Thursday, December 10, 2015

This and That

Happy Thursday everyone.  I hope your week is going well.  We are having exceptionally unseasonable weather in this neck of the woods.  Today should hit 60* and we will be close to 70* on Sunday.  Isn't that just crazy?
Now please understand - I am not complaining.  I could do without snow and especially ice all winter.  I do know however, that we need freezing temps and layers of snow to help things grow well next year as well as killing off bad things.

According to an article I read in the US Today the whole winter will be warmer than usual for most of the country because of el Nino.  I still don't understand that thing, but it is what it is.  This is the first time since the civil war that Buffalo hasn't had any snow at this point in the year.


I am working hard on doing research and writing articles for the first of the year.  I am hoping to do a series of money saving ideas and ways of thought on saving.  I have truly been learning and loving the reading I have been doing.
There are so many things we can ALL do to increase our bottom line - and many can be enjoyable as well!!!


I have started making candy, and I have all I need to make cookies and breads in the next couple weeks.  Gift bags are getting stuffed and items getting wrapped.  I still have 2 kids to shop for, but other than that I am done.
 I have done extremely well with the budget this Christmas.  I have watched sales, used % off coupons and coupons that make items basically FREE, and I am gifting a lot of homemade items.
How are you coming with your Christmas BUDGET????
Be wise and don't create debt for the new year.


I have experimenting with some new recipes as well.  I love to try new things.  Some food items have been around forever, and I just never tried them.  I am now getting more open to trying new things (still NO on cottage cheese - LOL).

Life is good and we are so blessed.  I hope each of you realize how blessed you are each day.  There are so many in this world, that would consider us all wealthy beyond belief.   
I pray daily that people won't have to go without ENOUGH food or a warm dwelling.

Till later - peace to all.


  1. What a wonderful thing to pray for! My mother always ended our mealtime grace with: And please Lord, Feed the hungry, Shelter the homeless, and Clothe the poor.

    I am $100 under budget with Christmas, still need to fill TGMan's food box, so will be looking back at your post and advice on that topic!

    Warm weather means less heating costs, always a good thing. And it also means, more snow, which means more exercise, also a very good thing!

    TGMan travelled the world when single. He observed recently to me that we take it for granted that our homes have kitchens with stoves, washers and dryers, and no holes in our is an eye opener for me that this is not the way even in other civilized progressive countries. Many do struggle with what we consider basic necessities.

    1. I am sure with seeing the world - he has a great appreciation as to what others DON'T have that we take for granted - turn a faucet for water or flip a switch for lights.

      For your hubs - think jerky, beef sticks, cheesy crackers, favorite candy, things to take when he goes hunting or to the woods. He will love whatever he gets!

  2. You are doing well staying on budget! I don't like to shop so don't always get the best bargains. We are having warmer days also. I just came in from doing a little weeding. The ground is not hard and it is nice out. Just wish I had more energy to work longer! Sure hope our trees don't bloom too soon and then get a hard frost! Nancy

    1. I could actually mow the lawn again - but I won't. I am with you and hope the trees don't get messed up.