Sunday, September 19, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/19

 Good morning my friends.  Here in the U.S. we are now on the last calendar weekend of summer!  Fall starts on Wednesday.  It is just so hard to believe how quickly this summer went.  It seems like just yesterday that I was pondering plowing the garden and planting.
Summer is going out with a bang - it hasn't given up it's hold yet.  It is still pretty darn warm here - 80's and 90's.  As fall comes in - the temps fall and I think high in 60's and 70's are predicted.  My kind of weather!!!!!

The stench of dead animal under the deck is finally dissipating some!  I kind of think it was a sickly looking opossum I had seen around.  
The hummingbirds have sure been active - I well imagine they will be leaving in the next couple weeks.  I sure have loved having them.
Butterflies are everywhere.  Monarchs are all over.  I always look forward to the New England aster blooming in the fall, as it will be covered.  Soon!   I guess my plan of collecting that pretty top of the plant growing out front (millet) isn't going to happen.  The squirrels have decided it is theirs and they have been devouring it!!

I have still been using up many of the older items from the pantry and freezer this week.  Just trying to get a little creative.  It's all good.
It has really been pretty quiet this week.

My week:
  • I live trapped another groundhog.  I am not sure if this was 8 or 9!  Good grief.  I saw it one day and got it the next.  Didn't want to take the chance of it hibernating here and maybe having young.  There sure has been a lot of them around this year.
  • Harvest more tomatoes, peppers and onions and herbs
  • Have been working on more deep cleaning and de-cluttering.  Never ending battle
  • I did a huge trim of the yard and mowed everything.  I never think it really needs it - then it looks so pretty when I am done!
  • Using up older items around here and eating from home.  
  • All the normal things - laundry in cold, line dry, fresh air when possible, scratch cooking, drinking water and tea.........
  • I did go out to Kroger one day.  Ads weren't good - but thought I would see if any markdowns.  Found a few.
EmergenC was 4.99 - reg. 9.99.  Cereal was 2.19 (for snacks) and the nutritional yeast seasoning was 1.99 ea. - reg. 5.29 ea.!  (got 5).  Those are for goody bags for Christmas (many like natural goods)
The fruit freezer bars were .25 bag (10 per bag)!!!!!! (dated 2023).  Goody stuffers for Christmas bags - got 6.  Zatarains was .59 (reg. 1.24) and the candle was 2.29 (reg. 5.29) and it smells so good!
Some how I came home with an Armenian cucumber I did not purchase!

 I really need to go and see if there are more freezer bars - silly me should have bought more.  I froze a bag of them and tried and they are good!!!  No sugar added, organic and 25 natural calories!  They weren't clearance - just an instore special w/card.

Meals this past week:
Mex. chicken (leftover) soft tacos
Grilled turkey and cheese sandwich - slaw (home canned) - sliced toms
Spaghetti (from freezer) topped with Mex. chicken
Hoagie bread 'sort of' pizza
Cheeseburger and sliced cukes and tomatoes
Fried green tomatoes and zucchini/onion/red tom saute'
Faux crab salad sandwich and fresh veggies
SNACKS:  end of cheesecake - apple cinnamon rolls* - fruit - no calories milkshake*
*will tell about these this week!

What have you been doing?  Canning?  Crafting?  Gardening?  Deals?  Fall cleaning?
Hope this finds you well and happy.  
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.

Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gets understanding, for the gain from it is better than the gain from silver and it's profit better than gold.
Proverbs 3:13-14

Help us oh Lord, to appreciate the skills, words, and ideas we can learn from one another.  Help us to understand how to not be dependent on man - but on You in all ways.    


  1. You just amaze me! You accomplish so many physical things I can't even think about doing. Just can't take the heat anymore. I am more active in the late fall and winter.

    Sorry you did not have a good Kroger trip. We had some good sales this week. Got steaks to restock the freezer, of course these are cut down into servings just for one and frozen. Got lots of cereals for me and for when my grandson is here at very good prices. Stocked up on Campbell soups for eating and recipes. A 10 for ten special. I make a lot of homemade soup but these are good to have when you do not feel well. I must say I had to call them out on a few things. Items in ad shown to be on sale not marked. I got them to the register and was ready to go at, but guess what they rang up correctly. I honestly think they did not mark correctly to keep you from buying. If this happens to you get the item and just be prepared to call them out if it does not ring up correctly.

    I have been stocking because I was/am afraid of another lockdown. I am also concerned about the constant price increases. So I am taking advantage of sales to stock up.

    1. Howdy. I really don't do that much - just stuff I have to do. I have no one else here - so it is me, myself and I!!!!

      I was glad to get the clearance and markdowns I got. I really didn't need much other than milk and juice - so I was pleased.
      You are wise to keep your eyes open - I have been incorrectly charged before - I always catch it. Sneaky aren't they?

      I hope you get to where you have a pantry full - inflation will never leave us - so what we get cheaper today is money in the bank.
      Have a good week!

  2. I think you did well with the Kroger markdowns. My Kroger is undergoing some remodeling and reorganization of store areas. Ove the past few weeks I have found grocery carts full of clearance and markdown items. I have gotten both Campbell's and Progresso soups really cheap, a couple of cartons of beef stock, some rice mixes (Rice-a-Roni), and a couple different kinds of shampoo (both were marked 49 cents!). Some of these things I might not ordinarily buy, but there are good to have on hand.

    1. Thanks. I hate when they change the stores layout - but it sure does make for some wonderful markdowns.
      YAY - glad you have found so many deals. Just money in your pocket and things you will use this winter!

  3. I'm also thankful that the weather is starting to cool down - although the next few weeks will still be up and down. But - the trees are starting to turn colour and the nights are a lot cooler so I have a lot more energy.

    I have managed to get some housework done, the ironing caught up and I've been dealing with a lot of paperwork - shredding & recycling. Plus, now that I go into the office about 3 mornings a week I'm packing up some binders and research materials to take back in so that will give me back at least 3/4 of my dining table!

    I went through the freezer yesterday, got up early this morning (no church today as the subway is down for repairs at my end of town) and I have been in the kitchen doing a lot of cooking. I hard boiled a bunch of eggs & cooked about 3 meals with of bacon. Then I cooked some chicken breasts that are now cooled, chopped up and will be used in pasta dishes the next couple of days. Then I made a meatloaf - had a couple of slices for lunch and the rest has been packed up into individual servings and popped into the freezer. I am just waiting for the lamb shanks that are simmering in the oven to finish and I'm going to serve one of them with mashed potatoes for supper tonight and the others will be kept in the fridge or freezer for later!
    I'm going to look out all the dried fruit that I have left - put it to soak in some sherry - and make some fruit cakes tomorrow or Tuesday. I need to restock but want to use up all the bits & pieces first.

    The only trip to the grocery store was for some fresh veg and some canned items that were on sale - SPAM and lentils. I wanted more canned veg but all they had was corn - the one thing I don't need! I'll check again on Tuesday (the delivery trucks usually arrive that morning) and see what's on the shelves. I'm not desperate but would like to add a few more for over the Winter.

    A couple of friends are taking me out for coffee tomorrow - a belated birthday treat - and there is a fancier supermarket nearby so we will stop there afterwards. The British papers are reporting that they have Christmas cakes, cookies & chocolates in already and we get a lot of British imports so I'm going to start checking and putting things away as I see them. They will sell out fast and who knows how much will be available - it was quite obvious last year that we didn't get what we normally would.

    Have a good week.

    1. My good ness you have been industrious! All your cooking sounds so good. Good thinking on making up the fruit cakes. Aldi here, usually has a lot of seasonal stuff for various holidays. Really more than other stores except maybe candy. I think the Aldi things are much higher quality than regular stores.
      Happy belated birthday! That sounds like a fun outing. Hope you enjoy your day and find all the fun supplies this week that you want.

  4. Your garden and yard are continuing to grow and blossom (nice of you to share with the squirrels), as ours are coming to an end. We still have nice weather in the forecast, more seasonal temps with highs around 20-22C (68-72F). I'm hoping to get out the valley this week to check on the fall colors.

    1. It is still growing but not producing nearly as much. No real colors here yet. Not in my area. Usually we need much cooler temps for a while before that happens.
      68-72 sounds lovely to me.
      I hope you have a nice outing and get to enjoy more nature!

  5. I am slowly working on sorting patterns to get rid of most of those. I crochet a bit and read when I am not sleeping or cooking.

    1. It sure is easy to accumulate things isn't it? Good luck with sorting and decluttering.
      Have a good one.

  6. My garden is winding down. I am slowly clearing things out. Lots of green tomatoes to be picked, more salsa must me made, and the eggplant need the last picking.

    Harvey dug up the potatoes, and picked the last of the cukes.

    Me, well I am working on crafty things and trying to get the house cleaned. On Tuesday of the upcoming week I plan on washing walls in the living room and dining room. Perhaps I will get daring and wash the bedroom walls as well (last two rooms are the bedrooms).

    You had a great shopping trip, those frozen bars sound really good.

    God bless.

    1. It is that time of the year - gardens winding down and harvests being made. Good things for the winter!
      I need to get crafty - I just can't motivate! Good luck on washing those walls - that is a big job!
      Have a blessed week.

  7. Replies
    1. Not so much on either one! LOL
      Some days I worry about me. Thank you for saying so!

  8. This week was focused on cleaning and I spent a good deal of time wiping down stairway and foyer baseboards. It's not something I stay on top of all year long, unfortunately, but as I have more houseguests in the fall and winter, I like to get them cleaned.

    I stayed out of the stores, except for one quick run to get a couple of urgent items. Eek!!!! I made chili last Monday and was out of kidney beans and did not have enough chili powder on hand. They've been having lots of 10/$10 sales here, as well. But I have learned to be very cautious about those, as they tend to be on name-brands and I don't necessarily purchase those brands, depending on how I intend to use it. For example, when looking for kidney beans, my Meijer had Bush's on 10/10 sale. But, I only use them in my soups and chili. Store brand was 0.59. I've also seen 10/10 items on sale, when the regular price is 0.79 or 0.89 a couple of weeks prior. Know your regular prices and brands before going all out on 10/10.

    1. Oh that wonderful deep cleaning!!!! LOL. It does feel good to do things that you don't do often.
      You are so right about knowing your prices. So many think 10 for 10 is great - but like you stated not always. I am not a big brand person - so off brands usually are always cheaper.
      Good shopping. Hope you stocked up on beans and chili powder!
      Have a good one

  9. Sitting back and looking at a freshly mowed lawn is very pleasurable to me. When we lived in Pikeville our lawn was a continuous lawn with our elderly neighbor, so I would mow his too, so I could sit on the porch swing and admire it all freshly mown together.

    Looks like you got some good deals at Kroger. I cannot believe Wednesday is the first day of fall. Wow.

    I’ve been doing laundry, folding and putting away. It’s so nice to be caught up on that chore. I hope you have a good Monday, Cheryl.

    1. I also love the smell of fresh mown grass.
      It always seems accomplishing a chore always feels good.
      Have a good one.

  10. Yup, need to get rid of the varmints before winter and they increase their families! You are not running Cheryl's Happy Hotel for Wildlife! ha!

    You are always busy. Makes the rest of us look bad...ha! The Urban Farmer and I canned 14 pints of ground beef. Saw no reason to do quarts as it is only the two of us. Will probably do some more. May even do some stew meat. We are exploring methods to can dried beans. Some soak, some cook, so we are deciding which would be best and take the least amount of time.

    Bought a shelving unit from Menards and loaded it up with stuff in the garage. Going to rearrange some things so that the Farmer can have one of the 6' tables to use for his garage greenhouse plantings.

    I agree with Miss Lori K: Meijer store brand is almost always cheaper than name brand and just as good.

    Glad to see the little rain we got last night and the cooler temps. Excellent Scripture choice and lovely prayer! I am finishing Charles Stanley's book Courageous Faith and he is definitely a man of prayer.

    Off to return some books and a DVD to the library. Slow going this morning!

    1. Well, to hear my neighbors - they do believe it is Cheryl's Happy Hotel for wildlife!!!!
      Good for you on canning meat. I have never done that - but it really is smart to do. No worry about freezer going kaput.

      I need to go to Menards - just keep putting it off.
      We got a lot of rain over night and this morning. It poured. Sun is finally trying to pop through. SLOW going is the truth - I couldn't get motivated for nothing till about 11AM.

  11. I bought no groceries last week as the adds wee meh, and we were going to moms, so I just took the last loaf of bread out of the freezer for hubs and I realized i really need to inventory the freezers, they are such a mess.

    1. Good job. Now when you inventory - it is time to get creative and use all those bits and bobs stuck away. I have been using up all the older stuff.
      Glad you are back home safely!

  12. You got some good deals at Kroger. Wish we had one around here, but the nearest one is about 25 miles away. Wouldn't mind a Menards, either.
    We got our new smart phones last week, and I spent a lot of time getting mine activated (Husband's went through in 20 minutes) and writing a how-to cheat sheet for Husband. He is getting a little more comfortable with it, though I disabled everything except phone for him (no text or internet). We will save $540/year over Verizon.
    Someone cleaned out their pantry last weekend and left boxes of food at the mail station. I picked up a few things, but a lot of it was past the best-by date. Not knowing how it had been stored, I was leery of taking it. I'll use my food past the best-by date, but I know mine has been stored properly.
    Finished painting the shed this morning. I finally got some good days for spray painting the roof. The front and visible side are a pretty light blue (the same color as my house siding), and the roof and sides hidden by the fence are white. I have enough of the blue left over to make a good start on painting my other (wooden) shed next year. At least I won't have to paint the wooden shed's roof - it has shingles.
    Finally threw out my old painting clothes. The jeans had so many holes that they were getting to be indecent! The shirt was 20 years old and had survived many painting jobs. Now I have to find another pair of used pull-on jeans with pockets. I'll be hitting my favorite St. Vinny's thrift store on Saturday when I deliver blankets to Project Linus.
    Haven't seen the hummingbird in a week. Not many butterflies, either. Lots of birds that we haven't seen much of this summer are starting to come back. Lots of chickadees, titmouses, cardinals, and our resident red-bellied woodpeckers have been eating a lot lately. Farmer's Almanac says were in for a bad winter.
    We're to get a couple of inches of rain starting Tues. evening, along with cooler temperatures. I'm planning on baking and refilling my dessert stash in the freezer. I also need to make a list of chores I need to do before the snow flies so I don't forget anything.
    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week!

    1. Glad yo got the phone figured out and that is a great savings over the year!
      I eat my stuff WAY past date - but like you I know where and how it has been stored.

      That is neat you got the shed all painted and pretty. Those old clothes sure do come in handy don't they? I have some jeans that have more patches than probably material left on them!!
      My hummies are less frequent today - but it is raining. I keep hearing about bad weather as well - hope they are wrong. It seems the birds and squirrels aren't eating as much here right now - maybe they have another source (natural). It seems odd, when they should really be eating a bunch.
      Always busy!!!
      Have a good one.