Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Staying Frugal and Still Re-decorate

Yes, you can re-decorate and stay frugal.  You really do not have to spend a bunch of money to make changes.  Small changes can make you feel happy.

*This is one of the cheapest fixes.  Paint can make you feel happier, make things feel fresh and new, and totally change the look of everything.  Paint can be expensive - so get creative.
*You can mix like types of paint (latex or oil - do not mix these together).  If you have a color and want to lighten it - add white.  Use partial cans and mix together for a custom color.
*Ask friends and family if they have any extra paint.
*Paint just an accent wall - if not enough paint for an entire room.
*Check with the paint dept. for cans of 'mistake' paint.  Paint the was not mixed properly for customer.  These are usually much cheaper.
*Paint or white/color wash non-antique furniture.  This is easy and makes a piece look new and fresh
*Get samples at the store (less than $4) and use to paint trim, doors, any small area.

*Put your treasures out to be seen or used.  What are you waiting for?  ENJOY them.  Odds are the next generation won't care about them like you do - so enjoy them!
*Frame family photos, kids art (some are better than classics!), pretty pics from calendars or magazines, card fronts.  Frame pretties like old doilies or memorabilia.
*Think of using unlikely and unconventional items.
*Use an old frame and add a padded back or painted piece  of peg board and display pretty jewelry.
Old advertising matchbook covers that my Dad had collected.  Framed and on display in the kitchen.
*Frame old documents or awards.

This is by far the cheapest thing you can do.  Re-arrange any furniture that you can.  Take things out of storage and change them out.  Get creative.  It makes you feel good to change things up.

*Make some pillow covers out of old sweater or shirt
*Use sheets to make pillow covers, window coverings, furniture throws, shower curtain, etc..
*I have an old bench (bought years ago at a yard sale) and I use it as a side table
*Use pictures, boxes, books, pretty boxes, etc. in different locations or in new ways
*Use old table cloths, pretty hankies, old aprons, etc. as window coverings
Above my headboard.  Some may not think these things go together - but I like it.  All that matters!!
Old ammo crate, old books, old pictures, and family pictures - I display what I like

If you don't have enough storage areas - think outside the box.  You can get creative for a little money.  I have no room for cabinets where my stove sits.  It is in a cubby of sorts.  There was no countertop either side - well I used leftover pieces of the counter and installed (with brackets) and Rubbermaid drawer stacks and solved the problem.
As you can see, I now have room for utensils and spices on each side.  The drawer stacks JUST fit in each side and gives me drawers for extra spices, utensils, storage of all kinds of things.  I also keep my homemade recipe books in the green/red box (pretty shoe box).  You could see through the drawers - so I added black poster board inside each drawer and now everything is hidden.
**I also have NO electric outlet on this wall area.  I ran an extension cord with several outlets up behind stove from the basement.  On left in pic see that white object on counter top?  That is the plug in and I can use my mixer or a crockpot there if needed.  (Had to get creative).  I could even add a light if I so desired.

*Think about changing out knobs or handles.  I know they can be expensive - but look at rehome stores or at yard sales and thrift stores.   MAKE new pulls or handles - kids room - little toys, cuts of wood, old utensils..... get creative!
*Change out area rugs.  You can many times find them at a thrift store or yard sale.  I have purchased 2 (living  & dining rooms) before at Big Lots.  Discount stores often have lots of pretty designs for little money - Ollies, Big Lots, even places like Menards, Home Depot - just look around for inexpensive items.

There are just no limits as to what you can do to change things up a bit.  It doesn't have to cost much - if anything.  Get creative and think outside the box.
Paint and moving furniture are your 2 most frugal changes - but there is so much that can be done.

Give yourself a boost and change your indoor world up a bit.
No money - no problem.


  1. We repainted our shed this past weekend to match the house. We had new siding put on last year and never got around to it. The kids and I scrubbed it clean on Friday and then Hubby, my daughter and I painted on Saturday. It looks brand new.

    1. There you go - a wonderful example for all. It sure saves money and I bet it looks wonderful!!

  2. My Dad built the house we live in right now and planned it so he never had to paint it. It's either paneling or wallboard to look like wallpaper. The house I lived in before was all paint, and I loved to paint it and either add wallpaper boarder or stencil on the walls.

    You were smart to run an extension cord with several outlets up behind stove from your basement. We've done that too. When Dad built the house in 1986 there were not as many electronics as there are now, so we use extension cords to help out.

    1. Sometimes planning ahead pays off - it sounds like it did with your home!. I have either paint or paper all upstairs. basement is wood paneling.
      I ran that cord through the same hole that the stove plug runs through. Gas line comes up as well.
      You are right - no electronics back in the day!

  3. Love your decorating! Lots of treasures and memories. Great job making more storage around the stove too
    I wanted to paint my porch floor, but didn't have enough paint so I mixed two colors together and it looks great. Saved money too.

    1. Another great example! Thanks.
      I love when you ladies all give your solutions - it helps us all.
      Thank you - I surround myself with things I love.

  4. I am having a good time telling myself I don't have to fix anything.

  5. The creative storage in your kitchen is wonderful! Spices and cooking utensils are often problematic to organize and store.
    Redecorating, even on a small scale, can get pricey. Years ago I worked in a interior design/furniture store (now closed) in Brownsburg. It was fun spending other people's money! Talk about lots of $$$ spent to redo a room. Personally I like the more creative, recycled and reused method. I am a big fan of the charity shops and was crushed when Value Village (DAV store) closed. There were several in the Indy area and I used to go to the huge one on 38th Street. Any good thrift stores in your part of town? We frequent Big Lots but haven't been to Ollie's.

    1. Oh my it would be fun to spend other people's money!
      I am with you - I just try to re-use and recycle stuff.
      I loved Value Village - it was my favorite - I always went to the one in Ft. Sq.
      Most thrift stores just seem overly priced to me now days. Either that or they are just junky.
      One I haven't been to yet, but plan to visit is Mission 27. I have them on FB now and they show a lot of lovely items. I just heard about them right before the shut downs. I plan to go sometime soon. You might check out their site - they have 2 locations.
      Ollies has some good deals once in a while - SUPER book prices!

  6. I have little plastic drawers under my bathroom is one of those pedestal type because there simply isn't room for any other.