Sunday, October 3, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 10/3

 Happy October to all!  
It is amazing to me that it is already October.  A few short months and we will be in a new year again!
I hope this finds you well and safe.

We started the month warm!  It has been rainy yesterday and will be again today.  Temps in the low 70's.  Trees are just now starting to get some color - not the big burst of fall yet - but starting!

As you might have read, on my special Update post - Adi is home and doing so much better.  Yesterday afternoon I got to go (in spite of rain) to my brothers and had a cookout with them.  I got LOTS of cuddle time with the 3 youngest baby girls in the family.  Layla - 6 months, Remi and Adi!  It was wonderful - nothing like baby snuggles.  Adi is kind of stand-offish with most and she and I had a grand time.  Lots of bouncy horsey knee rides - Auntie making lots of noises and Adi laughing the whole time.  She kept trying to 'feed' me her fingers!!!  LOL  Then she snuggled against my chest with her ba-ba for a good hour or more.  Remi had a ball collecting things from grandpas garden to feed the bunnies who live under her place house at home!  She would come over and show me what she and gpa had collected and jabbering up a storm!    Layla let me hold her for a good half hour before she decided she wanted Mommy.
It was a wonderful afternoon with family.  Adi's Mommy and Daddy said to send their unending THANKS for all the prayers.

I have a bunch of volunteer cherry tomato plants coming up in pots!!!  Some have gotten to about 18" tall this week.  Crazy.  I have tried to winter tomatoes before and never had luck - so it is a shame they came up now.  My impatient plants are still gorgeous.
The New England aster started blooming.
I am not sure what to think about the squirrels and birds.  Usually they would be eating tons this time of the year.  Not this year!  Wonder if there is another big source of food.  I know the squirrels are eating walnuts - they bring them here to de-shell!  Whatever, it is saving me a little money for now.

My very quiet week:
  •  I made a batch of "mounds" brownies and gave half away
  • Stayed home all week - no shopping
  • Picked about 15 more tomatoes and 2 cucumbers!
  • Aired out the house a lot this week.  Only used AC on 2 afternoons for an hour or so
  • Cooking from what I have on hand.
  • Did a bunch of yard work:  Cut back the grape arbor, cut back all 'out of control' climbing roses, deadheaded lots of flowers, pulling weeds....................
  • Doing all the normal stuff we all do
  • Cut a bouquet of asters and a rose
               This rose is from my oldest plant (here over 35 years) and the smell is heavenly!

Meals this past week:
Beef Manhattan
Leftover mashed potatoes and beef with a salad
Tuna patty, mac n cheese and salad
Spicy chili beans with hotdog added and potato puffs
Taco bowl
Sausage/egg/cheese sandwich and sliced tomatoes
Brother's cookout
SNACKS - brownies, apples

How was your week?  Did you all get any deals?  Getting your fall on?  Give us a shout out and let what you are up to.  We get so many ideas from each other!

I pray you and yours stay healthy and safe.  Again thank you for keeping my family members in your prayers.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Grace to you and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
2 Thessalonians 1:2


  1. I needed 2 items from the grocery store and spent less than $7. :-)

    Happy Sunday!

    God Bless and keep Adi and all the family in his Holy hands . He is good!

    1. Good for you!
      Happy Sunday to you and thank you so much!

  2. Sounds like a good time at the cookout at your brothers home. Lots of cuddles too. How sweet that she snuggled against your chest for over an hour. There is nothing like sweet baby cuddles.

    Your asters and roses are beautiful.

    1. I was thrilled - as I don't get to see them often - so her getting cozy was something!
      Baby cuddles fix so much!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the babies at the cookout. Glad to hear Adi is doing so much better.

    The bouquet of asters and the rose is beautiful! I noticed a bird checking out the feeder this morning, I guess I'm going to have to purchase some seed soon.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. I did have a great time. Family is just wonderful. Thank you.

      I have birds all day - they just aren't eating much.
      Have a great one.

  4. What a wonderful time, snuggling babies. We only have about 2 squirrels, but the deer eat all the acorns. Poor little guy was running all over the yard trying to find an acorn. My son was wondering why there were peach pits in his yard. One day he watched as a squirrel finished off a peach from the neighbors tree, brought the pit to his yard and ran back to eat more peach in the neighbors yard. Mystery solved. LOL. So happy the little ones are happy and doing so well. Have a lovely day.

    1. Sneaky little squirrel was hiding the evidence in your yard! That is funny.
      Thank you - snuggling little ones is the best medicine for what ails ya!

  5. You're tme at your brother's sounded perfect! To me, family time is one of the greatest gifts there is! Then to get to cuddle the littles like that was just priceless! So glad Adi is doing better. My prayer is for her and Remi to thrive!
    Your week sounded so peaceful. I don't crave the hubbub of the mainstream. I like it nice and peaceful. Mom just to call it piddling around..ha! Funny the things you remember. I like to just go about my day around home putting my hand to whatever needs or draws my attention. Granted, I like to and need to venture out occasionally...but it is sure a joy to return home.
    We are still eating several things from the garden. Broccoli, tomatoes, onions, peppers, lettuce and cabbage. Hubby is busy digging sweet potatoes. Sure makes menu planning healthy. Crops around us sure came out of the fields this past week here in southern IN. Just barely seeing a clear or two turning.
    Blessings to you and all your readers!

    1. Linda I still use the phrase 'piddling around'! It was quiet and I like that. My eldest nephew yesterday asked me "what do you do all the time" (he asks me that every time I see him). My answer "whatever I feel like - why?"
      My niece said yesterday "what do you do socially?" Me - "not much". They just don't understand how relaxing this life is. I am proud of them and all they do but I wouldn't want their lives - all hustle bustle.
      I like this life.

      Do you ever get to glean any of the fields after the farmers are done? When my sister lived south (in IN) they got to go in tomato fields and potato fields to glean.

    2. We have farm ground we rent out and could freely glean if we wanted. Most farmers let people glean their cornfields but few people want to. We are in melon territory and I bet with permission you could glean. Around here I really don't know too many people that would be willing to work that hard as to glean. We try to share our garden produce. And, honestly, there doesn't seem to be that many people that even want to prepare fresh...let alone go to the work of putting up food. However, our neighbors do like the sharing...them with us and visa versa. So, once someone in the neighborhood has fresh corn, or seems the whole neighborhood eats corn as long as someone has a crop coming on. Or, it isn't unusual to come home and find fresh fruit or veggies sitting in the porch that someone had an overabundance of. Pretty sweet deal and great neighbors!

    3. Nice of the neighbors.
      That is just sad that so much stuff goes to waste because people don't want to work at it. I would sure take advantage. I bet they would if they were real hungry.
      Says a lot about society today! Yo know back in the old days people would have jumped on free food.

  6. That was a leaf or two turning. I really need to proofread!

  7. Snuggles with littles are the best!

    I read that can over winter tomatoes by taking a cutting right before frost and rooting it and then potting it up and keeping it inside. I am going to try and when the plants get too big I am going to take more cuttings. We will see. I think it is worth a try especially with the seed and plant shortages.

    1. I may try to bring a plant in - but never had success in the past. That is a neat tip of yours to try too.
      Can't hurt to try!

  8. Such good news about Adi. She's been in my daily prayers. I've been away on vacation and did a grocery run this morning. A couple of things stood out at me today. 1. The Land 'o Lakes and store brand butter was on sale, marked at the price it's been (higher than each of the last two years); the other brands were significantly higher. It wouldn't surprise me if there is a price hike for those two brands coming in the very near future. I bought 2 packages for baking + a large tub of spread. 2. In the soup section, most of the brands were only available in Fat Free and Fat Free/Low Sodium, no regular -- and no shelf space/tags for regular. Only Progresso had regular chicken broth / chicken stock available. 3. A reminder to check and calculate pricing on bulk packages vs. regular, individual packages. Jiffy corn muffin mix, 6-pk on "special" @ $3.19; individual boxes, regular price @ $0.49/box. 4. I think manufacturers have taken the Covid time-table to revamp their packaging and sizing. Stood in the cleaning supplies aisle for about5 minutes, looking for my favorite product. It's got a new "look", different colors on the label, and it's now a thinner can. Hope they didn't change the formula!

    1. They do try to fake us out many times. - buy the big pack and save money - when NO it doesn't!!!!! Some people never stop and think.
      So many items have changed their look and their names. Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if formulas changed too.
      It is discouraging that they think MOST people are so stupid as to not figure it out. Then maybe gals like us aren't MOST!!!!!

      I hope you had an enjoyable trip and maybe got relaxation along the way!
      Welcome back.
      Thank you - they both have a lot of wellness to gain - but doing so much better.

  9. Such good news about Adi - and what a wonderful day you had with all the little ones.

    It is definitely turning to Fall up here - very cool overnight but it can still get a bit warm and humid by the afternoon. We've had some lovely sunshine but this next week looks to be very gloomy with lots of rain. And yes, the colours are turning - I love Fall so I'm looking forward to some drives in the country over the next few weeks.

    Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend so I've been trying to get a few things pulled together. I've bought turkey pieces but the choice hasn't been great and I haven't seen boxed turkey rolls and very few frozen turkeys. I decided to put a pkg. of turkey thighs and some ham steaks away for Christmas in case the selection is even more limited then!

    I had some good luck with picking up packs of nuts this week - at a specialty shop out on a country drive and also at a local shop where walnuts were on for half price. They had a BB date of the end of November but I'll either use them before then or put them in the freezer.

    Right now I'm trying to concentrate more on using up a lot of what I have as I really need to rotate through things and use up a lot of the fresh veg that I have on hand. At least I feel like cooking now with the weather being that bit cooler!

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. It was a lovely day - thank you.
      I always forget that Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. I hope you find everything you want and need. It is definitely time to start thinking about Christmas cooking as well.
      Good deal on the walnuts. They always freeze so nicely.

      It is cool overnight here as well - then warmer in afternoons. Pretty nice!
      Have a good one!

  10. So nice that you got baby cuddles. They are the absolute best.

    Really not much new and interesting happening here. I think my two week shopping might just work out provided I keep a list of what is needed, and what needs to be used up. I do know I will have to go in and pick up a few things on Friday as the sons will be home for Thanksgiving and more milk is used as well as salad items. But that will be all I am getting. Heck it my even extend my no shopping by a couple of days.

    God bless.

    1. Baby cuddles will cure what ails you!

      Good job on the 2 week shop. Hope yo have a good time with family on Thanksgiving. It is nice that you will only need a couple things for then. Think of all the leftovers!!!!

  11. So happy to hear you had a good family visit, especially with the little ones. Will continue to pray for that family.

    That rose is gorgeous! Do the asters spread? I may add some next year. Can't believe you are still getting cukes. Store bought just isn't the same. We should have green beans ready in a few days.

    Not much going on here. Our kitchen faucet is worn out, hard to get it to shut off. Our handyman friend is coming to install a new one this week. We were going to do some more canning and I was checking online to find jars and bemoaning the lack of supplies this time of year. On Friday we planned to do some Meijer and Fresh Thyme shopping as well as Costco. When the Urban Farmer opened the trunk of the car to put the cooler in, we discovered we had purchased three boxes of jars and didn't take them out of the trunk. We laughed and laughed about our faulty memories!

    Enjoying these cooler mornings and nights.

    1. Thank you - continued prayers sure needed.

      My aster gets tall! I trimmed it down a few times this spring/summer and it is still as tall as me. It is more like a shrub.
      I thought the cuke vines were done and just happened to see 2 after all the rain! Quite a surprise.
      It is amazing the things that we can forget!!! Glad yo have jars. Hope your faucet gets fixed quickly.
      Loving the coolness!