Sunday, December 27, 2015

Frugal Happenings 12/27

Hello everyone.
I hope you have all survived and flourished during the Christmas holiday!  We still have one more family gathering next weekend, but for now all is calm.
We had a very quiet day at home, watching Christmas movies and eating goodies!

It is sure hard to believe that this year is almost over - this is the last weekend of 2015!
I have been working on articles for posts in the upcoming year, to help us all save a little more money, or at least stretch our money a little further.
I have been thinking about some changes that I want to make in the coming year.  I really want to continue my efforts of de-cluttering our home.  We just have waaaaayyyy to much stuff and I think if I donate it, maybe it will bless someone else.

My washing machine died on Dec. 16.  I guess I can not complain, as it turned 30 years old in October!  I have decided that I will look for another one AFTER the new year, as I just don't want to mess with it for now.  I may have to 'borrow' my mother in-law's machine a time or two, but I can wait on spending on all that money!

We have a small lake starting up in the back yard, as do all the neighbors.  We have rain, rain, and more rain this week.  We had about 20 tornadoes in the state 2 days before Christmas, and yesterday we were having thunderstorms.  Before all this rain ends late tomorrow, they are estimating that we will have received about 6" over the weekend!!!  Sure glad it's rain and NOT snow - because that would be a bunch!!
Winter storm "Goliath' as they are calling it, seems to be affecting MOST of the country in some form.  There are have been tornadoes, heavy rains, and snow storms.
I guess that by the beginning of the new year, they are saying that in our area temps will be back to highs in the low 30's - seasonable.

Right now, we have daffodils peeking their noses through the ground, as well as lilies!  What crazy weather we have had.
The squirrels have been VERY 'frisky' this week (if you know what I mean).  I do believe we will have a bumper 'crop' of babies this coming spring!!!!
Yesterday morning it was still slightly dark when I went out to feed the kitties, and I saw this 'deformed' looking dog walking down the alley - it was about as tall as my knees and very long, but walking funny.  The more I looked, I realized it was a raccoon!!!  That dang thing was the biggest coon I have ever seen in my life.  It seemed to know where it was headed, and was on a mission.  I sure hope it stays away from my yard - GEESH!

Have you been frugal this week?
  • I stayed out of stores all but once this week.  I stopped by a different Aldi on my way home from a hospital visit.  I got the last 2 give away hams for $5/off each.  They also had 1 lb. bags of dry black eyed peas on clearance for .25 a bag.  I got several and with what I had already, we are good for a couple years!  I also got 8  large (3.17 oz.) solid milk chocolate candy bars in Christmas wrapping for .25 each.  Those will be for the kids next week (and a couple here!).
  • Stayed home and used what we have on hand and cooked from scratch.
  • Made a ham for us on Christmas day and we are still enjoying that!  It is excellent.
  • We were 'gifted' cookies from 2 different neighbors and they got some home canned goods from us.
That is about it for us.  It has been a quiet week.
I suppose many of you will have another short work week.  I do remember that those were always nice and appreciated, as holidays are slim and none for many more months!

Take care, check in, and have a wonderful week.
Blessings to all.

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  1. Hi Cheryl, Sounds like you are doing fine. We have had rain and now he bad weather starts tomorrow. My flower garden has puddles on the path so need to add more dirt there I guess. That raccoon must have been scary! Nancy