Monday, December 7, 2015

Tree Safety

Good morning!  It is a beautiful Monday morning here.  The sun is shining and the temps are warming a little.  By next weekend it is supposed to be in the 60's!

Today I want to talk about tree safety.  No one wants a tree tragedy.  Be safe this season, that will keep your homes safe, and that my friends is FRUGAL!

The main thing to remember with this type of tree is about the lights.  DON'T put the old fashioned big bulb, hot lights on an artificial tree, as it will melt the needles.  Cool lights are a must.  Melting needles and the excess heat MIGHT cause a fire or a short.

  • Look for a nice green tree - devoid of a lot of dead needles.
  • Make sure you have a stand that will hold water, and large enough for the tree
  • Cut a good inch off the trunk of the tree, so there is a fresh cut for water to absorb into the trunk
  • Keep the tree well watered.  There are items that you can add to water to help preserve the tree - but I worry how safe these would be for pets.  Sometimes pets might try to drink the water.  Add sugar to the water to best resemble sap.
  • Again, always use cool lights!  I know the old fashioned lights are beautiful - but they are HOT!  New cooler types of lights keep the trees from catching fire
  • If you are not home - keep the lights turned off
  • Keep your tree away from heat sources in your home.  Away from registers, heaters and fireplaces - that should be self explanatory.
  • If you can't bring the tree into the house for a day or two - keep it outside or in a cool garage in a bucket of water

  • These are wonderful, because they can be planted outside and add to your beautiful yard, and it is very environmental
  • These tree are balled with a healthy root system attached
  • Keep them in a large tub and keep the root ball damp - not overly soaked
  • Again, keep these away from all heat sources in the house
  • After the holiday, place these trees in your garage and keep the ball damp - till weather allows for planting (ex:  frozen ground).
  • When planting, make sure the hole is larger than the root ball, and add manure, peat moss, or some other light blend to keep the soil from packing down the roots
I love Christmas trees, as do most people.  It is just a lovely symbol of the holiday.  Keep your home and family safe - follow simple safety rules.
**Another idea I like to promote - is to MAKE SURE your smoke alarm and fire alarm batteries are fresh.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Stay safe and totally enjoy this Christmas season.


  1. We have artificial trees but I don't leave the lights on when we are gone away! Nancy

  2. We have artificial trees but I don't leave the lights on when we are gone away! Nancy

  3. this is our first year with an artificial tree. It has metal branches with plastic needles. I thought we needed to examine the cording wires to make sure the outside and inner insulation is intact. so far, so good.

    and thanks Cheryl for the reminder to check our fire and carbon monoxide alarms. with all the distractions of the holidays it would all too easy to forget safety!

    1. when we had a live tree, I would keep it moist with either a spray mister or a humidifier placed close by.

    2. Good idea on the mister or humidifier!
      You are welcome on the reminder!