Tuesday, May 19, 2020

More Cheryl Tips!

Today I am going to share a few more tips and tricks I use around the house.  Many are very simple and probably known and some might be just crazy old me!!!!  Hope someone finds a tip they can use and maybe save a bit of money or time.

WRAP CELERY in foil before storing in the veggie bin of the frig.  YES, it does make the celery last a lot longer.  If you are like me - it takes quite a while to use a whole bunch of celery.  I know this is an oldy - but it DOES work!

FOAMING hand soap is easy to make at home.  If you have an old foaming soap dispenser  - fill it about 1/3 full with any liquid soap/bodywash, etc. and then add water to fill.  Shake for a bit and wahla you have foaming hand soap.  I tend to shake/rock  the bottle about once a week to keep things mixed.   So easy and you can use up all those bottles of soap/body wash you may have received as gifts.  It foams just a great as the stuff you buy.

Keep all those squirt bottle LIDS!  No need to keep all the bottles (unless you need them).  The lids fit almost all individual water/pop bottles (I reuse those as well).  They make for great fun for kids to play and cool off in the heat - think squirt gun/bottles!  Fill with colored water in winter to draw in the snow!!!!!
They are great when our walking or running or working in the yard - keep your cold water in them and pop the top and take a squirt of water!  Many store purchased re-usable drink bottles have squirt tops - make your own and save a fortune. (Those can be expensive).  Keeps water from spilling and keeps bugs out.  I find flipping the top is much easier than un-screwing a top (can do it one handed!)

BANANAS tend to get over ripe in a hurry - especially in warm weather.  I find that if I wrap them in an old grocery bag and rubber band around the stem end (to keep out air) that they last a long time.
Air is what causes them to ripen so quickly.  I can keep bananas for well over a week or two without them getting covered in brown spots or getting mushy.  **(Greener bananas will still ripen in the bag - but not get over ripe)

I have some T-SHIRTS that have gotten a bit tight across the shoulder/breast area.  Some have shrunk over time (OR I have grown!!).  They can still be made comfy and used around the house/yard.    I carefully cut the "banding" off that is around the neck area.  You can just cut it right under the band or even larger if you like.  I then make a cut/slit in front that is 2" - 3" (in center).  You will be amazed at how freeing and unrestrictive this make the t-shirt.  I wear theses over a tank top or sports bra.  No need to sew a thing - as t-shirt material does not fray.  I have a few I have done for working around here.  
They become really comfy.  It is just another way to use what you have and get some extended use.

Use WHAT YOU HAVE to decorate.  Get creative and use things that may have been thrown away.
I use old things a lot in the yard as you know.  Bits and pieces make cute accents in flower gardens.
Time to get your creative juices flowing!

On the front walk I have a big metal flower (glass globe in center) the rod it used to stand on - rusted and broke, so I placed amongst the flowers till I get a new rod.  The red spoke wheel is from an old cart that my Uncle made when I was a little girl.  The cart has been long gone for years - but I kept the little wheel.  I re-paint it every few years.  Just a piece of the past that I like to remember.  I remember Uncle Ed every time I see that wheel.
An old wagon (bought at a yard sale years ago) filled with my fossil rocks (that I found years ago) and a big old flower pot that is now growing squirrel planted sunflowers.  The little church was a birdhouse and the post rotted over the years.  Now it is just a cute decoration in the pot. (birds could still use) but it is pretty close to the ground and kitties!

I like lots of old things, things that have memories, and things that are just whimsical.  I realize not everyone does.  I hate to spend money on things when I can re-use something I have.  It is all about using your imagination.

I hope this gives someone a tip or two they can use.  What do you do that re-uses and saves?????

On another day - I will show some decorating ideas I have done using old things in a new way.


  1. I love old things especially when they were owned by someone I loved. Love when you show your old things and the way you use them. Blessings, Sharon D.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I am a lover of old things as well (me included!). It is always nice to look at something and have a nice memory!
      Have a blessed day.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I'm going to try your banana tip. My family doesn't really like bananas once they get squishy, and there is only so much banana bread or smoothies that I want.
    Love your decorating tips and touches of whimsy. What special memories.

    1. Welcome! It sure does make my bananas last a lot longer. I freeze older ones - but like you said only so many things you can do with them. Ice cream and smoothies are probably my favorite uses for frozen ones!
      Thanks! Be blessed.

  3. My husband likes his bananas still somewhat green, so he keeps them in a plastic grocery bag in the dark pantry. He gets about a week out of a bunch.
    I did something similar to your t-shirt fix on some men's t-shirts with a too tight neckline. I cut a 2-1/2 in. slit straight down from the neckline in the center of the front. I then turned the edges under and zigzagged them down. This gave me a finished neckline with more stability than just cutting does. For old t-shirts to just wear around the house/yard, I wouldn't bother sewing.
    My fossils and amythest geodes found over the years are in my bedroom. I also have three pecans and a chunk of rock from my grandparents' farm. I think of good times visiting the farm every time I see them.

    1. Good to hear it works for your hubs as well.
      Cute idea on the zig-zag stitch. I just wear these around here so not real worried about it. But I like that idea for prettying them up a bit!
      what cool collectables. Good memories are always welcomed.

  4. I separate bananas as it is the stem together that makes them breath and they last longer. Love how you decorate, I do the same thing.

    1. There ya go another great idea! I love getting new ideas.
      Thanks - I just like using what I have.
      Have a blessed day

  5. I love all your tips. Im going to save my squirt tops now and get the kids rolling when the weather warms uo! Great tips!

  6. Like your advice about hand soap. I save all the bits of ordinary soap and then grate them,add water, warm in the microwave and stir up and then put in saved containers for squirting on your hands.

    Do love your blog and read it regularly. Whilst in lockdown I have set up my own blog and if you would like to have a look it is www.pastorswife69.com

    Keep safe and God bless

    1. Thanks you. I don't use bar soap often - but do keep the littles to grate. It works and is not wasteful!

      So happy to have you here. I will definitely go and check out your blog. Thanks for coming along on this ride!

  7. Great tips! I tend not to buy more than 3 or 4 bananas at a time because they ripen too quickly. I'll definitely try your tip.

    I was thinking of you yesterday, as I was gardening because I seem to have lost many of the pieces I used to put out in the garden. No idea where they've gone and I was looking around the garage and house for other items. I thought Cheryl would have some great ideas!

    Take care and stay well.

    1. I love bananas and could eat them every day - so when I buy them I get enough to last a bit. It might be different if I were going shopping often.

      Bless your heart - I felt someone was thinking of me yesterday!!!! It is amazing how we can misplace things - isn't it? I do that too.
      I hope you find some neat and fun pieces to set about!
      Have a great one.

  8. My husband likes the green bananas and I like them when they just start to spot so we rarely have leftovers. That said, with our strange shopping schedule these days, I've had a few leftovers. Thus the 3 loaves of walnut banana bread on the freezer!

    Scavenge backyard decor is my favorite!! I had a peach tree snap near the base and it left an 18" or so stump. I found a round wood salad bowl at a garage sale and painted the stump and bowl orange. I painted white circles on the bowl outside and nailed it to the stump. Ta da! Mushroom! 🍄
    Thanks, Pinterest! I have a Denver Bronco gnome that lives under it.

    I've got several old wood ladders rescued from ditches that have birdhouses nailed on top of. I have 3 bed posts I multicolor paint and poke in among the bushes. And, my own personal idea is taking the fan blades out of dead fans and spray painting them to look like flowers. I nail them to the ladders or fence.

    I'm currently pondering ideas to an old wooden crib. I'm thinking an arbor over the garage/yard door.

    1. LOVE your yard ideas. I have one metal headboard in the middle of the big flower bed and it is painted red. That sounds super cute on the mushroom - great idea.
      Ooooh I like the bird house idea. I had a wooden step ladder in a bed for years that contained pretties and a pot of flowers. It finally pooped out on me!
      LOVE the fan blade flower idea.

      What fun ideas! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  9. Hi Cheryl Just to say a wee thank you for the ideas for using up soaps will def be trying them out. Fiona

  10. I did not know that about celery...I sure hope I can remember it. Now, if I make potato soup, I don't have to worry about any going bad. My boss used to add it to potato soup, and I love it in it. The more the better.

    I thought I commented on this the other day but cannot see it if I did...