Sunday, May 10, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/10

Happy Mother's Day to all Momma and Grandma's - whether children or fur babies.
Sending each of you hugs and well wishes.  Those who may be sad today - hold your memories tight and count the blessings of each day together.  God bless.

This week has been another roller coaster weather week.  Warm, sun, clouds, rain, and cold!  We set a record one night for registering the coldest night EVER recorded for a May date!!!  It got to 27*F one night - brrrrr.
The only thing that seemed to take a hit was my grape arbor.  It's new growth is all wilted and looking bad.  I sure hope it regrows and sprouts.
I have nothing planted - garden or annuals - so all else ok.  I took in my pots of lettuce seeds and onion sets to the garage that night.
This week we are going to warm again and more rain.  I want to PLANT my garden!!!!!!!  I am ready for cold weather to be gone for a while!  Geesh!

My hummingbirds showed up on Thursday!  YAY!!!  That is the night it got so cold - poor babies.  They were back on Friday and they are eating a bunch.  I sure love seeing them back.

Sing praises!!!!
My week:
  • Got out the hummingbird feeders first part of week and made lots of nectar (have some ready in frig).  They are now back!
  • I have a bunch of sunflowers coming up in a pot out back that the squirrels or birds planted - free flowers!
  • Made a batch of brownies - have munched on those all week
  • Cleaned out more pots to ready for planting
  • Mowed the entire yard
  • Stayed home again - no grocery stores!!!
  • Used ALL leftovers up in new ways
  • Cleaned up more yard waste and put it out for trash pick-up
  • Did have to buy a new car battery sadly.  My neighbor helped me remove old one and install new one - when asked what I owed - he said "make us some sweets".  I can do that!
  • Re-arranged some of the 'yard art' just to make things different.
  • Made more Kool-Aid
  • Using the pantry and freezer for groceries
  • Just doing all the 'regular' stuff we all do.  Nothing exciting here!!
My menu this past week:
Chicken breast, mashed potatoes and green beans
Turkey rice soup (from freezer) and biscuits w/apple butter
Beef and bean tacos (Tuesday)
Chili soup (from freezer) with added leftover taco stuff and leftover green beans  - made a good bowl of soup  and grilled cheese
Red beans and rice and cukes/tomato salad (topped w/Italian dressing)
Burrito (using leftover beans/rice) topped with salad & ranch
Pasta Marinara over beef patty and side of fresh veggies

How are you all doing?  Staying frugal?  Using what you have on hand?  Having fun with your food?
I sure envy those who have gardens planted and pretty things blooming!  I can't wait!

I pray this post finds each of you safe and healthy as well as your families.  Keep good thoughts in your mind and faith in your hearts.
I hope you each have a wonderful week.

Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. I'm in southern Illinois and we have very similar weather. It got down to 32 here that night. I do have my garden planted and all seems to be ok except the wind took a large branch off of one bush. We are on a warming trend now. Happy Mothers Day!

    1. Sure seems chilly for this time of the year! Glad you garden made it through. Hopefully warmer here this week as well!!
      Have a great Mom's Day

  2. Happy Mother's Day! It's been pretty nice here, the last couple of days have been in the 90's though. I made clean out the refrigerator veggie soup yesterday, chocolate chip cookies and a raspberry/rhubarb pie. My Mother's day to me. Hope your weather gets better so you can plant! Have a blessed day.

    1. Thank you and Happy Mom Day to you my dear friend.
      90's? Oh my. I can't even imagine right now. Today is super windy and wet. Not cold - just icky.
      Raspberry/rhubarb pie sounds so good! Sounds like you made yourself a wonderful meal!!!!
      Have a great day.

  3. Well the garden centres were allowed to open this past weekend - just in time for some more snow flurries! But by the end of the week it should be nearing 70F and its a long weekend so traditionally the start of the gardening season here. Allotment gardens are also allowed to reopen but kinks at various locations are still being worked out. No gardening for me as I don't even have a balcony in my little apt. however, I do look out onto a conservation area so I get to enjoy all the lovely trees that are coming into bloom.
    Went into the office for a few hours last Thursday and then stopped off at a grocery store on the way home and was able to pick up some different cuts of meat and salad greens & tomatoes to get through this week. They were well organized but there always one or two who can't seem to follow the directional arrows!
    Since it was still cool I made another pot of beef, mushroom & barley soup, cooked some chicken thighs and made a meat loaf. On Saturday I made up some fancy egg salad and chicken salad for little sandwiches and made a poppyseed cake to enjoy in front of my computer as some friends and I enjoyed a virtual tea party! We chatted for 2 hours!
    I had intended on going to the PO this morning to pick up an Amazon delivery and enjoy a long walk home but its is alternating rain with snow flurries so I will put it off until later in the week - nothing urgent due. Instead I have cleaned the bathroom and washed the kitchen floor! I'm having a mid-morning break at the moment and will then do some more historical research for the office, read a few chapters of a new book and then make some supper for my elderly neighbour - it breaks up the day.
    Have a wonderful week and stay safe.

    1. We are supposed to get nice and warm by the end of the week also! Sorry you don't even have a balcony - I would hate not having any outdoor space.
      I think those couple of people who can't follow the arrows are the same ones who can't seem to drive either!! LOL

      My goodness you cooked up a storm - that all sounds so yummy. How neat on the virtual tea party. Nice idea.
      I have been home again for many, many days. This morning I did manage to get all the laundry done and fed all the critters. Started my car up - just double checking to make sure the new battery is working out. Nothing exciting.

      How nice to look out onto a conservation area. At least you have a good view!
      Have a great week.

  4. I saw a meme that read something like, "we need to re-install 2020 - it has a virus". It also has weird weather! We were getting the heat a week or so ago, now we're cold overnight again, but warmer weather is expected this weekend. We never plant before the third weekend in May and sometimes into June so I'm hopeful I'll be able to dig in the dirt in the next couple of weeks.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. I know - some days the windows and doors are open and the fans on - next day need heat. Crazy for sure.
      I probably won't plant till closer to the end of May either.
      Have a good one.