Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Lessons We All Should Follow

Good morning.  It is a beautiful day here - sun is shining and we may get into the 60's.  The birds are singing, the squirrels are scampering around and my kitties (and the strays) were happy to see me this morning!!   Heat and rain and storms coming in the next few days.
I am so grateful for these lovely mornings - all seems right,  at least for a while.

First, isn't this a lovely picture?  It is not mine - but it just makes me smile.  I love sunflowers and I love old barns - just a quiet place out in the country.  I would love to be sitting there and just breathing in life!
I think the simplicity of the picture is what touches me.

I recently came across a post about 10 lessons we should all teach our children.  It is wonderful - but it isn't just for children in my opinion.   Not by a long shot.

 These lessons should be a mandate for all of us in every moment of our lives.  We need to be more open with our feelings and ourselves.  We need to be there for others.  We need to teach others.  We need to listen.  We need to learn that we will stumble (and sometimes fall flat on our faces) - but we have to get up and try again.
We are never too old to learn.  We all need to be big enough to forgive (it helps us more than anyone).
We need to stand up for what we believe.  The world can be evil - keep your heart and goodness and faith.  Never bend.

If every single person followed these simple rules - my goodness the world would be lovely.
May you be the light someone needs today.

Keep your words kind - your actions gentle - and have patience with yourself and others.
Today is a precious gift.
God bless.