Sunday, March 17, 2024

Weekly Wrap Up 3/17

 Happy Sunday.  Happy St. Patrick's Day.  Hope this finds you well and safe.  It is a chilly but clear morning here.  We had some wonderful weather this week, and now we are going into a little cool down again.  Nights will be well below freezing - so here's hoping that it doesn't hurt any plants. 😥  
Normal weather for March/April - always changing.
I am still trying to get my body to adjust to the time change.  It just doesn't seem that I have gotten there yet!  Who would think an hour could make a difference?

Shamrocks and 4 leaf clovers are 2 different things!  Many think they are the same.  A shamrock is 3 leaves and to many represents the holy trinity.  A 4-leaf clover is just that - 4 leaves and supposedly brings good luck!

This week was just a lot of smaller things that saved a $ here and there.
My week:
  • Made OJ from concentrate
  • Clipped 'most' of Blackies nails!  He isn't fond of this at all - so I do a couple every chance I get.
  • Got some more yard work done and picked up blowing trash from walks and alley
  • Started packing up a lot of clothes for donation - things that haven't been touched in ages
  • Used the Rainbow vacuum this week on area rugs and bedroom.  It is a water filter system - boy does it pick-up!!!!  I think I vacuumed another cat!  I vacuum all the time - but this does a fantastic job.
  • Cut up a cuke that needed used and added to a pickle jar for flavor (used in salads)
  • Cooked a pound of ground beef - used half for a meal and froze the other half for a quick meal add-in.
  • Picked more flowers from the yard.
  • I keep bird/squirrel food in metal trash cans outside - one lid developed a rusted hole (these are years old).  FOR NOW - I repaired.  I covered the hole with foil and then used duct tape and topped with waterproof tape.  Did this inside and out - worked like a charm.  East fix for now.
  • Got to visit with 3 different neighbors this week
  • Made a gallon of tea
  • Made a 'compote' with fruit.  I used some older apples that I peeled and cored, strawberries and a packet of rhubarb I found in the freezer.  Cooked in a tiny bit of OJ and sweetened with a little sweetener.  Super tasty and a nice, sweet bite instead of something bad!
  • Froze the peels and cores to use w/more later to make jelly or to add to other fruit when making jelly as a natural pectin.
  • I did run to Kroger for a couple things.  Fresh asparagus for .99/lb.  Cabbage for .49/lb.  Found Edy's ice cream on a markdown - 1.5 qt. for 1.56.  Also, combo pork/angus beef - 1 lb. packs for 2.79/lb.

This size and brand regularly sells for 7.99 - that is just crazy!  I would never buy at that price. This was  the only one left.
A deal for sure.  Divided up packs and vacuum sealed and froze for several meals.
  • All meals from home and using leftovers where I could
  • Got to air the house a lot this week - no heat or AC for several days
  • Paid what bills I had
Meals this past week:
Loaded nachos (used leftovers)
French bread pizza (prev. made from freezer) and salad
Unstuffed cabbage roll skillet (used the older pc. of cabbage I had)
Above skillet - day 2
Pork/beef into breaded fritter, asparagus fries (breaded) and salad
Tamales over rice, fresh veggies
Tuna patty, mashed potatoes and asparagus (steamed)

There you have it.  Just doing things to save a little and use up what I have.  I keep thinking about going out shopping for some things, and I keep talking myself out of it!!  LOL
How was your week?  What have you done to use things up or to save a little?  Any great deals this week?  Are you thawing out yet?
Hope no one had damage from the storms this week.  Check in!!!!!

Hope to hear from you all.  We all enjoy hearing what the others are doing.  Gives us great ideas.
May you all have a great week and stay safe and healthy.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.

A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

Lord, help us to enjoy our days as they happen, instead of always being so regimented.  Let us enjoy according to Your plans.  Let us learn to relax a little.  Help us lighten our spirits and laugh more.  When faced with serious situations may we look to You, as You will protect us.
Thank You for all our many blessings.  AMEN


  1. We've eaten from the fridge/freezer as well. Fruit is what I'm having to buy. I eat at least 2 servings daily, sometimes more. I look for sales but buy regardless. Girl needs her fruit ;-) I'm down to 8 meals of garden veggies in the freezer. I miss fresh veg and by March I'm done with frozen veg-a conundrum for sure. We won't have garden veg for another 6-7 weeks!

    This week I need to step it up on eggs. Looks like egg salad is on the menu, some Greek salad, roasted cauliflower, steamed carrots, sizzled shrimp (I just took out of the freezer have a bit of frost on them), grill some chicken thighs, rice pilaf.....that should get us to through most of the week. Then it's back to the freezer for some more thinking 😄😄

    Happy Sunday everyone! Blessed with another sunrise.

    1. Good for you. It is kind of fun using those things up and figuring out new and different.
      I love fresh - can't wait till gardening season.
      Your meal ideas sound great.
      Have a wonderful week.

  2. The Proverb is the absolute truth! Yes, we could all stand to lighten up a bit.

    It was nice last week to open the house up and get rid of some the winter vibes. You are brave to cut your kitty's nails. Erin lets the vet do that so she doesn't get clawed. They don't charge much at the place on Washington Street.

    You found some good buys! Thanks for the mention of cucumbers, which I had forgotten to add to the Meijer list. We had a garlic chicken dish yesterday with a large salad which used up the rest of the green onions and the cucumber. The Farmer cut some of the chives that were transferred the herb table and put them over the chicken dish. It was a good, restful Sabbath.

    Cooler this week but it will be fine to work outdoors. Wednesday is Costco day, Thursday is the Farmer's appointment with the eye specialist in Carmel and Erin's birthday, and haircuts are on Friday. We seldom have this many days scheduled with appointments. Enjoy your week, whatever it brings. Oh by the way, roosters are forbidden to roam free. Good luck to whoever needs to catch them.

    1. Thanks - I think people need to lighten up a little as well.
      He got his vails all trimmed when he was at the Vet - now they are growing. That is why I only do one or two at a time!
      Your chicken dish sounds good.
      Sounds like you have a big week ahead.
      Have a great week!

    2. I wish I could clip Alley's claws, but she won't let me pick her up, much less hold her to do a pedicure. ;) Blackie didn't much care for the process, but he was patient and I managed well enough with him. Not Alley, no way, no thanks. :(

  3. Happy Sunday Cheryl!! Our tulip tree is in full bloom and now it's going to be in the 20's tonight so it'll zap the blooms. I've tried to get a good photo of it but you know how the real thing always looks so much better than a camera can capture. It sounds like you had a productive week with great food. We can't ask for more than that. Have a wonderful week!!

    1. So sad. It seems it happens so many years. The magnolia on the street behind me is beautiful today! Yep, probably not tomorrow. Funny how that works, I say that a lot when taking pictures. The picture just doesn't capture what I see.
      Thanks - a lot of little things done, but things none the less!
      Have a super week!!!!

  4. Help us lighten our spirits & laugh more. Yes, please. I was stressed by my mom's move to the nursing home on Mar 7. She seems relatively unphased. Her appetite has decreased significantly, only taking a few bites at meal time. She does continue to drink well. I will tend to her in her final days/weeks/months on this earth. I didn't go in to her for 2 days while I hosted the house concert and my sisters went instead. I had 4 overnight guests with the performers (Rumour Mill) & 2 of my favorite cousins. Beautiful harmonies. I played with my cousins - coffee out, shopping, cards, a great meal at home. I got the beds changed & laundry done & this week will return to the new normal of tending to mom at the nursing home. I do have three appointments to work around this week. In the kitchen: bean/bacon soup, peanut spinach soup, cold rice salad (w/ peas & shrimp & curry dressing), BBQ steak & salad. Have a good week, Cheryl.

    1. You are one of those going through a lot right now with family. SO many hugs. Yes, we need to just let each day be a best - tomorrow is another day. Smile more - laugh more - and just love more.
      Sounds like you had a lovely time with the concert and your guests. Those are nice moments to have in your memory to keep you 'smiling'.
      Your meals sound good.
      Have a lovely week and PLEASE smile!

  5. Good idea on the trashcan! Years ago the ice bucket in our icemaker somehow got a hole in it and Hubby put a piece of plastic milk jug over it and taped it with aluminum tape and that patch is still holding at least five years later.

    1. Thanks. I figured it would work - and it held nicely through rain! It is amazing how easily some things can be patched with just a little thought. 5 years and still good - that is pretty darn neat.
      Have a great week.

    2. That aluminum tape is amazing! My nephew mended part of my fridge (the defrost basin?)with that stuff and it held until some years later I got a new fridge. :)

  6. Rainbow vacuum...I'm going to look that up. Cabbage is cooking and corned beef is in the crockpot. Happy St. Patrick's Day Cheryl.

    1. Rainbow - has a water filtration system - so it catches everything!!! My folks bought this years ago - and mom gave it to me. It was pretty darn expensive back in the day - not sure about now. Sure does CLEAN!
      YUM - that sounds wonderful. there will be some good leftovers too!
      Have a lovely week.

  7. My Mom had a rainbow vacuum, it was a work horse! Yes, they were expensive, but lasted for years and years. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too. That was a great fix on the metal trash can. Your meals sound delicious. I could eat some nachos right now. LOL

    1. They sure are a wonderful vacuum. I think folks bought it back in the 80's - it is still going strong!!
      Thanks - just trying to make it last a little longer - like years isn't enough - LOL.
      I love any kind of Mex. food. My favorite.
      Have a great week.

  8. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, to you, Cheryl. Thanks for the info on shamrocks vs. 4-leaf clovers. I’d wondered about that.
    The pink magnolia tree is in bloom…really gorgeous. We will also get some cold nights, but not “well below freezing”. Surely hope your blooming plants don’t get punished by the cold.
    Did you make yourself a Rueben sandwich today? I made us that roast today and it was pretty good ;). Some roasted veggies, too.
    You got some great deals at the store.
    Does Blackie scratch you when you trim his nails? We’re fostering a 10-month old kitten who would probably shred me right now if I tried to trim her 💅🏼 nails.
    Lord bless you and your household, Cheryl.
    Mary in OK

    1. Sure - thought it was interesting. Fun facts to know and tell!
      Blackie is pretty mellow - he just draws his paws back and that means no - I do one or two nails at a time. I do it when he is all relaxed and about asleep. Bitsy probably won't be as endearing about it! LOL. Haven't tried with him yet. His are super sharp.
      I hope the trees and flowers make it too.
      I did make a Rueban and it was delish! I love them.
      Roast and veggies sound yummy.
      Thank you mam - have a blessed week.

  9. I'm finally recovering after 14 days of influenza A though terribly tired & suffering an awful cough. My daughter was the first get better. Had to take grandson to ER yesterday but he's doing ok for being a sick little boy. Son-in-law got it a couple days ago. I'm trying to help them as we all limp along.

    Praying we all are well soon and can enjoy Easter Sunday.

    1. S very sorry you have been so sick and that they family caught it too. That is a shame. Glad you are on the mend.
      Rest and take care of yourself.
      Wishing you a wonderful week. Hope all recuperate soon.

  10. I forgot to add frugality has gone out the window. I just handed my daughter my card & said order whatever everyone wants. No one has appetite but we need to eat.

    Pretty sure the extra expense is covered by the fact I've barely eaten in 14 days and have lost weight.

    Not looking for sympathy as much letting others know it's ok to do what you need sometimes. And frugally at other times allows me to do this.

    1. Sometimes we all have to let go of the frugal life for a bit. I totally understand that. Who wants to cook and clean up when sick. Hope you get something you can all enjoy a little and that will help fill your bellies - so you get better.
      Life has those up and down moments for sure. Thanks.

    2. Margaret, even though you aren’t looking for sympathy, you have mine. My household has been battling Covid for the past week. It’s the second time we have had it and we all had it MUCH worse this time around.
      We got it from a legal rep that came to a meeting with my neighbour who is in her 90’s (she knew she was contagious but still came to meet with her because “ COVID isn’t a thing anymore” !!!!!)

      You take good care of yourself, and do whatever is needed to get you through this time. Thoughts and prayers are with you, Louise.

    3. Thanks Cheryl & Louise for the kind words and sympathy and prayers.

    4. LOUISE - I hope you feel better quickly. I wouldn't go to someone one's home if I had a cold. That is just common manners. Geesh - especially someone who is in their 90's. I sure hope you all recoup quickly. Take good care.Wishing you all a good week.

  11. We happen to be having really nice weather this weekend. It will turn cool again on Tuesday. This week has been better than last week. I had a dental appointment and was told I had a cracked tooth. I will get a crown tomorrow. That is going to cost me. Later in the week I had an eye appointment and had bad news and a shot in my eye. It still looks gnarly after 9 days. This will become a monthly occurrence until they say my macula is stable. Then on Sunday a week ago we had a flat on the way to church. 6 month old tires. Got an appointment that day to Costco and a tow. They prorated and it cost $88 dollars to replace. By my count that was 3 things. Am I done yet? I sure hope so. This getting old sure ain’t for sissies.
    I never went to the grocery store this week. We ate out of our freezer and pantry. I have also been going thru closets and drawers. I will need to make some decisions about craft supplies and books. We will need to do some cleaning out of stuff. I shredded a bunch of paper this week. It is amazing of how it builds up. Nancy in Vancouver WA

    1. Dang girl - yes, I think you have had your three! That all stinks. I just cringe when thinking about shots in the eye. I know one of our readers has gone through this, and I have a neighbor that has as well. That just makes me cringe to my core.
      I sure hope everything works out ok.
      Nothing wrong with using the pantry and freezer - that is why we do what we do. Good going cleaning things out - it is that time of the year.
      Hang in there. Wishing a great week ahead.

  12. Oh Nancy! Hang in there! Hope the coming week is brighter!

  13. Hi Cheryl :) I've been frugal this weekend. I cooked on Friday night and basically ate off that meal until Sunday. We did splurge after church yesterday. I love eating out for Sunday lunch. It feels like a day off :)

    I plan on cooking all this week. I have no excuses. My fridge, freezer and pantry are stocked. If I stay home, I do better. When I run errands, that's when I get hungry and find the drive-thru too tempting.

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for encouraging us!

    1. Hi there! Hey, we all need a splurge now and then. I hope you enjoyed your meal out! We all enjoy a day off.
      Love it - when the larders are full - it makes it so easy. I always try to eat something before I run errands - because I feel the same way when out and about.
      Thank you!
      Have a wonderful week.

  14. I did go shopping but the only meat I purchased was ground beef. At $3.99 a pound it was a price we hadn't seen in a very long time. I purchased 11 pounds and filled my beef shelf. Now I am going to watch for steaks, and short ribs to be on sale.
    Other than that no other meat entered my cart, I did grab some on sale fish fillets, and some tins of salmon that were on sale as well.
    Eating out of the fridge freezer, still using up those bits and bobs. I should get more meals this week and even into next week.

    God bless.

    1. That was a great find. Glad you stocked your beef shelf. Hope you have success in finding the other things you want. Those sales sure do make it seem better.
      It gets the imagination going and just makes so much sense to use what you have.
      Have a blessed week.