Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Let's Clean and Keep it Natural

 I am a huge fan of using less chemicals and using natural products.  I was asked earlier to do a post about making clean & green cleaning products.  Today I will do some basic home cleaning - and another day I will do a 'natural' health and beauty post!

What you need to have - or what I have to keep it natural!
Baking Soda (you can buy in big bags)
Hydrogen Peroxide (dollar tree or dollar stores are cheapest)
Vinegar - usually use white in cleaning
Lemon Juice - I use bottled mostly
Salt - I like using coarse salt
Microfiber cloths or natural sponges or cotton material (old t-shirts)
I like to keep some magic erasers on hand (I buy off brand, since I don't use often)

Natural soap - like Castile or Glycerin liquid.  Both are vegetable based and not tested on animals - so Vegan.  Both are bio-degradable.  It doesn't take much of either - just a little blended with water.  It doesn't suds hardly at all - but you don't need suds to clean things.
I still keep blue Dawn - no it isn't all natural - but it sure does work on stains and cuts grease.  I can't break that habit - but I guess I could be using worse things!

Scrub your wooden board with salt and lemon - this will deodorize it.  Rinse with cider vinegar or peroxide to sanitize.  Rinse with a damp rag after and air dry

To clean mildew and brighten grout without bleach combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide or vinegar (not both!) and make a paste.  Apply to grout and let it sit for about 30 minutes- then scrub and rinse.

Scrub the bowl with baking soda (like you would cleanser) and then let it set for a bit.  Before flushing - add a little white vinegar for extra fizzing and stain lifting power.  When done - flush.

Many cleaners contain bleach and that is toxic.  Simply use a soft cloth and wipe counters and items with hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar.  These are natural and they do  not promote antibiotic resistant bacteria.

2 C water
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
3 - 4 drops of liquid soap (optional)
Spray and wipe.  If you want a streak free shine - use old newspaper to wipe the windows clean.  No lint.
You can also just use vinegar - although many don't like the smell.  In a pinch I have also just used water.

So many air fresheners contain tons of chemicals and you are releasing those into the air and breathing them in.  Keep it SIMPLE!  Open windows when possible - fresh air is the best.  Place a dish or 2 of baking soda around the house (kitchen - bath) to absorb odors.  Use peels/skins/spices in a pot of heated water for a natural wonderful smell.
I do make FeBreeze - using bottled fabric softener and water.  NO it isn't natural.  I only use about a 1/3 of a spray bottle of softener and the rest water,  I use it seldom - but do keep it on hand (for stubborn smells)

1 C baking soda
1 Tbsp. liquid soap
few drops of vinegar (if desired)
Hot water
Mix to make a thick paste.  Remove any large pieces of gunk and MAKE SURE oven is off!!!!!  Coat all the area needing cleaned and let it sit overnight!  Wipe and scrub off with warm water.

You can always use a plumber's snake (I have 2).  Even a twisted metal coat hanger - these can be used to pull out nasty globs of hair.  Pour 1/2 C or more baking soda into the drain.  Gradually add equal amount of white vinegar.  Let it set and fizz and bubble and dissolve.  Pour boiling water down drain.  Wait 30 minutes and if not clear  - repeat.  Before calling a plumber - let the drains cool off and snake again.

1 C white vinegar
1 gallon hot water
1 Tbsp. - 1/4 C liquid soap
couple Tbsp. of lemon juice
Mix together and clean floors or walls with a clean soft rag or mop.  The soap will add extra cleaning power.  If you use soap - always follow up with a clear water mop or wipe down.

STOVE FIRE (small)
Baking soda will extinguish flames in a natural way.  Ask me how I know!!!! LOL
I had a plastic spatula in oven catch fire and dousing with baking powder worked wonders.  PLEASE make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen - just in case of something bigger!

I use a wet magic eraser dipped in baking soda and scrub.  It cleans grease spots great.  Rinse down with a soft rag and warm water.  
You can also add a drop or 2 of liquid soap to  baking soda and water paste to act like soft scrub

**Clean you microwave by combining a 1/4 C vinegar (or lemon juice) to a cup of water and heat for 5 minutes.  Will remove odors and soften any build up - wipe clean with a damp rag
**Make a brass or copper cleaner by adding equal parts of lemon juice and vinegar.  Wipe it on with a soft cloth - let it set - then wipe clean and polish.  I like to rub this mixture on with some salt (the salt is a bit abrasive - but it works)
**Clean and freshen your garbage disposal by running a tray of ice cubes and 1/2 C vinegar through a cycle.  Do once a week.  You can also freshen it by placing citrus peels in disposal and running with water
**Add a splash of vinegar to your rinse water to keep your glasses and dishes from spotting
** I use hydrogen peroxide in my whites laundry instead of bleach!!!  It is all natural and it works wonderfully
** Add 1/2 C or so of baking soda to load of stinky clothes - cuts the odor.
**Add 1/2 C vinegar to your rinse cycle to act as a fabric softener.  Trust me - once dry - no smell!!  This also helps to remove any soap build-up on clothes and washer
**Sprinkle baking soda over your carpets or rugs and let it set for an hour or so.  Vacuum - it absorbs all those pet or damp/musty smells
**Put an old box of baking soda in the frig and maybe even the freezer - (I buy real cheap boxes for this) to absorb odors - when it is time to replace use the baking soda to clean a drain or the toilet!
NOTE - when I had a freezer go out and stuff spoil - I cleaned it out and used baking soda and coffee (pre-brewed) to help air it out.  Aired the freezer open for a couple days (in the garage) - then added both and closed it.  Smells were gone after a week or so.  **I use that freezer to store bird seed (mouse proof in garage)!!!!

These are just some of the basics.  There are other natural things, like natural herbs, that can be used and add wonderful smells.  I love using whatever I can that is natural.  I live in this house as well as my pet - so I don't want to add chemicals to my air.  Most everything we own gives off some nasty substance - so it just makes since to clean as natural as possible.
I will have more natural cleaning ideas later on and I WILL do a health and beauty natural ideas post as well.

Hope this gives you a few ideas and tips.  Using what we have on hand is frugal, and using these items is natural.  Frugal and good for your home is a WIN-WIN!


  1. We are all natural here too and have been for nearly 30 years. We also use the old fashioned Bon Ami.

    1. I haven't had that in ages - forgot all about it.
      Glad to hear others are all natural.

  2. When I’ve had a storage container that has absorbed the smell of whatever was stored in it, I make a paste of baking soda and water and pain the inside of the container with it. I then let it sit for a day or so and scrub well. It has always taken the odor away.

    Great post, Cheryl.

    1. That a great tip! We all have those pickle jar lids that the smell just won't go away!!!! I will try that next time.

  3. I NEED TO CLEAN MY HOUSE< BUT I am ignoring it right now. Natural or not it is just going to stay naturally dirty:)

    1. LOL - well I guess dirt is natural too!!!
      I ignore mine too - then I have those ginormous dust RABBITS to evict! I think you stay pretty darn busy - so don't fret.

  4. I am slowly collecting bottles and other such containers and am planning more natural cleaning solutions once I am rid of the other cleaners I have. Thanks for the recipes.

    God bless.

    1. Good plan. Glad to hear you are moving towards more natural.
      Take care

  5. I have a question for you long time housekeepers out there. I have a shower enclosure, not completely sure of the material, perhaps fibreglass? I have a difficult time getting the floor of it white. Any ideas?

    1. I would try the baking soda and peroxide paste. Apply and let it set for an hour or so - scrub a little and rinse. I would think that would be a good starting point and should help.

  6. Excellent post! Like you, I try to stay away from chemicals as much as possible. These are good ideas. White vinegar is $1.79 at Rural King. Bon Ami is hard to find so I order it from Vitacost when we make an order. Some Walmart stores have it but not the Avon store. My mom used Bon Ami. I found a DIY oven cleaner recipe on Pinterest and used it to clean the oven door on our Breville. We can actually see what is baking now! ha!

    1. Thanks. Good to hear Rural King has vinegar so cheap. That is great. They are such a great store.
      Glad you found a trick that works and you can see again!!!!

  7. I'm trying to switch to natural cleaners, so I appreciate the information in your post. I do use Bon Ami a lot, too. Celie

    1. You are welcome. It can be daunting to start if someone doesn't give you a little advice. Enjoy

  8. I love my vinegar and use it for any and everything, but I also love my blue Dawn and will fight to the death if anyone tries to take it from me.

    1. I hear ya! I love Blue Dawn as well, and have a ton of it. It works for so much and YES I use it for a lot as well. I guess we all have that one thing we can't release our hold of!!!!