Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Checking In

Hello everyone.  The big day is almost here.  I sure hope you all have your preparations done.
I am ready for the day!  I do believe it will be a quiet simple day here, just G and I.
We will be having our last Christmas celebration on January 2.

Earlier this week, we got what was considered extremely bad news about G's brother, but things have turned around wonderfully, and hopefully he will be leaving the hospital this week for rehab.  There is not a soul on this earth that can tell me that prayers don't work!!!  They have surely been answered for this family this week.  We couldn't have asked for a better gift for Christmas.

We are currently having thunderstorms here in central Indiana!  Crazy, two days before Christmas, and they are talking threatening weather with possibilities of tornados!!

I know everyone is busy, I just wanted to say hello and to thank any and all of you who said a prayer for our family.

Waiting for Santa's arrival!!!!!

Thank You and God bless!!



  1. I am glad that G's brother is doing better. What a wonderful Christmas present that must be. Nancy

    1. I also am glad that your brother in law is out of the dark woods and into sunshine and health. These are the true challenges in our lives, makes buying presents and making cookies and fun all the more worthwhile when we know our loved ones are all right.

      My good friend got some hard news on Christmas Eve. He son had been diagnosed with MS. He is 31 yo and already has a few lesions in different areas of his brain. It was a vision problem that he went to the doctor for. I told my friend that I would ask for prayer for him and for the family. It has been a hard year for her with the death of a sister, health problems for her brother in law, and also for her husband.

      I wondered why the doctors didn't wait until after Christmas to tell them, but it was so they could get him started on steroids right away to help with any further damage.

    2. Prayers for your friends son. Hopefully the steroids will help, and he can have a full life.