Tuesday, May 5, 2020

PROTEIN - It isn't just meat!!!!!!!

We need to look at the prospect of eating less meat.  It is expensive (compared to most groceries) and it not healthy in excess.
Did you know that only about 20% of Americans eat the recommended  servings of fruit and veggies?  We tend to eat more meat than most and not as much of the fruits and veggies.
Americans tend to feature meat as the main course and the rest is a side dish.  Other countries tend to use meat as flavoring or to enhance a recipe.  They use more grains, fruits and veggies.  We could do well to learn from others.
Using less meat not only helps our wallets but also our health.

BUT I NEED THE PROTEIN you say - yes, but there are so many other ways to get needed protein in your diet than with meat.

Here is a little chart to make you ponder:
FOOD ITEM                              SERVING SIZE                          PROTEIN
Hamburger                                   3 oz.                                            21 gm
Chicken breast -skinless              3 oz.                                            27 gm
Chicken dark -skinless                3 oz.                                            27 gm
Turkey breast -skinless               3 oz.                                             27 gm
Cod                                             3 oz.                                             28 gm
Tuna                                            3 oz.                                              8 gm
Egg                                              1                                                   6 gm
Yogurt                                         1 C                                                8 gm
Milk                                            1 C                                                8 gm
Peanut butter                              1 Tbsp.                                          4 gm
Peanuts                                        1/2 C                                           18 gm
Hot dog                                       1                                                   5 gm
Brown Rice                                 1 C cooked                                   5 gm
Tofu                                             4 oz.                                            10 gm
Dried beans, lentils                     1 C                                               15 gm
Get a good deal on eggs?  Freeze them - they are great for baking or cooking.
Peanut butter 1 Tbsp. = 4 gm of  protein.  Who just eats a tablespoon worth?
Beans of every sort are great sources of protein.  All beans, not just dry beans!

This is another time when we can get creative.  3 ounces of meat is what is considered a proper serving.  I don't know many that follow that.  People tend to eat a great deal more per meal.  It is not necessary.
Look at mixing items and coming up with new recipes.
An example I can offer - when making taco meat - I always add beans (using less meat).  Chili or veggie soup - lesser amounts of meat and lots of beans.

Mix brown rice and cheeses
Oatmeal and milk
Bean and walnut (or whatever nut you want) salad
Beans and cheese   ------   this is a flavor combo I LOVE
Lentil soup or casserole.  Lentil burgers are very tasty.
Bean soup, slit pea soup and cornbread
Mix rice and beans - can be spicy or mild
Black bean burgers - can be so tasty!
Small amount of meat with veggie stir fry - over rice
Peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread
Refried beans on whole wheat tortillas
Oat muffins
Red bean salad - yum

You can make meatless dishes by adding grains as well.  You need to make sure they are complete proteins  (whole grains).  In other words brown rice instead of white rice - whole grain bread not white.  Those are the healthy options.
Whole grains can be quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, rye, oats, wheat, barley, spelt and corn.  Look at adding more of these items and lessening the meat.
Legumes are wonderful - (plants that have pods with rows of seeds inside).  Chickpeas, beans, lentils, peanuts, alfalfa, etc.
NOTE:  1 cup dried beans will expand to about 2 1/2 cups when cooked!

You can also add protein to drinks and meals with protein powders - which can be purchased at health stores and even places like WM and drug stores sell it now.  I love protein shakes - I add those on many days when I eat meatless.
I do meatless or lesser meat more and more.
I have made these shakes before.  I use regular milk and maybe a splash of almond extract or vanilla extract.  So yummy.  
I often make shakes/smoothies using milk, fruit (or plain) yogurt and ice cubes and fruit (often use canned) and a scoop of protein powder.

Let us just remember that we do not have to worry about our health if we realize that we have so many cost saving alternatives.  
This is just another example of USE LESS - SAVE MONEY - EAT WELL!!!!!!!!!  
You never need to feel deprived.  Food is such a fun way to experiment and find new and tasty ways of creating.

Meat production will be back to  normal again.  Prices will be back to more normal.  People will be healthy again.

BREATHE and don't PANIC - these days are as good as we make them!!!!
Make yours great!



  1. When you do eat meat be sure and save those bones and make a beef bone broth/stock or chicken stock. They will make bean and or veggie dishes all the more flavor full.

    1. BEST broth/stock ever!!!!!! It sure does make good flavoring and wastes nothing.

      Thanks for that reminder!

  2. Replies
    1. You go!!!! I am not quite so disciplined. I still eat meat but not nearly as much as I used to.

    2. Hi Cheryl. For me it's not a disciplined or hard thing as I've been a veghead most of my life. Though I did have a brief dance with meat when I thought I was going to cookery school. However, quickly, my body wanted veg again and so for me, it's an easy choice.

  3. And since I don't buy (or eat), eggs, cheese, milk, meats or any of that, I haven't seen the markup in prices. In fact, the opposite. Our local store had a huge sale on produce, PLUS 10 percent off at the register. I say it a lot. GO PLANTS!

    1. WOOHOO - there are many benefits!!!!!

    2. I love it. Been like this most my life. I love it.

  4. This was such a good post. I started reading it as I was eating a tuna sandwich so now I know. We probably do eat too much protein in our household.

    1. Tuna is a good source of protein and not all fatty. I love tuna. I use tuna often instead of other meat.

  5. I love beans and so do my kids. The girls are coming at noon today and asked if they could bring lunch, I said I made a large pot of navy bean soup and they both said , Oh good. They are anxious for my homemade soup. I love meat, but I can easily cut back. We have a plethora of eggs right now, about 5-7 a day. But we give them away to elderly neighbors, and I won't stop that unless I have to, and even then I will probably give out 1/2 dozens.

    1. I love navy bean or pinto bean soup. So good and down home. A big old piece of cornbread next to it. OH YUM!
      Glad you get to see the girls!!!!!!
      How super nice to share your eggs. I am sure they appreciate them so much.

  6. I am a meat eater but can happily have a few vegetarian meals a week and I have cut back due to the cost factor. I won't cut it out entirely as I do suffer from anemia and it has been quite severe at times so need to be careful.
    But you are correct in saying that we don't need nearly as much as we think we do and many days I'm quite happy to have eggs or cheese or grains/beans instead.
    I am good about my fruit & veg though - in Canada we are encouraged to eat 7 to 10 servings per day and I do try to ensure that happens - I'm just missing my daily salads at the moment as greens only keep for so long and I'm trying to only shop when I have to. I have lots of other veg though and I'll be out later in the week so more salads to come.

    1. I would say you need to be careful. Yes indeed, we do eat too much. I also have my occasional meals of salad or baked potato or eggs/cheese - but I do like meat. I guess my biggest love is cheese and milk!
      7- 10 is great. I like fresh salads - but use other things now and call it salad! Maybe fresh carrots or pepper slices, coleslaw or cabbage, olives or pickles - whatever I have on hand.

  7. Thanks for the tips. I have a family of meat lovers, but I try to cut back on meat. I use one chicken breast for fried rice or stir fry so they don't realize how little meat is there. Or extra beans and tomatoes in chili.
    But I think things are going to get much worse, and I haven't been able to buy any beef for a month. I need to come up with more meatless meals, and I have a son who doesn't like dried beans.

    1. You might want to experiment with smashed blacks beans and oats to make burgers - they are quite good.
      Stir fry is a great way to stretch meat. Meatloaf can have added oats, crackers or bread. Make meatloaf burgers! I do that often.
      Baked potatoes with all the fixin's. Lots of fun things.
      Hope you are able to come up with some good ideas.

  8. Hello! Thought I'd weigh in and say that as a vegetarian of 22 years and a recently converted vegan, I know I can live quite happily without meat. We raised our children as vegetarians as well and they are certainly not undernourished!! It is totally possible to skip the meat...as you say better for us and better for the environment.
    Realistically though I doubt that everyone will ever give up meat entirely but if everyone cut it back a lot, maybe our earth might have a chance to recover forests and fields.
    I do pop in from time to time and just had to leave a comment.

    1. Hi Evi. I am glad you have made such a stand in your life and that you promoting it. You are not alone here, as there are other vegetarians here as well.
      I don't think I could go totally meatless unless I had to. I like it! I also love milk and cheese and I have tried and don't like the alternatives.
      But I am so proud of people that make life choices and stick to them.
      Good for you!!! Thank you for checking in. Don't be a stranger!

  9. Roger was always a meat eater, and me not so much. Now I am more than I was...but I could and do have meals where I am just as happy without. If I have mac n cheese and green beans and a tomato, that is a meal fit for a king! LOL

    I used to take peanutbutter and crackers to work..and eat as I worked...I had my thermos jug of ice water...for pnutbutter and crackers with ice water is/was always one of my favorite snacks. Or as at work, was a meal lots of times.

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