Sunday, March 24, 2024

Weekly Wrap Up 3/24

 Happy Sunday to all.  It is Palm Sunday and the beginning of holy week for many people.  I hope you are all well and safe on this lovely day we have been given.

It is a sunny day here so far.  Chilly, but sunny. 
The birds were out singing their many songs this morning.  Everything is budding, blooming and sprouting.  It seems the below freezing temps we had, did not really harm too many things.  Maybe it wasn't freezing for long enough.  I just see so much life springing forth outside.
I had the first groundhog sighting of the year!!  UGH.  It was a couple yards down - but that bugger was out and exploring (a bit early to stay out).  I have dandelions starting to pop up - yes, I am one of those that does not kill them.  They are about the first thing the bees can find, and I don't want chemicals on my yard.
It has been a sort of quiet week here.  It was pretty chilly for most of the week - so inside I stayed a lot.
My week:
  • Made hard boiled eggs
  • Did a root touch up
  • Used the remainder of the compote and made a fruity shake/smoothie, and made a chocolate milk shake one day (milk, ice and choc. syrup)
  • Had a neighborhood meeting with a lawyer to see if there is anything we can do about getting speed bumps on our street - to slow speeders.  Not looking good.
  • Used leftover mashed potatoes to make a batch of potato cakes - had some for dinner and froze several
  • Made more OJ from concentrate
  • LOTS of laundry
  • Mowed the entire yard for the first time!  It looks so pretty and boy, did it smell good
  • Made a batch of brownies
  • Did a walk about the neighborhood and picked up trash (it has been so windy) and just admired all the spring beauty
  • Picked more daffodils and wild hyacinths
  • Did a lot of mending, small repairs and re-arranging of pictures and small items
  • Trying to use many items I have in freezer that really need used.  No sense having things if we don't use them!
Meals this past week:
Rueban sandwich and oven fries
Corned beef hash
Asparagus fries and potato cakes (no meat day)
Small pizza w/lots of veggies
Broccoli cheese soup
Leftover soup and grilled cheese sandwich
Hand pies (gr. beef, mushrooms, peppers, cheese) and a side salad

What are you up to?  Did you get to work outside any this week?  Get any great deals?  
Spring cleaning or holiday crafting?
Love hearing what everyone is up to.  Give us a shout out.

I surely hope and pray that you and your families are doing well.  That those with sickness get relief and wellness.  I hope you enjoy each and every gift that is put before you, and that they may give you some joy and smiles.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised!
Psalms 113:3

Lord may we each and every one, know that no matter what happens in our life, You are still our future and our hope.  Help us through the bad that happens and help us to embrace and enjoy the good.  May we all live our best life and may we all forgive any transgressions that we have felt.  They do not serve us well.  Thank You for our many blessings.  Amen


  1. I really like your prayer today. Fits my life very well. :)


    1. Thank you. I am glad it touched you.
      May you have a blessed week.

  2. Hello! I recently read that dandelions are related to sunflowers. My yard is full of them. Have a lovely week. Judy in Anaheim

    1. Hello Judy! I never knew that - I am a sunflower lover as well. I imagine in the next couple weeks I will more than enough dandelions! LOL - I may make dandelion jelly again this year - it has been a while. It is very tasty.
      Have a great week.

  3. Praise the Father for all things, even when we think we have been shortchanged! He knows our needs and provides. Your prayer will touch lots of folks. It did me!

    The sunshine is beautiful today even tho a bit chilly. It is March, after all. Bring on the dandelions! No chemicals on this little bit of land that we have. We haven't seen any groundhogs in our area. Had a problem voles a while back but on the chipmunks are our nemesis now.

    Doing laundry and will peg some things on the clothesline. Enjoy this beautiful day!

    1. Amen. Thank you - I hope it touches many. We all need to remember - good or bad - all things are possible with God.

      The sun is glorious. I have already been out a couple times today. Groundhogs are the nemesis here. No matter how many I rehome - there are so many more!! Luckily none of those other critters here. I can imagine that would be a problem.
      Enjoy the sunshine and hope your laundry dries quickly. It should with the breeze.
      Have a great week.

  4. Happy Sunday Cheryl! Loved your prayer today. We haven't cut the grass yet and yes, dandelions are popping up all over. We also don't spray our yard to help the bees. I know some like the manicured lawn look but I prefer natural and so do the bees and the birds. I made brownies this week too. I don't know why I don't make them more often. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you mam.
      It felt good to go out and mow - and luckily for me the mower started right up. Great exercise.
      I am with you - I like the natural look. Those well manicured lawns are pretty - but that is not my taste.
      Brownies are just so yummy! A big cold glass of milk and a brownie - yum!!
      Have a wonderful week.

  5. I always enjoy your prayers
    It's beautiful here in Florida.
    Truly a spring day.
    I'm planting snap dragons,sweet Williams, petunias, lobelias,verbenas.
    My puppy is running about grabbing plants,sticks and gloves!
    She's an enthusiastic gardener.
    I'm also making a spring wreath for my back door.
    I'm so envious of your having wild hyacinths where you live.
    It's to hot here for them.
    You're so right about the bees .
    We keep a hive here for the gardens.
    I use no poison on anything.
    I'll use soaps,Epsom salt,egg shells,coffee grounds and natural
    products only.
    Jerry Baker has a great book on that subject. Wishing you a blessed palm
    Sunday and Easter week.

    1. Thank you so much.
      I wish I could be out planting, not warm enough here for that - you are very fortunate. Oh a gardening dog - I love it!!!! LOL
      How wonderful that you have a hive - I would like that. Just to open and too many animals and people here - neighbors are so close. Using your natural items is so smart and helps the plants, the bugs and the earth. I have a Jerry Baker book - it is pretty darn neat to read. Lots of natural ideas.
      Thank you. You have a blessed week as well.

  6. Yuck on the groundhog, we had another possum this week and I was glad to relocate it. I drove around Dad's place today while I was out and noticed the dandelions in his yard too. They are supposed to be very healthy for you in dandelion tea. I've been having smoothies with greens in them in the morning. It's a great way to use those up. Yum on the potato cakes. We love those. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead.

    1. I don't mind the possums as much as the groundhogs. The hogs are so destructive.
      Dandelions are very good for you. I remember mom making greens. Dad made dandelion wine - it truly was the best wine he ever made - and made a lot of small batches from different things. Mom hated that - but it was a hobby for him.
      Potato cakes are so yummy. Great way to use those leftovers.
      Thanks - you too. have a wonderful week.

  7. We are having the yard sprayed for fleas, something necessary. They will spray for the wasps that are under the ramp to the house. I hope they don't kill bees.

    1. Linda, we had subterrainean wasps (wasps in the ground) and the treatment goes underground and didn't bother the bees at all. Cookie

    2. I hope it helps - but don't really understand the premise. Fleas just move all the time on people and animals and things. Don't really know how that is managed outdoors. Good luck.
      Have a good week.

  8. With dandelions comes the rite of spring for me -- dandelion jelly. So good. We keep our yard natural with all the native plants that take up residence and we like it that way because it encourages the bees in the garden.
    I baked a new to me recipe for cinnamon raisen buns for hubs that purported to be better than Cinnabons and hubs said they were, soft and fluffy, loaded with cinnamon, raisins, brown sugar and butter and topped with a cream cheese icing. Baked gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, Got Easter goodies sent out to the Grands and Easter cards. Now I'm working on cards to send to Cards for Kindness. My goal is 50 , Made a fresh vegetable and egg run to the farm markers. All in all it was a good week. Blessings, Cookie

    1. Dandelions are so good in jelly! Tastes like honey.
      Gosh the buns sound yummy. Sounds like you have been busy and in a good way!
      How nice on all the cards. The recipients will be very lucky indeed. Your cards are wonderful.
      Have a beautiful week.

    2. Debby in Kansas USAMarch 25, 2024 at 8:50 AM

      Cookie, can you tell me about Cards for Kindness, pls?

  9. Apparently, dandelions were introduced to N America in the 1600's, grown in gardens for food & medicinal benefits. I've heard that every part of the dandelion - flower, greens, root - is usable. All in the eye of the beholder, I remember my young nephew exclaiming that I was so lucky - look at Aunty's beautiful flowers! in reference to the dandelions. This is the 3rd week of mom being in the nursing home. She developed a GI bleed, so on IV & meds for same. It's hard tending to an old person (91) with dementia who can't vocalized symptoms or needs. Not everything can be chalked up to old age. Tax prep is completed for appt with accountant on Thursday. Now I need to get mom's ready. Took the car in for an oil change & was told the power steering fluid line is leaking & new brakes are needed. The hot water tank quit on Friday & of course the plumber hasn't returned my call over the w/e. It must be spring; snowbirding neighbors are returning home from south of the 49th. In the kitchen - dressed cauliflower, fried chicken, tomato/spinach pasta, chocolate chip cookies. Have a good week.

    1. Mona yes, every part of the dandelion is very useful. I agree they are beautiful flowers.
      I sure hate that for your mom and for your family. As my 90 something neighbor told me years ago (God rest her soul) - "that phrase golden years is a bunch of s**t!" I do believe she was on to something once we hit a certain age. Prayers for you all.
      My tax prep is done too I need to get that finished this week.
      Oh geesh - what a week! So sorry for so much bad news.
      May you find some sunshine in all of that!!!!
      TRY to have a good week!

  10. So glad to read you got your yard mown, the first mow always leaves the yard looking so good. Soon we will be “oh not mowing again”.

    We have had speed bumps installed in our street ( residents disagreed) and they have done nothing to deter the speedsters all they do is trap run off water and debris ( all round is on a slight incline and our town as poor drainage) so some residents now get yard flooding.
    On the good news front Linda has had her immigration issues finally dismissed.
    It seems ridiculous that such an issue arose after 80 years. My hope now is that she can stop worrying and improve her health, Covid has really knocked her but I think it was the stress that made it worse.
    Spring cleaning starts tomorrow at my place, a week late due to not feeling great. The weather forecast looks good for the next fortnight so it’s full steam ahead.
    Have a great week Cheryl.

    1. Yes, all those things that we look forward to eventually gets old!
      Well, I doubt we ever get the speed bumps - although I would love to see some of those stupid noise makers bang up their undercarriage! (I bad)
      Oh my goodness, that is crazy. I didn't realize such a thing was happening for her. I am glad it is all done. Prayers for her recovery and I hope she has an upturn in her mood. Send her my best wishes.
      You go girl on the spring cleaning. Don't over do it!
      Have a lovely week.

  11. We made it to Palm Sunday Mass today, but my back was causing a few problems and we had to leave right after Communion. I am hoping to attend at least one of the Tridium this upcoming week. The best deals I got this past week was 50% off purchases at Michael's, the same at Fabricland (sometimes 60% off) and that summer sausage roll at the Great Canadian Warehouse.

    God bless.

    1. Glad you made it to the service, sorry you had to leave early.
      Those are some nice deals - I was really jealous when I read about your summer sausage deal. WOW
      Continue to heal and have a great week.

  12. Spent the week recovering from influenza A. No fever since last weekend but still tired & it messed up my stomach. Hoping to fully participate in Holy Week services and enjoy Easter Sunday. The house is a mess but eventually I'll get it picked up.

    1. Man, there has been a lot of sickness here. So sorry for that and glad you are recovering. Hope you get to attend services.
      The house can wait until you feel better.
      Take care and have a good week.

  13. Oops forgot to say that’s Louise

  14. You accomplished a lot this week.
    One good thing about speed demons is they eventually take themselves out. In the meantime, so irritating.
    I'm glad to read that so many eschew using chemicals. We sure got sold a bill of goods in the 60's regarding chemicals and plastics. Now we are paying for that with cancers and gender bending.
    I'm always seeking out the first dandelions for eating. Wash, steam them with the residual water that's on them and then a splash of maple syrup and butter. Even the husband likes that!
    Tomorrow is my day to shop. Wish me luck. Actually, lists are all prepared; all that is uncertain is if I find any marked down produce. Mona, unless you know and can trust the mechanic that did your oil change, be very wary. They will lie to do more business. I've seen a few tricks over the years.
    Hope everyone has a great week.

    1. Yes, and they make the rest of us think bad thoughts!!! LOL
      I hate chemicals - I just don't want it around my pets, myself, my growing food or the neighborhood.
      I need to try it this year - mom used to cook the greens. Your way sounds good.
      Good luck on the shopping trip. Hope you find all you need and lots of bargains.
      I have had that happen too - with a sketchy mechanic. They were going to charge tons and it was a simple fix.
      Have a great week!

    2. Rita, do you remove the green cup holding the yellow dandelion blossoms before you steam them or leave it on? I have never tried to steam them to eat. It sounds interesting. I have picked them to dry before.

      We picked up a storm door near someone's trash cans, it was in good shape, minus the screen but both the glasses were intact. When my husband stopped to pick it up, there was a car tire already cut and scalloped to make another flower bed in. He has made me two, but has not turned them inside out yet. That is an upcoming project, so now I will have three to plant. This week we did plant lettuce and onions in the three high tire stack we made a few years ago. It has held up well. Ground hogs do not like double mint bubble gum, only this brand, you can toss chewed gum balls around or in their holes. It will discourage them but not stop them from coming around.
      They are very destructive.
      Ann Austin

    3. Hello Ann. Good catch on getting the screen door. Nice on the tires - they will make nice flower bed stacks.
      I can't wait to plant - weather has been so up and down here.
      Not sure on what Rita's way - but I know when making jelly you remove all green and only use the flower. I look forward to her answer too.
      Thank you - that is a great tip! Who would have thought such a simple thing would discourage them? I have tried other methods - but nothing worked. If they come in the yard again this year (I am sure they will) I will sure give that a try. I appreciate it.
      Have a great week.

  15. Debby in Kansas USAMarch 25, 2024 at 9:16 AM

    Hello, all. I chuckled about the child's comment about how lucky to have dandelions. My grandpa was a yardie. Perfect, like a magazine, but never with chemicals. It was his hobby. We never had dandelions and I was so jealous of the people that did lol. A kid's perspective. Well, he did use fertilizer from a local dairy. Manure. Man, did that stuff stink!!!

    I cleaned out my most recent price book over the weekend. So depressing. I bought mustard on sale for 50¢ in 2019. Saw it on sale over the weekend for $2.29. Dog food is up by $15. And so forth. At this rate, it's gonna be Soylent Green. I hear there's gonna be a cicada boom this year in Illinois and Missouri. Bugs, anyone?!

    Boy, did we have a rain event yesterday! We were at the market and the sky just opened up. It was so loud that 2 babies started to cry! We needed it! Today the sky is clear blue and beautiful.

    Got to watch some basketball. Did my brackets and I picked Iowa State to win the tournament.

    It's been a busy couple of weeks. I'm looking for a couple of good naps.

    1. I used to try and dig dandelions out - yep, gave up on that and let nature take its course!
      Prices are up for sure. I was talking with a neighbor this morning and we both mentioned = labor $ up, gas, utilities, you name it - no wonder stores have to raise prices. It is sad.
      I know you joke - but I bet there will be many posts about cooking cicadas on the internet. People in other countries do it.
      Good luck. I haven't watched a game.
      Get some rest. Have a great week.

  16. My dear BIL died on Palm Sunday...he was 72. Stolen from his loved ones in 6 weeks from 1st symptom to death from a brain tumor called glioblastoma. His body otherwise was in perfect health. We are devastated. Now to help my little sister try to recreate her life after losing her love of almost 50 years... Their middle son got married the day before (obviously they had to miss that wedding) and I believe he waited to die till the next day.

    1. I am so very sorry for yours and your family's loss. Wow, 6 weeks is fast.
      Life can sure change in an instant leaving us to wonder. Someday we will have answers.
      My heat felt sympathies to you all. I hope you, other family and her children will help her get through this situation.
      Huge hugs! Prayers for all.

  17. Debby in Kansas USAMarch 25, 2024 at 4:04 PM

    Sympathies to you and yours.

  18. Debby in Kansas USAMarch 25, 2024 at 8:23 PM

    Cheryl, I hope you see this and I hope I remember to look for your answer 😂.

    Celery. Mason jars. I know you're wildly successful at keeping things fresh in jars. I'd like to prep some snacking celery in jars. Have you tried that? Any advice as to how to do it? Thanks!

    1. I have not done it myself, but have heard of others doing it with celery. I have done lettuce, carrots, berries, etc.
      I always put a paper towel in the bottom of jar to draw out moisture. That is just me, as I haven't seen that done in others jars. Good luck - hope it helps a little.

  19. Wow, wow, look at you go. Very cool on the leftover mash. We do that too. And also, I'll take mash and combine white spelt to make tortilla rounds. Sooooo good. I also do it with orange potatoes. Delightful.