Friday, December 4, 2015

Pet Safety

Christmas can be fun and exciting for the kids, and our fur babies get excited too.
There are so many things that can harm out babies this time of the year.  Please be vigilant with your babies to keep them safe.  This will help you avoid vet bills as well - a frugal thing!

There are lot's of holiday plants that can be seriously hurtful to animals.  Keep them away from Poinsettas, amaryllis, paper white daffodils, Christmas cacti, and holly and it's berries!  These plants or parts of them can be fatal.

Do NOT let your pets eat chocolate.  It reacts much differently in their system.  'People" food really shouldn't be given to pets - although a lot of people do it.  It is just far to rich for their little systems.

Be careful with your decorations as well.  Tinsel and icicles can be eaten and then clog up the digestive system.  Glass ornaments look like fun to play with, but if broken and ingested, it could be fatal.  Please try to keep your pets from chewing on lights and electrical cords - need I saw more?!

We just don't think about all the pretty glitz and glamor causing any harm, but it sure can.  Let's all be vigilant and keep our precious fur babies safe.
I generally give mine a couple of the big pre-made bows to play with.  I just found one the other day from last Christmas when I moved the TV armoire!

If you pet becomes sick, get ahold of your vet immediately.  If you can not reach your vet, call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control line at 1-888-426-4435.
Merry Christmas to all the sweet and adorable fur babies!!!!!!


  1. Good advice for all pet owners! Coco chewed up cords when she was little. Not a good thing! Most things in the house are safe with her now but I really have to watch what I plant in the back yard! The vet said it is okay if she eats vegetables so she gets a little in the morning with her dog food and a little at night with her dog food. Like a lot of girls she has to watch her weight! LOL Nancy

    1. LOL - cute! I think vets probably mean all the spices and stuff we put in food, upsets their tummys. Also onions are supposed to be bad for dogs.
      Lot's of dog food has rice and veggies it.