Sunday, September 12, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up 9/12

 Good morning all.  I hope this finds you all well and safe.  
Today, I have been thinking about 20 years ago today.  The country and the world came together and cared intensely for one another.  Strangers took in and fed and housed strangers and people said kind words to one another and nothing was going to divide us ever again!  The skies were quiet and we were all sad, angry, mourning and full of love.  I never want to see another 9/11 - but wish the feeling of 9/12 could be captured again.  People were kind and caring for one another!

It is about to get HOT again for a few days.  We had some much nicer weather for several days this week.  Summer hasn't lost its grip yet!
I had a hawk fly into one of my trees this week, while I was out.  I yelled at it to get and it flew off and I watched soar to a tree a couple blocks down in a matter of seconds!  Boy those birds are fast.
Yesterday morning I went out to feed the cats and I looked over and saw a shadow in the darkness.  It was a racoon - who immediately ran over to me as if to say "what's for breakfast?".  I kept trying to shew it off and it just kept coming back.  It was not afraid of me at all!!!  It finally made it in the greenhouse and the kitties came out (smart).  I managed to get it to go over the fence and watched as it went through the yards - got scared by a neighbors little dog - and scurried on down the alley!
They things I see around here!!!  LOL
It is a flippin' nature preserve!!!

Just a note:  I know many of you watch You Tube videos and follow some people.  If you watch Hillbilly Kitchen - Down Home Country Cooking - be aware that here husband, Brett, passed away this week.  I imagine she will be taking some time off.  I always enjoy her channel - as there are great recipes, but great scripture and testimonial.

My week:
  • I did a little fall decorating - door decor and a few odds and ends in the house.  Even got out my fall candles
  • I went back to the bank and finally got things all taken care off - I did it my way.  I just did what I thought was right for me at this time
  • Bank was my only outing (there and directly home) - NO GROCERY shopping
  • Chopped and froze more bell peppers
  • Harvesting - tomatoes, peppers, basil, thyme.  Dug some onions.  Tomatoes are fewer now - but there are still green ones out there.
  • Crushed and jarred a lot of dried basil
  • Laundry/cold and line dried
  • Still working on decluttering - got another box together
  • I have been working on getting into the dark recesses of the pantry and the freezer and using up things that are getting old!  (You know I am not concerned much about dates).  It will soon be time for holiday sales and I need to use up older stuff - so I can justify (to me) buying new!!!
  • Made a peach cheesecake.  I had a sweet tooth and that wasn't too sweet - and hit the spot.  Shared part with the neighbor
  • My Ninja had started making a buzzing noise.  OH NO!!!!!!  I did research online and saw it might not be making a good connection when running.  I took all I could apart and cleaned and cleaned.  Used a toothpick to get into crevices.  That helped some - then it dawned on me - I ALWAYS use the same setting (for ages).  So I switched it up this week and started using different settings and NO MORE BUZZ!  YAY!
  • My mouse for my laptop (yes I still use a mouse) stopped.  I changed batteries and it didn't help.  So I took it APART as well and cleaned everything I could.  It was dusty (& dander) inside - so after cleaning it works like a charm!
  • I evicted some major dust bunnies (or cats) this week.  Started doing deep cleaning for fall - and oh my, the things that hide under and behind stuff!!!  I sure did move a lot of furniture.  I only got 2 rooms done - more this week!
  • I did some front porch sitting this week.  It was so lovely out.
  • Got to have AC off and windows open for several days
The live forever is really in full bloom.  This picture doesn't do the color justice!  I have this all down one side of the house and out front in the flowerbed.  So full of butterflies, bees and flies.  Sweet, sweet blooms.

Meals this past week:
Chef salad topped with tuna
Hotdogs (cut and ate on hamburger buns), slaw (home canned) and tomatoes
Chicken strips, long grain rice and tomatoes
'Sort of' enchiladas
Cheeseburger, leftover rice w/peas added and tomatoes
Broccoli/cheese soup (freezer) and ham/tomato sandwich
Ranch/Mex. chicken blend over rice
SNACKS:  finished watermelon, pistachios, tortilla chips and cheese dip, cheese and crackers, cheesecake, milkshake

I didn't do any canning this past week.  I have all my grapes in freezer for when I am ready to do jelly.  I have just been piddling around the house this week.  I feel like 'nesting'!
I have decided to not even go to second Sunday farm market today.  It will just be too hot to go out tromping through the park.  I will maybe go to the orchard or farm stand later this week.

What have you all been up to?  Are your gardens still hanging in there?  Canning or freezing anything?  Finding any deals or bargains?  Can't wait to hear from you all.
Thanks for all your help and ideas this week!!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and stay safe and healthy.  Blessings from my humble little home to yours!

This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Save us, we beseech thee, O Lord!  O Lord, we beseech thee, give us success!
Psalms 118: 24-25


  1. I saw that about Brett on their Facebook page. My heart goes out to her. She has a terrific channel.

    I’m glad you got your Ninja to stop buzzing. Great job! We got two cherry tomatoes this week, lol. So the maters are hanging in there. I hope you have a good Sunday, Cheryl.

    1. She does have a wonderful channel and he was her film tech and editor - so not sure what will happen in the future! Sad

      2 is better than none!! LOL I think we will get more - still pretty warm!
      Thanks - you too Belinda

  2. My week started out exceptionally positive and then it became contemplative as the week wore on. Its the changing of seasons, in more ways than one, I think. Lots of food for thought has penetrated my brain, and I just need to sort through what I want, where I want to be, and cast off that which no longer fits -- emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    I've been pulling tomatoes and peppers from my deck pots to enjoy with my salads, and I'm still getting some oregano and basil for the dehydrator. My daughter commented that her husband mentioned that he prefers my spaghetti sauce over Ragu and that he thought they needed to learn how to make it. So, being the good mom that I am, I made a trek to my favorite farm stand for tomatoes, and low and behold, they had their last of the Romas marked down to $5 for a 25# box. Last night was sauce for them, and I'll be canning up some tomato soup for me. I also picked up another 3 zucchini, and an acorn and butternut squash. That taste for Fall flavors is settling in.

    1. I totally understand where your rain is at. I have been there before and still get there at times. Life is full of decisions in all aspects. Prayers for good outcomes on all your paths.

      YAY for teaching them a new skill. What deal you got on the tomatoes! It doesn't feel much like fall here - but I understand the taste of fall. I am so in the mood for apples and cider!
      Have a good week.

  3. Thank you for the reminder(s) today, Cheryl. I really needed them. Been kind of stuck in a rut recently. You really do inspire! --Elise

    1. You are welcome. I wish we could go back to that America and world of 20 years ago today. It seemed much kinder.
      I guess we will get there again - just hoping it doesn't take something like that to do it.
      People CAN be kind and good - we just need to quit to the petty divisions.
      Have a great week

    2. Yes, indeed. We've had issues in our once quiet neighborhood lately that have inspired long time residents to sell up. We'll move, too, by the end of the year when my husband retires. Your post reminded me today to "Be still and know that I am God." Fretting never got anyone anywhere.

      God Bless you!

    3. We suddenly have that ONE house that is always having trouble. Police calls and just neighborhood upset. It is awful and I feel for you.
      I hate you feel you need to move because of neighborhood problems. No fretting accomplishes nothing. God has us in His arms and He will keep us calm. Hugs to you!

  4. Just want to say I love reading your blog. I really appreciate the scriptures ...they seem to fit me every day.
    Thank You

    1. Glad to have you here. You are so welcome.
      I never know what I will share until that morning. So I guess it just speaks to me to share.
      Have a blessed week.

  5. I don't have quite the same wildlife in my backyard but did startle a bunny hiding beside a container yesterday. I chase the hawks away too when they get too close.

    Have a good week!

    1. I haven't seen a bunny in quite a while. They are so cute. Hawks are beautiful - but I don't want them around my birdies!!
      You have a great one

  6. On 9/12 twenty years ago we had a house full of dramatic college girls. All were freshmen away from home from the first time. Since our daughter was local she brought half her floor home when she came here to feel safe. Fortunately I had thawed a turkey to cook and it fed them for a couple of days.

    One of our closest friends was in the Pentagon in the area where the plane came in that day. He helped a disabled co-worker get out of the building without thought for his own life. He said that once they were outside they were yelling at them to run because another plane was coming. The disabled man told him to go and save himself but our friend refused and kept walking slow with his co-worker. They got to safety in time. We are blessed to call such a hero our friend.

    1. That your daughter felt safe at home and wanted her friends to feel safe says so much much. How kind of you to take care of them, I am sure their parents were relieved to know they were in safe hands.
      What a hero you friend is.
      We are so blessed by so much and so many in our lives.

  7. There are so many courageous and loving stories that came out of the 9/11 devastation. Lives were certainly changed that day.

    Your kitties weren't happy about the uninvited raccoon guest! Cheeky little fellow, showing up without an invitation. A hawk is big enough to carry off a smaller animal so I always bring my boys in and try to run the hawk(s) off.

    I had never heard Autumn Joy sedum called live forever. It certainly does, as it spreads like crazy. I have two varieties in the back gardens. It has been divided and shared many times.

    So sorry to hear about Becky's husband. He was a young man, really. They both had a good testimony.

    Our little tomato plants are pretty much done, just a few stragglers. The Mr. Stripey is still going. We had fried green tomatoes last week as a side for a taco bowl (think I already told you that...ha). The last green beans that the Urban Farmer planted are going strong and another bed is bearing again. We harvested all the potatoes and I made potato soup yesterday. We had some gaps in the plantings. There is always next year's garden to plan.

    Enjoy your week. The mornings have been cool and soon the days will follow.

    Good Scripture! I just finished reading Psalms and Proverbs in my morning study and am reading Ezra in my evening study. A blogger I follow had been to a Bible study at her church and they studied some chapters in Isaiah. I have them marked to go over them again. Always something to learn.

    1. The kitties don't usually care about uninvited guests unless they tread in their space!
      Really? Live forever is all I have ever called it my entire life! That is what Mom and Daddy called it. And YES it does!

      It is always nice to keep getting those stragglers. I will be doing fried green tomatoes again this week. I sure do love them. Glad the beans are doing good.

      enjoy the week!

    2. I had never heard it called Live Forever either...always sedum. Neat to hear different names. Just like some people call those pink lillies Magic lillies,I always heard them called Naked Ladies and some have never heard that.

    3. That is funny - I guess maybe it has to do with locale or where our parents came from. (?) I have always known it was sedum - we just didn't call it that.
      I always called the lilies "Surprise Lilies", but have heard naked ladies.
      Neat how the same thing can be different!


    1. Thanks. Oh he was curious and hungry! I got mighty close and it didn't scare him. At one point he stuck his head under the deck, and the rest of him was sticking out as if to say "you can't see me". I had to laugh

  9. Just got home from holidays late on Saturday and have been busy trying to catch up. Picked tomatoes, peppers, cukes and Harvey dug up the onions. Soon it will be time to clean up the yard here as the leaves are falling and flowers slowly dying back.

    You had a very busy week.

    God bless.

    1. Glad you made it home safely. I hope it was all enjoyable.
      Yes, soon things will be giving in to fall. Flowers look pretty straggly here - but garden is still growing - just slowly.
      Don't over do it. Welcome home.