Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Good morning everyone.

I have been thinking a lot these last few days about changes I want to make in the next few days, weeks, and months.  I don't plan anything drastic, but there are things I want to improve on.

I DO NOT make resolutions!  Resolutions are to be broken - ALWAYS!  I just try to set small goals that I want to accomplish, and I also don't set any real time limits.

I plan on doing more de-cluttering of things that just take up space.
I plan on prepping more for the future, for if/when things go down the tubes in this country.
I plan on only spending minimal money on groceries in the next few months.
I plan on cooking from scratch.
I plan on being able to save $ again, by the end of the year (when soc. sec. kicks in!)
I plan on letting go of many negative feelings and being happy more!  (I am happy - just want to be happier).
I plan on gardening and canning a LOT this year.
I plan on being my healthiest EVER!
I plan on trying to teach others SOMETHING that will help them in their lives.
The list goes on and on.  Most of all I just plan on being the BEST ME I can be.

Do you have any goals that you hope to reach in the near future?
Let's all work together and support one another for what ever goals are set!


  1. Thinking can be dangerous! LOL I like goals but I do more day by day goals of things I would like to get done or do. In the winter I always have grand ideas of gardening, canning and freezing but then when it comes to the actual work sometimes I get lazy! Hope you do well with your goals. Nancy

  2. I usually do re-evaluate and set goals for the next year. They are more aims, things to aim for, then resolutions. REsolutions break for me, all the time.

    My goals for next year get split into financial ones, educational, spiritual, familial, physical, and recreational/social ones. NOT listed here because it would take pages! Many of them are the same from year to year. I post them by the bill paying desk to remind me.