Sunday, December 6, 2015

Frugal Happenings 12/6

Hi there everyone.  Hope you all had a good week.
It's less than 3 weeks till Christmas and counting.  It's just hard to imagine that 3 weeks from today - it will all be over and done with!

I am still trudging away to get it all done.  This coming week, the baking and candy making begins.  I THINK!!!  That is my plan!  I do have to bake a certain type of cookie for the sibling get together - it's a family favorite that mom used to bake.

How frugal were you this week?  Did you get any great deals or did you just behave yourselves?
My frugal week;
  • Ran to Aldi for milk (of course) as it was 1.49/gal.  While there I spotted a bunch of clearance items.  I got 15 - 20 oz. cans of raspberry pie filling/topping for .99/can!  Flour was on mark down for .99/5 lb.  I also got 4 - 1 1/2 lb. bags of waffle fries (G loves) for .99 each.
  • Found out my feed store is NO longer going to be a feed store as of 12/31.  They are going into landscaping only.  Being my only supplier at this time, I freaked!!!!  I have now purchased enough critter feed to last a good part of the winter.  This gives me time to find a new 'family owed' source.  I also got 3 new thistle feeders for 50% off.
  • Kroger had Domino sugar on sale (if you buy 4) for .99 bag.  I got 8 for the stockpile.
  • FINALLY got the new kitchen faucet installed after having it for 6 months!  There is a story here!!!!!
  • All meals from scratch.  Made chili one day - beans and meat - and served one meal with it over rice.  Second meal I added pasta.  Balance will be used this week on baked potatoes.  Not bad for 1 lb. of ground beef!       Making a big pot of a chicken gumbo type soup today.  It will last a few meals as well!  Love it when you get more than one meal from a pot!
Guess that is about it on this end.

I asked my neighbor (handyman) to help me with the faucet.  He basically did it all himself, I had water, no leaks and I was thrilled.  Gave him a little money for his help.

After he left, I realized the faucet wouldn't move!  Crap.  Well he was gone already from his home, so G and I decided to mess with it today.  G gave me encouragement and a little guidance, but I did it all myself.  My neighbor dropped an important part behind the base cabinet and never retrieved it.
I turned off the water and took everything apart and redid it all.  NOW I KNOW HOW TO CHANGE A FAUCET!!!!  It was soooo easy.  The best part - is the faucet now moves.  YAY!
It's amazing how happy something as simple as a new faucet makes this simple gal.  I am over the moon.

Never doubt that you can't do something.  Most things are much easier than expected.  The hardest part of changing the faucet was laying on my back and working with my arms in the air.  I will sure try anything once - especially when it will save me a big amount of money.  A plumber would have cost a small fortune.

We have received 3 Christmas cards so far.  I guess I need to get mine out this week too.  I think I will hand deliver the family ones at the get together next Sunday - saving stamps.

I hope your week ahead is wonderful and that you are blessed in many ways.  Always try to be kind to strangers, your act of kindness may just change someone's world.
GOD BLESS you all.


  1. Good for you fixing your faucet!!! I don't ever remember seeing a mark down section at Aldi's. Is it separate from the rest of the things or just mixed in? Nancy

    1. Generally there is just one section - but this time is was all through the store. I would safely guess that about 1/3 of the items were marked down or clearanced. It was great!

  2. Congratulations on doing the faucet! That is a big fix!

    And super on those pantry staples you were able to get.

    My frugals are to continue to make knitted accessories to add to each person's Christmas: headband, dishcloths, slipper socks, and will be doing scrubbies and boot toppers this week.

    Someday someday someday I will tackle a sweater but for now am working off partial skeins on these smaller projects.

  3. thanks Cheryl, sometims when I have labored on a piece and finish it, I tend to not see it as cuddly and warm as it really is. I need to remind myself of how touched I was when as a teen my best friends mom knit me a vest. I wore it probably twice a week for a year! then i think it got too small for me. So now, I just hope others are as happy with something homemade as I hope they will be, and maybe even more so.