Sunday, May 3, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/3

This year is flying by and I don't feel like a lot has been accomplished.  I know I have - it just is weird this year.  Oh well, grateful for another day on this wonderful planet.

We have had some nice weather - first of the week was very warm and sunny - then chilly and rain - then warm again.  Yesterday we got to 82*.  Today is wet and much cooler, as will be the coming week.
Today will probably make a good nap day!!!  And I will be!!!!  I looked at the clock at 4AM before finally dozing off this morning - then a loud clap of thunder woke me at 5:30AM - as well as a kitty face being 2 inches from mine!!  He was scared.  LOL
I am just plain exhausted.  No idea why I didn't sleep - but it was miserable.  Hopefully no more quite like that for a long while!  It happens once in a great while.

This week at my house:
  • I did the freezer inventory and organized.  Made my list.  Did the frig freezer as well
  • Kept some store glass jars and lids to re-use for storage
  • Did a lot of yard clean-up.  Worked on the front flower bed, cleaned out a bunch of pots and readied for planting, cleaned behind garage and shed.
  • Mowed and trimmed everything.  Got the mower into the raised garden and mowed it well to ready for tilling. (It hasn't been tilled since 2018)
  • Painted a lot of my yard art.  So many pieces had faded and I rejuvenated them.  So much more to do.
                               A little rock display in the front flower bed.  The Vinca is starting to bloom.
  • Made a cherry upside down cake (had a sweet tooth!) - gave half to neighbors
  • Made a batch of big biscuits - indivually wrapped several and froze
  • Made popcorn this week
  • Finally got my stimulus - however wrong. Too much!!!  I guess they will figure it out eventually - it will be there when they do!
  • Did lots of clothing laundry.  Last week was linens and quilts - this week catch up on clothes
  • Made some smoothies using up well past date fruit yogurt and canned fruit - tasty treat
  • Baked a pound of bacon and added to my bacon grease jar
  • Sharpened the kitchen shears with the knife sharpener.  Never had much success before - but it really worked well this time (ask me how I knew immediately - ouch).  Sliced my finger right off the bat.  LOL
  • I found some sprouting potatoes in the basement and decided to cut into pieces to dry and I will try planting them.  I have never done potatoes before - but my brother does and he is educating me!  If it works great - if not, I am not out anything.
  • I planted 2 containers with green onion sets and one with lettuce and one with spinach.  Just outside the kitchen for easy access.
Meals this past week:
Egg/cheese/salsa open face French bread sammies
Ham/cream cheese/veggie roll-ups
Fish and veggie hoagie and fries
Homemade pizza (from freezer)
Egg/cheese biscuits and salad
Jalapeno/bacon double cheese burger and slaw
Sliced French bread (toasted) topped with cheese, scrambled eggs and salsa = yummy!

I sure found out how out of shape I have become over the winter.  All that weeding, pulling, bending, and trimming sure made this old body sore!
I scraped off skin from a couple knuckles - UGH - that hurts, as I just keep bending them.  I cut myself with the sharpened scissors.
I then "fell UP" the back steps.  Wrenched my upper left arm and back, skinned my shin & landed on both knees and also caught myself with my right wrist.   Instantly turned black and swelled like there was a walnut under the skin.  Iced it and it is fine (just yellow and green now) - but good grief I was an accident waiting to happen this week.  Of course I looked to make sure no one saw me - how embarrassing!!!!!!
Sigh - I guess I get in too big of a hurry some days!
I am FINE and I will survive!!!!!!!  LOL - I have to laugh about it now!
Note to self - slow down!

Reading my list above it seems that my week consisted of the yard and FOOD!  I just was in the mood for foodie fixes this week.
How have you been doing?  What fun and frugal things are you up too?

I pray that each of you and your families are safe and healthy.  I pray that we each take pleasure and joy in all the simple things this week.
Blessings to you and yours from my humble little home.


  1. Here's to better sleep tonight. Love the growing taters. We're having a pretty chill weekend and it's lovely. Tomorrow, it's back to work for Tim.

    1. Thanks - I hope so too. Maybe I should skip the nap and hope for a good nights sleep!
      Enjoy your day - relaxing is the way to go!

    2. I am not a napper ... but I support nappers. Hubby loves to take them.

  2. Ouch. So sorry on the accidents. Hope this week will be better, and I hope you sleep better.
    Your meals sound good. I tried making a chaffle this week for something different. It was odd but good since I love cheese.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Some weeks.…..LOL
      Thanks - I like simple things and like you I am a cheese lover!
      Have a good one

  3. Sounds like you had a good week, except for the small accidents. It happens to me too. lol We worked out in the yard most of the day yesterday. The weather was perfect. I have all of my pots and gardens ready to plant tomorrow. The rosemary that we wintered in the garage has been repotted and is enjoying being back outside.

    1. It sure feels nice to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Most of my pots are ready as well - just need plants. I am glad your Rosemary made it over the winter. I love that stuff - it smells so good.
      Have a good week.

  4. I fell up my back concrete steps two years ago, and I still hurt. the doctor said it would go away. NO, Not so.

    1. Oh no, that is a long time to hurt. I am so sorry you are still feeling the effect.
      I am doing much better. Just a couple sore muscles.

  5. Cheryl, I never knew that someone else could fall up the steps like me! I'm so glad you ok and just a few bruises.
    Have a great week.

    1. Oh yes. I trip UP steps and over nothing on floors and run into walls that have been there for years!!!! LOL
      So graceful - NOT!!!!!!
      Have a good one!

  6. Oh, I hear you about the tripping, etc.! My sister just keeps telling me to slow down. It's hard for me to do when I've got so many good ideas of things to do. Right?

    I've also been out in the yard every minute I can spare. It's a wonderful way to pass the time, and so rewarding for me as my garden is starting to grow. Boy did the temperature drop last night, though. I'm sure nothing grew an iota, but at least it didn't quite frost. The weather is supposed to get really nice now for a few days and I'm sure those little plants will take a giant leap forward now.

    1. RIGHT!!!!!! So much to do and anxious to do it.

      I still haven't planted anything except onion sets and greens. We are expecting a frost and freeze again this weekend. Good grief.
      My perennials could care less about the weather and are growing like crazy.
      ENJOY those warm and sunny days!

  7. Shall we call you Grace? Be careful, at our age falls can be well.... besides embarrassing. Enjoy the new warmer weather, I know I am going to.

    1. Grace I am NOT!!!!!!! Yeah, I know about our AGE! UGH
      Lovely today - wet and chilly the rest of the week. Just get little tastes of warmth.

  8. You have accomplished much this last week. That was a lot of work. I am so sorry that you fell and got scratched up and bruised. I hope all that heals well and fast. Our weather this past week had some warmer and cooler days also. We had plenty of rain. We just work between the rain outside. It has been a lot slower getting the garden ready to plant. We have also been able to get some inside projects worked on. Somehow I haven't been able to catch up with the housework. I don't understand how anyone can be bored at home. There I always something to do.

    1. I am doing fine. Just a couple sore muscles.
      We had a couple more warm days and now back to chilly and wet again! You are so right - everything garden is going slow this year. It just won't warm up enough!
      I agree. There is always something to do or repair or some project.

  9. I am way behind in reading my blog subscriptions. Real life has been busy with planting season and off-the-farm work.
    I'm eager to see how your potatoes turn out for you. I have always planted sprouted store potatoes. Sometimes with & without seed potatoes. They always grow. :)