Thursday, March 7, 2024

An Information Kind of Day!

 Good morning all.  Here we are at Thursday already.  The weeks are flying by.
It is 44F this morning and cloudy - not bad.  We have a little cooler stuff this weekend, but nothing bad at all.  Not holding my breath, but maybe we have rounded the weather corner.  LOL - yeah, probably not!

Just a couple things today.
Wal-Mart and Aldi are both lowering some prices!!!! 

Wal-Mart has said basic things like eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, frozen fruit, mayo and bread will be lowered in prices back to 'pre-inflation' prices.  I kind of got the idea that this was for the Easter season, by what I read.  They didn't say it was long term.  But heck, take the price reductions when you can!  If you shop WM, hope this helps a little.
Aldi lowered a lot of prices last fall, supposedly they will be doing more.  So far this year they have lowered prices on 23 items up to 13%.  Their plan is to lower prices to about 250 more items by summer.  When shopping look for the red tags in front of items - those are the new lower priced items!
For those that eat fast food!  There are some establishments that are having cut back prices for the month.  $1 and $2 burgers at Wendy's.  Cheap breakfast sandwiches at BK.  One donut shop is having specials.  MOST all of these need you to be signed into an app!!!!!  Not just a walk-in thing.
Most of this is due to DLST, March Madness (basketball), etc.  I won't be using any of these!

Now on the opposite side, Dollar Tree is raising prices again - what I hear - to 1.75.  I knew it was bound to happen.  How long can we possibly expect someone to sell things for a dollar when they are experiencing inflation as well?
I have seen so many people being outraged and saddened by this - my answer is just don't shop there if you don't like it!  
I KNOW some people live in food deserts and dollar stores and convenience stores are their go to.  I hate that for them.
But as for others - I still think some things will still be cheaper than other stores - gift bags, small holiday decorations, cards - even some cleaning supplies and kitchen towels.  You just have to choose what you want to pay for and where.  Probably will still be able to get many basics (pasta, soup, etc.) cheaper at other stores when they run sales. 
Once Dollar Tree was purchased by the bigger dollar store - it was inevitable.


I had a new to me type of hummus, when I attended a shower event recently.  It was chocolate hummus and I must say it was wonderful!  My niece bought it at the deli area at the grocery, but it is so easy to make. 
1 can chickpeas (garbanzo beans) - drained**
1/2 C cocoa powder (not hot choc. mix)
1/2 C maple syrup or honey
1/4 C peanut butter (or use Tahini or almond butter, or any other nut butter you like)
1 tsp. vanilla
Place all ingredients in a blender and process until very smooth.  Keep extra refrigerated.
Serve with fresh berries, banana pieces, apples, or graham crackers.

***Keep the liquid - can be used instead of egg in baking.  You may want to pour a tiny bit in your hummus as processing - if it seems too thick.

Lastly - DON'T FORGET - it is that time of the spring again!!
                                                                                2 AM

I know many hate this change and many love it.  Everyone talks about more daylight - NO not more, just later!  If you get up early, it will just be dark later (for a while yet) - so it just pushes up the daylight hours. I am a very early riser - so now I will deal with dark again when I wake up.
Also remember animals cannot read the clock!  They have a schedule they are used to and that doesn't change (just the clock does).
I do like later daylight - but not crazy about 9PM stuff.  That is close to my bedtime!!!!!  I want it dark when I go to bed!
I wish they would just pick one and keep it!

So there is my infomercial/public service update of the week!!!  LOL
I hope you all have a great end to your week and a fun weekend.  Stay safe and warm - many are battling lots of snow still!

Have a great day!!!!!


  1. Debby in Kansas USAMarch 7, 2024 at 9:01 AM

    We awoke to thunderstorms this morning! I could do without the house shaking cracks, but the rain is very welcome. I think it's been at least a month since we last saw any.

    I detest the time change! We're early risers and early to bed. It's hard to go to sleep at 8pm when it's light out and the kids are running around shouting. Not complaining about the kids at all, that's what they should be doing.... But the older I get, the harder the change is to get used to. It's always taken me about a week to normalize, but the last couple three times, it's almost been 2 weeks.

    I'll take lower prices anytime! We only go to WM about twice a year and tomorrow is probably it. I'll definitely do some extra hunting around. As for Aldi, everything we buy regularly has gone up. I've seen no evidence of anything lowered. That said, my Kroger store has raised prices by huge margins whereas Aldi's increases are much smaller. Speaking of prices, did anyone else see that Kellogg's CEO pushing cereal as a healthy and cheaper dinner substitute?! Clueless.
    Cereal prices are part of the reason I eat oatmeal year around. Cheaper, healthier, and it keeps me full for more than 10minutes!

    1. Glad you are getting some rain - enjoy it.
      The spring change bothers me the most - I do take a while to get used to it.
      Same here - I get up very early and go to bed earlier than most - and yep, being light out doesn't work!
      I haven't noticed too many increase at our Kroger, just the normal. I don't buy much normal priced anyway - only clearance and super sales. Our Aldi does have a lot marked down - it is helping a lot of people around here.
      Cereal is so very expensive - I never buy it unless on clearance and that is just for sacks. I don't really do breakfast.
      Good luck with your shopping excursion!

  2. The dreaded time change! I think this is a process that is universally disliked by most people. The "spring forward" bit throws me off more than the "falling back".

    I'm not surprised that Dollar Tree will raise prices again. May stop in there for a few things we use regularly before the prices do go up. I know it's not an appreciable hike but still... In the first place, most commercially made cereals are not healthy. I'm sure the CEO of Kellogg is not eating cereal for his dinner.

    It's supposed to rain tomorrow so we'll head out in a bit to get some weed barrier and bags of potting soil. Enjoy your weekend! Your babies are good company for you.

    1. The spring forward affects me more as well. Takes a while to catch up.
      Yeah, I bet he isn't eating cereal for dinner either. Most are just about all sugar.
      Have fun putzing around the yard!

  3. I also wish they would just pick one and stop changing it twice a year. My favorite quote regarding the time change is 'Only an idiot cuts off the end of a blanket and sows it on to the top and thinks it's actually longer'. lol
    Have a great weekend!!

    1. I wish they would pick one too! Good quote - LOL!
      You have a good one too!

  4. I am dreading the spring forward as I am a night owl, but I do like the more light it brings. I have not seen any prices going down here at all, just up.

    1. It messes with my sleep pattern for sure.
      Sorry, hopefully some of these stores (if you have them) will be offering some deals. Keep watching!

  5. Kellogg's CEO suggesting cereal for dinner is dismissive, demeaning, and tone deaf. I can have corn flakes for dinner if it is my idea. But, having to eat cereal because there is nothing else is not a choice.

    I only buy sales and bogo. I finally bought Special K that I have wanted for two weeks because it was bogo. We can afford it, but I dug in my heels and refused to pay the price.

    1. I can afford too - just don't ever get it unless it is deeply marked down.
      Some people may have only that to eat - I hope I am never in that position.

  6. Chocolate Hummus....Yummy. Thanks.
    I love the change in time, even though the province I am in does not change. It means I can watch my favourite shows much earlier in the evening and crawl into bed a bit earlier.

    God bless.

    1. The hummus was so good! You should give it a try - even somewhat healthy!
      Our TV shows come on at the same times, so no change there. We just get light later in the evening.
      Sure is confusing on who changes clocks and who doesn't.

  7. I just happen to have the fixin's for that hummus recipe; looks so good.
    No doubt the Kelloggs guy has warehouses full of their overpriced product going over the B.B. date. It would be cheaper and just as nutritious to feed one's kids toast with sugar and cinnamon drowned in milk. Most cereals cost more than meat; who's buying?
    We have porridge a couple days a week but usually it's bacon and eggs and toast or pancakes with fruit. Hubby likes cold cereal as a snack so I buy generic raisin bran for him.
    I'm seeing some better prices for flour, canola oil and eggs. Waiting for lower cheese prices before I restock.
    I'm really enjoying the mild weather and getting outdoors often. Hope everyone else is as well.

    1. Good. I think you will enjoy the hummus. It is so tasty.
      Yeah, I know cereal is crazy in price. Most are so sugary - so not good at all. I have once in a while for a snack too - but only when I find it at a very discounted price. I'd rather eat a cookie!!
      Glad you are seeing a few prices going down. Too bad you are maybe not around Aldi - their cheese prices are very reasonable. Kroger has been having some decent sales on cheese lately too.
      We had incredible weather for a few days - now back to chilly and rainy. Enjoy it all and get a jump on that yard work!

  8. The dollar stores are full of Chinese garbage. There is little there I buy.
    In this economy so many people are struggling. There are many buying groceries to survive there.
    I feel so bad for them.

    1. Yep, pretty much. It is sad that so many only have dollar stores and convenience stores to shop at - due to no grocery stores in their areas. That happens a lot anymore - so many stores moving out of areas. I find it very sad.

  9. Hi Cheryl, that Hummus sounds delish, just had a little chuckle as we are due for 39deg and our friends a bit more inland are due to get 44 this weekend BUT ours are celsius not fahrenheit so not the nicest lol, for us here in Victoria Australia and we will be jumping back I hour in a couple of weeks love your site even when I don't comment often cheers to you all Bev

    1. Hello Bev. It is a very good dip!
      I think many of us are jealous of you a big time of the year! When we are suffering through winter you are eating fresh veggies and fruit! LOL
      You are going back an hour, and we move forward an hour - gosh, that makes an even bigger gap in our times. Hope you stay warm during your fall/winter.
      Glad to have you here.

  10. Chocolate hummus ..I bet that was good. Can't wait for late nights but the more light I have the more I work.

    1. It really is good!
      Yes, I do believe we get a lot more work done - I guess that is a good thing!!

  11. Hi Cheryl! That hummus looks good! I would have never thought about chocolate hummus. On the time change - I love waking up to sunlight, but I wake up so early that there is never going to be a time for me to be awakened by the sun :) So I prefer to have more daylight at the end of the day, that way we can get more done outside after work. I'm like you, just pick a lane already and let's have it be what it will be! Why do we have to go back and forth all the time? That's the gov't for ya.

    1. LOL - yep, nothing govt. makes a bit of sense!
      It is nice to have later times outside to get things done, or just sit or visit. I get up early too - always have.
      Yep, I wish they would just pick something and stop the shuffle.
      You should try the hummus - it is good!

  12. I love that Aldi and Walmart are lowering some of their prices, that is such great news.

    I too, am surprised at how fast this month is going already.

    I'm also glad to hear that some fast food places are lowering this prices.I usually use the Burger King app to get a good deal on a small burger if I am out and get hungry and didn't bring food with me.

    Yum, I have to try that chocolate hummus, which sounds delicious! Thank you so much for the recipe. :)

    1. Well, at least a little good news on the inflation front. Not sure how long any of it will last - but hey, we take lower prices where ever we can!
      It really is good. Welcome!

  13. I wanted to check in with you to let you know I made the chocolate hummus yesterday and it is very good! I love, love, love that you can make something so good with a few pantry staples. This would even work for frosting in a pinch (it was that good). Thank you again for the recipe. :)