there and hope it gives you a smile or two.
Lovelies out front
Rose Moss  - I have 5 pots of this - every color - it is so pretty
Regular eating tomatoes on vine - can't wait!!!
Roma tomatoes
Echinacea starting to bloom - loaded with buds.  Front and back yard both
Tons of tiger lilies blooming.  On the left is Coreopsis which will bloom soon - in foreground is phlox setting blooms.  Hopefully lots of purple soon!
Squirrel/bird planted and approved.  I have several coming up and blooming
Clematis just starting to bloom.  Normally they would be in full bloom.  This year the freeze we had in May killed all first buds - so finally re-budded.

My peonies only bloomed a bit as well.  I know it was because of freeze.  They were covered with big old buds when the freeze happened.  I did get to enjoy some - but most of the blooms/buds just dried up on the plant.
First set of grapevine did the same.  It finally re-leafed and now there are new bunches of grapes setting.  Not as many as usual - but looking forward to some.

Just a quick tour.  Have a wonderful day!
SMILE and be happy today - you have that choice!


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! My iris didn't even bud, probably due to the freeze in May.
    I have buds on the tiger lilies, zinnias and cosmos. A volunteer poppy is blooming gloriously. The bees are busy on the spiderwort and hostas. I also have golden perennial sunflowers, iron cross, meadow sage, and stella d'oro lilies blooming. Two coral colored rose bushes that I got from a neighbor who wanted them gone from his yard years ago are blooming profusely. A few cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen, and even the grape tomato plants that I grew from seed are growing like crazy and blooming. The cucumbers are blooming, and green peppers have set on. Pulled the bolted spinach this morning, but have more planted in pots. Peas recovered from the 90-deg temps a couple of weeks ago and are bearing again. Strawberries are done until fall. Hot temps here (mid-80s to low 90s) for the next three weeks with very little rain forecast. I water every morning.

    1. Thank you!
      My spiderwort is full of bees as well. I am glad to see so many this year (bees).
      My stella d'oro has already bloomed out once - but they will go another time or two.
      Glad you have tomatoes starting to ripen and blooms on cukes. My cuke plants look pretty (I planted from seed) - just thinking about blooming!!
      I hate this heat - we have 90's for many days to come and after today - no chance of rain. UGH!
      Stay cool.

  2. Love your flowers, love my flowers.

    1. I LOVE ALL FLOWERS!!!!!! LOL Yours, mine and ours!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful.
    Your garden must be so peaceful.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. If it would cool down a bit now - I could sit out and enjoy!

  4. Those Tiger Lilies! We have Daylilies in yellow, orange, and rust. I love that peachy color. We planted a Clematis in April but haven't seen it bloom yet. It grew up the trellis quite nicely. I wonder if they bloom the first year?

    I want to plant a Morning Glory out front- it's the east side. I used to see a beautiful pink one on my walls when I lived in Cali but I need to find. Out if they grow here.

    Of course

    I love your sunflowers. In another month they'll be growing wild all over.

    1. I bet morning glory would do fine there. They seem to just thrive any where.
      The lilies really have taken over. I brought a small bunch from my parents home many years ago - and well.....
      I absolutely love sunflowers. I think they are the happiest flower there is!!!!

  5. Very pretty! Have a great day.