Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Fall Decor on the Cheap

 I don't decorate a lot - but I always get myself in the mood for fall with a few odds and ends.  So many things (most) I have had for years!  I buy cheap and I make or I use nature.  You can change up the look of the house with little or no money.
I love my fall scented candles!  That is a big thing for me - I know I probably shouldn't be breathing in all those scents - but fall scents are jut luscious!!!!!!   I buy after season for the next year (I also ask for them when someone wants to know what I want).
I have also been known to throw some citrus peels or apple peels, cinnamon, cloves, or pumpkin pie spice in a pot of water and left it 'brew'.  Oh the house smells good!!!!

I changed out the cover for the love seat with a throw I got at a yard sale a couple years ago.  It just looks fall to me! (I have used at Christmas as well).  Look around for pillows, throws, afghans, or even quilts that look like the season and use them.  Don't keep saving them for a special day - you woke up today - IT'S SPECIAL!

I have a couple door decorations for fall - actually I have more than a couple - but they are all old.  I switch off every other year or so.  The sunflower one I made many years ago.  Used dollar tree flowers and a wreath I got on sale at Michael's.  The pumpkins were purchased at Big Lots a few years back for like 4.99.  It is metal.

                                                                      Front door
                                                                   Kitchen door
I have a couple table covers that are placemats I got for like 2.99 each at Big Lots a few years ago.  They make cute center table covers.

I found a cute wooden sign that looked fall-ish at the Dollar Tree.  $1 - can't beat that.  It is hanging inside on the corner hutch.

Years ago I had a vase full of bittersweet.  One of my favorites!!!!  IF you can find it to buy - they charge an arm and a leg for it.  I found it while out wondering the roads with hubs years ago (growing along the road).  Yep I got out and got a bunch!  I used that vase of bittersweet every fall for years.  I would cover it with a grocery bag and gently move to basement in off season.  It finally fell apart.  I would love to find more.

Think about going through the park or neighborhood cemetery and find pinecones.  Both of those places are apt to have pine trees!  You can dry them and use in bowls of in large glass containers.  They can be spray painted for different holidays - or spray with glue and add glitter.  You can keep them simple or fancy them up and they are FREE.

Rustic pumpkin I was gifted.  Made from cut scraps of wood and painted and sanded to look old. Add a little raffia or twine and BOOM -  scraps into pretties.  A wonderful gift and I am sure it didn't cost my nephew a thing!  I was thrilled.  He knows my likes!!!!!

Do you or your neighbor have ornamental grasses in your yard?  I have been known to cut the frawns of pampas grass and put them in a large tall vase or container.  They make really pretty accents in the corner of a room.
I always find the prettiest maple leaves when they start falling and bring them in and place under the glass top on my library table.  They look pretty, stay flat, and they drive the cat crazy!
I have also picked up some sticks from the yard and used them in vases of flowers.  You can use them as is or you can paint them.  Add twinkle lights around some twisted branches for affect. 
How about pussy willows or cat tails?  Do you or your neighbors grow corn?  Corn stalks make lovely outdoor decorations - maybe at a lamp post or at the mailbox or as an accent in a flower bed.
Pumpkins, gourds or squash can be used as pretty decorations indoor or out.  (Bring in before freeze - if you want to eat pumpkin or squash).
Perhaps you can buy a couple pretty mums.  They look pretty now and can be planted to enjoy for years to come.

Table scape I have done in the past.  I painted that scarecrow well over 30 years ago (it can light up).  Other stuff is just what I had on hand.  Antiques and dollar store finds together!
                               Another door decoration I sometimes use.  Made it years ago!
Old orchard basket - gingham napkin and decorations I have had for years.  Blue mason jar with silks.

It is so simple to decorate and spend no money.  Use what you have around the house - look at things in a new way!  Use what you can find in nature.  
We can have fun and change up the look.

I am not sure what this is - the plant looks like corn (but no ears).  It grew from scraps of bird seed that fell between porch and ramp.   There is a whole row of them.  You can be sure I will cut those pretty tops before freeze!!!!!  Gifts from the birds.

You just never know where your inspiration will come from or where your materials and supplies will come from.  Look around - use baskets, metal tubs, material, Mason jars, knick-knacks, scraps of wood, nature - whatever you have.  
HAVE FUN and decorate for fall on a nickel or a penny or FREE!!!!!


  1. I love natural decorations for fall and Christmas. I wonder how difficult it would be to grow bittersweet?

    1. I love the natural looks as well.
      I don't know - as it sure is hard to find in these parts. It usually grows out in the woods. I would love to find a source. Maybe when I go to the orchard they may have some.

  2. Love the suggestions for decor! I don't do a whole lot for the Fall, but do reuse a collection I've accumulated over the years. I'll put out a selection of glass and ceramic pumpkins of different shapes and sizes, and re-use an assortment of table linens with autumn colors. I'll change out my pillar candles for burnt orange ones, and put a couple of orange/brown tapers on my dining room table. One thing I've found is that, on Amazon, you can get seasonal pillow covers really cheap, and just use your existing throw pillows to stuff them. When the holiday season is over, remove the pillows and stow the covers until next year. You just need to plan in advance, because most are shipped from overseas. I've got a good selection to choose from for the Christmas holidays and maybe someday I'll get a couple for the Fall. My "Autumn decor" bin will be coming out later today. :-)

    1. You sound like me - don't do a lot - and use what you have for ages. I like little bits and bobs and have to have my fall candles. It just kind of gets me in the mood a bit more.
      Have fun decorating!

  3. Great ideas, Cheryl, and I love your decorations! --Elise

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I agree, some of the best decor is God's Fall creation! For years I've put up a garland using dollar store twine and pine cones. Found a "candle screen" (basically a frame on a stick) this spring at a thrift store and am stitching seasonal and holiday designs to rotate in that frame. Also have found some beautiful place mats at yard sales. Love your idea of changing throws on a love seat!

    1. You are welcome. God gives us so much in nature that is just awesome. It costs us nothing and sure is pretty.
      You frame sounds really neat. Not sure I have ever seen one.

      I tell you I had a snicker when I read "frame on a stick" - it just reminded me of the skit Jeff Dunham does "Jalapeno on a stick" with his dummies!!!! The things that come to our minds sometimes!!! LOL

      I love finding random things at yard sales - people get rid of really neat stuff!

  5. How fun and every thing looks so Fall and nice. I WILL DO MY DECOS NEXT WEEK AFTER WE GET BACK FROM MOM AND My caps keys is sticking again!;

    1. Your visit will be lovely and decor can wait for that!

  6. Lovely fall décor. I need to pull mine out. I don't have much and I have been dragging in plants I want to overwinter, guess that could be my fall décor if I don't get the time to pull any out.

    God bless.

    1. I have one plant I need to bring in - but it is still pretty nice out.
      Aahhh take a few minutes and put out a few things. I will will get you in the seasonal spirit!!!

  7. Love the decorations even though I don't decorate. Lots of clever ideas.

    Bittersweet is a highly invasive plant around here. You might want to check to see if it is legal to grow there.

    Your mystery plant is probably millet. Look at the contents on the birdseed bag. Lots of blends contain millet.

    1. Bittersweet is very invasive - which I am sure when it IS seen in the wild here - there isn't much. I well imagine that wildlife places try to minimize it.
      I think you are probably right. I just couldn't think of the name. Thanks!

  8. I actually did a bit of this just this past weekend. I put the heavier quilt on the bed and changed out the cushion covers in both the bedroom and the living room. I also looked out a couple of throws for the chaise and the couch.

    I don't use scented candles (allergies) but will take a look at my collection to see what might go out.

    I have a nice metal bowl that I like to fill with small pumpkins and gourds so I will have to be on the lookout for these. I might also buy a nice pot of mums as they keep for ages.

    1. Good, glad you are getting into fall. I am sure it gets colder there faster and worse than here.
      I have allergies, but candles never seem to bother me.
      I love the little pumpkins and gourds - they are always so pretty. I will look whenever I go to the orchard. They usually have bunches.
      Mums are just such a lovely plant.

  9. Your fall decorations are all very cute! Years ago, about 50 years ago to be exact, I went with a friend in the country and gathered bittersweet. With all the chemicals being sprayed these days, it would probably be hard to find. I swapped out the summer flowers on a grapevine wreath for fall pieces and hung it over a large mirror in the living. Tomorrow I need to get the big ladder so I can retrieve the fall wreath for the front porch. Without a basement one has to be creative with storage. I told my daughter to bring her summer wreath and I would rework it with fall things. Flowers and greenery are not hot glued down so it's easy to dismantle and make something new.

    Going to can hamburger tomorrow. Have never canned meat but it should be the same process as veg.

    1. I never thought about all the chemical agents being sprayed - especially roadsides in the country. Be careful on that ladder. Your daughter is lucky to have Mom re-do her wreath!
      Good luck on the canning. Wishing you success!