Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Quit Buying It - MAKE IT!!!!!

We are definitely a people of convenience.  We like things easy.  We seem to be spoiled!
When did this happen?  I guess  everyone got busy with family, work, and life in general and BOOM - the advertisers and manufacturers caught on.

They inundate with these simple and easy products - makes life better!  Not really.  There are so many "ingredients" in many of these items that you can not even pronounce - let alone know what it is.  They cost more.  They aren't that healthy.
You know our ancestors were surely of the notion that if you can't pronounce it or know what it is - DON'T eat it!!!!!  Yep, smart!

There are just so many things that we can make at home - for pennies.  Not only does it save money, it also helps the environment (no packaging), it is healthier, and just tastes better.  It may take a few minutes - but we should all go for it.

Things to MAKE at home and NOT buy:
  • Shredded cheese - so super easy to do ourselves.  The stuff you buy already shredded has anti-clumping agents added and that stuff isn't natural.  You can shred and freeze for cooking later.  (freeze on a pan then package).
  • Cookies, cakes, brownies, sweet breads and all other sweet snacks.  So easy and costs little.  No preservatives or mystery ingredients
  • Jams - make freezer jam or refrigerator jam.  You can make with no pectin - fruit and sugar - boil till thickened.  No need for canning
  • Pancakes, waffles, and as Diana mentioned in yesterdays replies to post - French toast.  You can add nuts, berries, wheat, granola, anything extra you want.  They are so much tastier.  Great for stocking the freezer.  You can still pop in a toaster to reheat. 
  • Biscuits (or scones depending where you are!)  So easy and cheap to make and there is just nothing like the taste of a fresh warm homemade biscuit.
  • Soups (all kinds), chili, stews, etc.  Throw whatever you have together and make a tasty hearty soup.  No preservatives like store bought.
  • Lettuce, cabbage, carrots, all veggies - chop your own!!!!  It costs more for those bags of pre-chopped items.  It seems to go bad quicker as well
  • Hard boiled eggs - I have seen these at the grocery and just shake my head!!!  They are like 2/$3!!  Crazy
  • NO take-out coffee.  Make your own at home.  Make it weak, strong  - however you like it.  You can add extras and flavorings.  Soooooo much cheaper from home
  • Ice cream sandwiches - use homemade cookies and ice cream.  You can use any flavor ice cream and any type cookie.  Chocolate chip, oatmeal, M&M, chocolate, etc.  Roll in sprinkles or nuts if you want to fancy them up.  Kids and adults alike will LOVE these.
  • Flavored water - add fruit juice, herbs (mint or lemon balm), squeeze of lemon, lime or orange, etc.
  • Popcorn - easy and just yummy to pop your own (not microwave stuff).  Super cheap to buy a bag of popcorn kernals
  • Bread crumbs or croutons - use your own bread or stale bread.  Grind bread or crackers (plain or flavored) for crumbs.  Remember you can also slightly grind oats as well.  Leftover crumbs from chip bags, oh so many ideas.
  • Homemade breakfast biscuits or breakfast burritos.  Make up and wrap and freeze.  Pull them out as needed and quickly warm up in microwave (or in a pan or oven).  You can add whatever you want  - eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, cheese - whatever you have.  Sure is cheaper and better for you than McD's.
  • Cut your own fruit - those little packs of pre-cut fruit are so stinking expensive.  Last time I looked I saw a small box of watermelon chunks (cut) for 8.99 (there wasn't even a pound)!  I can buy a couple whole watermelons for that (when in season).  Just take a little time and cut your own.
  • Do it yourself with meat.  Cut up a whole chicken, buy a loin and cut in chops/roast yourself, cut up your own stew meat, etc.  It is almost always more expensive to buy pre-cut or deboned or skinless.  It isn't that hard to do - it does take practice.  Heck it is your house - it doesn't have to be pretty until you get the hang of it.
  • Dressings - so easy to make.  A little oil and a little vinegar (balsamic is good), sugar, herbs, or your own ingredients and milk or buttermilk (make your own).  Add some mustard or flavored mustards, ketchup, pickle juice, mayo - mix stuff together and make your own.    ALSO think about making your own BBQ sauces - ketchup, molasses, Worcestershire, chili sauce, grape jelly (or any flavor), soy sauce...... there is no limit to making a great BBQ
I know not everyone has extra frig or freezer room - but some things are just so much cheaper to make and store for the future.  They taste so much better.

There is just no limit to what we can make ourselves.  Yogurt, brown sugar, tortillas, spice mixes, baking mixes, salsa, guacamole, any types pasta sauces, hummus, powdered sugar...… the list goes on and on.
This doesn't just include food - think cleaning products, soap, crafty items - explore other possibilities.

So get creative and make your own.  Save your money for something you want or for the future instead of spending on expensive and unhealthy items. 



  1. Cut up fruit drives me crazy in the markets also frozen pancakes... yuck,haven't had one but yuck.

    1. Expensive on the fruit for sure. I had frozen pancakes (store bought) years ago - but it has been years. Wasn't impressed.

  2. Yes.Yes.Yes to all the above. Home made is so much healthier and tastier.

  3. The only one I haven't done is cut up my own meat. First, I cannot tolerate any meat with bones in it, so cutting up a chicken is impossible. I don't cook a whole chicken or turkey because so much of the meat goes to waste, because none of my family like the dark meat. I just wait until there is a really good sale on boneless chicken breasts and stock up then. I have cut up boneless roasts for stew meat or pork chops though.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. I don't really like the dark meat either - but I will use it is soups and that is ok. Breast meat is my favorite as well - so I understand.

  4. I make most things from scratch at home. I made fruit scones today, cheese scones last week. I don't have so much freezer space now but still manage to freeze some. I make big pots of soup in the winter and freeze it in old repurposed pots which just holds two servings. It tastes better, is healthier and I know what's in it.

    1. Yum - your scones sound good. Anything we make and put back is just a gift at some other time. No work another day! Love homemade soup and it is even better the second time around.

  5. What a wonderful post Cheryl.
    We all need to be reminded of this, thank you.
    Pam in TX.x

    1. Thanks Pam. Hope it helps keep us all on the frugal train!

  6. We make many of these. We occasionally buy popsicles for the freezer, & do have some "cheats", that we deploy. Now that we have no commute time, we're trying to do away with those.

    1. Each little thing helps and some people have more time now. I have bought popsicles myself. We all have our 'cheats' now and then!

  7. I have always thought I need to make pancakes to freeze, but never have. It is not something we have very often. Even less since the girls are gone.

    1. They sure are nice to have on hand. Make a mess once and enjoy later!!!!