Monday, December 21, 2015


Good morning all.
I think during this time of the year we all get a bit nostalgic.  It is especially so for me this year, as life has been a bit stressful lately, I don't feel good, and I really MISS getting a hug and encouraging word from my Momma and Daddy.  I sure do miss them.

I am going to relate a Christmas story to you about my childhood.  I just love thinking about these wonderful memories. 

My Daddy read Twas The Night Before Christmas to me every Christmas eve that I can remember as a child.  Back then, the story was printed in the newspaper every year.  Daddy would sit in his big overstuffed rocker and I would sit on his lap.  He read it with such animation in his voice - it was the best.  Daddy did this up through my 18th year ( my last Christmas at home before marriage).  That year I had to ask - as he thought I wouldn't care any more.  I sat at his feet and he read me the story, as I looked at the tree lights.  I will never forget those days.
To this day, there is a Santa on one of our local news stations on Christmas Eve that reads it AND I LISTEN.  He sounds like Daddy and I close my eyes and go back in time.

Christmas morning was always special and an event.  I slept upstairs, and the stairway came straight down into the living room.  Well I ALWAYS (through 18) had to close my eyes and Dad would guide me down the stairs and into the dining room past the tree and gifts!  Then we had to have a big breakfast - whether you ate any other time of the year!  After breakfast Dad always had to smoke a cigarette and make you wait just a little longer.  Mom used to get so aggravated at him, as she knew how anxious I was.
After that we would go to the living room and open presents.  We didn't have a lot of money, especially when I was little or when the others were young, but the room looked full of gifts.  Mom would wrap everything separate, so it looked like more.  She made most of our clothes and even made me doll clothes.  There was always something unwrapped that Santa left - a big teddy bear, or a tricycle, or doll.

The entire family always came home for dinner on that day.  Mom made everything herself - there was no pitching in back in the day.  I always felt sorry for my siblings kids, as the got dragged away from all their Santa stuff on Christmas morning.  That seemed so unfair.

Mom would start making cookies and candy right after Thanksgiving.  She had so many storage containers that she used.  We always had big gallon glass jars, tins, and some sort of Tupperware like storage.  Candy and cookies would be placed out a few at a time during the month of December unless we had company - then a platter would be set out.  Mom made dozens and dozens of cookies in such an assortment.  She also made special holiday bread (or cake) that she made in soup and coffee tins.  It always had dried fruit and spiced jelly candies in it.  It was one of those things was only made at the holiday, and she would give them as gifts to all sorts of people that popped in during the month.
Mom always made, what are still some of my favorites every year.  Of course we had the Springerle cookies, then there were hermits, date/nut bars, iced sugar cookies (in all shapes) and divinity.  That wasn't it, but those were my favorites.
The cookies and candy were hid in all kinds of nooks in the kitchen and the back porch.  Sometimes she would forget about some, and they would be found around Easter, when she was cleaning out cabinets!!!  Too funny.

I sure do miss those days.  I thank God everyday that He has given us the capability to have memories forever!
I still like to sit in the dark and look at the tree lights and just think back.

Christmas back in the day at Mom and Daddies (as an adult)
Me at age 3 on Christmas morning.  I see a trike and a baby doll!   Life is so wonderful through the eyes of a child!

Do you have any special memories that you would like to share?  I love hearing people's Christmas stories.

I hope you all take some quiet moments and reflect back to your childhood or to those folks who are no longer on this Earth.  Those were times that we can never regain except in memory.
Hug your families and hold them tight - for those will be the memories THEY have someday.



  1. Oh Cheryl, such sweet memories!

    One Christmas we didn't think we could get a tree - money was tight, but MOm waited until 8 pm on Christmas Eve and brought home a Charlie Brown. My brother went out to the yard, cut off some yew branches, drilled holes in the tree trunk, and then we decorated with toilet paper rolls made into soldiers and drums. Best tree ever!

    Another year I got my first suitcase! A little red cardboard one, must have cost a fortune,NOT, but my brothers and sisters didn't get gifts that year, just me, I was the youngest, they all sat watching me and how happy they were when they saw how happy I was, I felt so grown up, I could go on sleepovers now.

    1. What wonderful stories!
      I remember daddy drilling holes in the tree and adding branches when it was sparse! We did popcorn strands and paper chains as well. LOVE the idea of soldiers and drums!!

      How sweet on the suitcase. Something you will never forget.
      Do you still have it by any chance?

  2. I never felt that deprived, just happy that we were together as a family each holiday, and of course, what we missed in presents, was made up for with delicious cooking.

    1. I never felt deprived either. My parents made sure of that. As little as we had, we always had a nice warm meal. Family together was all we needed.

  3. What wonderful memories you have! I miss my Mom and not just at Christmas time. I miss our visit times. Having family together is the best. Nancy

    1. I miss mine all the time - but holidays seem to be the worst. Hugs to you

  4. Wonderful memories, Cheryl...I would have loved to know your mom and dad!

    1. I wish you could have met them too. G never got to meet dad, but he sure loved mom and she him.