Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Choose Happy

Today is just a word on the situation we are all facing.  YES we are all in a similar situation.  NO we don't all have the same circumstances.  NO we don't react the same.  That is OK!!!!
There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to handle things.

So saying that - the situations are similar - but your reaction is yours.
Whether we experience good, bad or indifferce - it is our reaction that we have control over.
You can choose to be angry, sad, hateful, giving, happy, disillusioned or you can just bury your head in the sand.

Angry and sad does no one any good.  It sure isn't healthy.  Choosing to be helpful and happy just spreads a little joy around the globe.  It helps everyone.
I know things are uncertain - but that is life.  We have never had any guarantees.  The only thing that is constant is CHANGE.

I know "things" are not on my list of missing.  People are.  I miss getting to just stop by and see family.  I miss having brunch with my friend.  I miss hugs.  We do talk regularly, but it is not quite the same.
I hope people have realized what is really important - and it sure isn't stuff.
I hope that part of life does NOT go back to 'normal'.  There is a lot of what WAS considered 'normal' that I truly never want to see again.

Be as grateful as you can.  Everything will workout in the long run.  Accept the changes that have happened gracefully.  Learn, grow and expand your mindset.   Help where you can.

I hope you all find peace.  The other constant we can have is FAITH!!!!  Never let that waiver!
Stuff happens for a reason and not a reason that we may be aware of, but it is part of the greater plan.

Make your choice - to be happy!
I CHOOSE HAPPY!  (I just have to)


  1. My husband and I do not have family that we are close to, but we have each other. For us, the major change in our lives was my sudden retirement and his eye problem three years ago. Both of these things have brought us closer together and strengthened us and our relationship.

    We have been impacted very little by this virus situation. We did quit the gym (and don't have to pay out our contracts, thanks to this situation), but we were going to quit at the end of our contracts in six months anyway since husband's balance disorder was making it more dangerous for him to go to the gym. I go to the grocery stores less, but I was trying to do that anyway. We didn't go out much in the first place, so we're not missing anything.

    What I DO miss is my FREEDOM to go where I want when I want. I fear that the longer these restrictions last, the more likely they are to be enacted at our governor's least little whim or even become permanent.

    1. I do understand your concern about the restrictions. It is worrisome - as I am really one who doesn't trust the government much. I did come and go as I pleased as well - I don't do that either now.
      My life didn't change much either - except just going whenever I felt like it.
      I hope you get that part of 'normal' back soon. HUGS

  2. Since this started, I had three weepy days where I missed the interaction with my family. On the third day, I slapped myself along side my head because I not only didn't choose happy, I didn't choose grateful, which was daughter-in-law brings the grands up for driveway visits (they stay in the car, I stay on the porch) and my son facetimes me nightly so I can see the third g'kid.
    Another thing I forgot was to be kind. Yesterday an old acquaintence and I teamed up to do a random act of kindness that only we know the circumstances. Makes me giggle just to think of it.
    Stay safe, Jan

    1. Isn't it easy how wound up we get into ourselves? Love that your realized what ALL you do have to be grateful for. Visits may not be the same - but visits all the same!!!

      I love KINDNESS! That is such a sweet thing. I am glad it not only benefited someone else - but you as well.

    2. Jan, I love that random act of kindness- and the giggling!

  3. I love this! Thanks for sharing your positivity. The world would be a better place.

    1. Thank you. I am just trying to move forward with life and stay positive. I know I have problems some days and I am sure others do too.

  4. Thanks you Cheryl this is a great post for me and many others.

    1. Thank you. Sometimes I need to remind myself as well.

  5. You are as happy as you decide to be. Good post Cheryl

  6. Great post! We do miss the people not the material possessions. I miss my family coming to visit. I am more thankful for my blessings.