Sunday, December 13, 2015

Frugal Happenings 12/13

Good morning.  Hope this finds everyone well and happy.
We have been having incredible weather.  Yesterday was 70*, and today should be real close to that.  I actually got to air out the house yesterday with 4 windows open!  The kitties were loving it too.  It looks like we will be in the 50's most of this coming week, till the weekend then back to normal 30's and 40's.
All I know is it is one less day that I had to turn the heat on, and one less day till spring!

What have you all been doing to stay frugal this past week?  Here are some of my frugal adventures:
  • Made a dozen hard boiled eggs and a batch of polenta to help with quick breakfasts
  • Made cookies, breads, and candy with supplies on hand
  • Stopped at Fresh Thyme and got 15 oranges and 10 red grapefruit all at the price of 5/$1.  They are very yummy. (I crave citrus this time of year)
  • Across the street from there to Kohl's.  Got 1 gift.  Was $30 now 50% off, I had a 20% off coupon and a $10 off coupon - so spent $4 and change!
  • Colored and trimmed my hair at home
  • Made 'fancy trail mix' and mini loaves of banana bread for gifts (for today)
  • Meals from scratch
I noticed in our Aldi ad this week a coupon for $5 off ANY ham purchase (no other purchase required).  So far I have managed to accumulate 5 coupons.  I will get us a ham, and use the rest to give ham to others.  Hams run from .99/lb. to 2.99/lb., so it would be possible to get a ham for as little as $5 or less.   You might want to check your ads THIS past week or this COMING week.  The coupon is good through Dec. 24.  I sure hope your store has the coupons!!!!!
It's funny how the same store in different areas has different deals.

I know everyone is getting into the hustle and bustle of the holiday.  There seems to be something to do just about every day.  Today is my first Christmas celebration of the season with my siblings and some of the nieces and nephews.
I hope that no matter how busy you get, you still take time to relax and enjoy, and to remember the reason for this glorious CHRISTmas season.
Have a wonderful week.

God bless and peace!


  1. You do so well with your shopping! How long will boiled eggs keep in the refrigerator? I save money by not coloring my hair but I do pay to get it cut although I have trimmed it with my husbands help in the past! I would love to have the warm weather stay if it doesn't ruin things for gardening and the fruit trees!! Went to our church Christmas cantata. Makes one focus on the real meaning of Christmas! Nancy

    1. Nancy, I generally don't use up the eggs in less than 2 weeks. So at least a couple weeks.
      Yes, I wish more people focused on the real meaning of Christmas.

  2. I have stained glass figurines on my kitchen windowsill of the shepherd, three kings, mary and joseph, they help me remember the reason too.

    I tried a couple of the egg pucks but the yellow yolk would not scramble, must have been too dried out. But I cooked them up with some flour in some oil for my Little Dog and she loved it.

    Knitting for gifts is just about done, hope they all like the things I made for them. Bought some electronic things for TGMan and think he will like them.

    Am currently working with TGMan on the budget for next year. What I saw this year that was with his help we were able to exceed my income, we needed an additional $23K from our retirement to make ends meet. That included a new roof and car repairs. However, with my side hustles and his help the difference between expenses and net income was only $1497.42. So it tells me that I cannot make ends meet if it was up to me and that I really am grateful for all the years he worked. We would have to seriously downsize if he had no retirement income (and at this point it is all his savings, not any thing from where he worked or invested).

    This reality scares me, very much. Being frugal is a matter of survival and escape from debt for all of us.

    1. I have scrambled the egg pucks with no problem. Not sure why yours didn't.

      Our expenses are a tad less than G gets with retirement and disability. Saving is minimal at this point. Luckily we worked hard at saving for years.
      Next fall I will start getting SS at 62 - that HOPEFULLY will all be savings.

      I say expenses are tad less than income, but we pretty much do what we want - being frugal on some things allows us to do others.

      I figure what is to be - will be. If we run out of money - well I guess we can depend on the govt. like SO MANY others do. (I am be sarcastic - but it's really true). I know people who have never saved a dime and they live and do more than we do, and get by just fine. It's really crazy.

      Like you, we worried and fretted about retirement, but it will be ok one way or another.

    2. Do you all remember those Halls eucalyptus drop commercials? Everytime I think BREATHE I think about those commercials with the big guy taking a huge breath. It does help and is always a good reminder.