Sunday, May 24, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 5/24

Good morning everyone.  This is the unofficial start of summer here in the U.S..  Memorial Day weekend.
I ask that each of you - whether in America or abroad - take a moment to say a prayer and be thankful for all the men and women who have given ALL for your freedoms.  So many have unselfishly given the ultimate sacrifice.  Just a prayer for them and their families.

Well the temps have finally hit the unofficial summer as well!!  We have had a full range of weather this week.  It went from feeling like March to feeling like July in a couple days!  Crazy.  Yesterday we had an afternoon storm come through here and it was awful!  You could not see the house across the road it was raining so hard and wind, wind, wind.  I have a lake in the backyard again!

I have had a gazillion of those whirly gigs that fall off the maples every where.  You can mow and then the yard is covered in a hour or so.  Finally they have about run their course and now the tulip tree is releasing it's flowers all over the place!  They are every where.
At least they are pretty!  Between stuff falling from the trees and the pollen count being so high - all I can say is ACHOO!
It sure feels like anything but a holiday weekend in our area.  My county (the state capital) still is not fully open.  Can't go in a restaurant (outside only), no getting your hair done yet, many small businesses still closed, limited church, and not much going in the way of family gatherings.
NO 500 MILE RACE!  First time in my life - that it isn't happening on the holiday weekend.  Yes, it has been rained on before and stretched over a few days - but not since WWII has it not happened.  It is rescheduled for August.   So no parades,  no special town parties, no running relays, nothing special.  It sure is different.
We each make our days special.  Make your day or weekend what you want it to be.  We woke up today - so the day is indeed special.

My week:
  • Well, I have 110 gallons of water in the rain barrels - IF I ever need it!!!!  LOL  Chances of rain every day for the next week!  Good grief I could have had 5X that if I had more barrels.
  • I have used the dehumidifier water in the laundry twice this week
  • Cut my hair
  • I made a run to the drive up at the bank this week and then went to the greenhouse for plants
  • I got some veggie plants and flowers.  
  • I made up planters and hanging pots with flowers.  I did a total of 12 and only used about $35 worth of flowers.  Planters and hanging baskets at the greenhouse were selling for $25 and $30+ each - so I saved a small fortune!!!!!
  • I have pulled so many stinking weeds.  They just keep growing!!!!!  All the rain sure isn't helping my efforts.  I pulled and pulled and pulled some more!  (oh my aching back)
  • I got the garden area all mowed off again and tilled.  It hasn't been tilled since 2018 spring - so it was a JOB!  I worked tilling and tilling one day and then raked and tilled more.  Next day I added all the wood ash I had and then tilled and raked again.  It looks good - just can't get to it to plant!!!!!!!!!!!  It is flooded all around it at the moment.   SIGH!!!
                                My little Mantis tiller.  Works like a charm and just my size!
  • I am dog sitting the neighbors dog again this weekend.  He stays home - I just go let him out and feed, water and play with him.
  • Made up a bowl a cauliflower salad using what I had on hand.  Enough for a few days
  • My brother brought me 2 cherry tomato plants he grew in his greenhouse. (The first I saw any family in person since 2/29!)
  • I have made smoothies/shakes a few times this week as a treat 
  • Replaced my garden flag and mailbox cover with summer and patriotic ones
  • No grocery shopping at all this week
  • Did get all the yard mowed and partially trimmed before the downpour yesterday
  • No AC yet!  Will probably happen later today for a bit - it will be hot and humid later.  Used heat one morning this week.
  • Windows open and ceilings fans  - loving the fresh air (except for the sneezing/allergies)
My menu this past week:
Cube steak, steamed cauliflower/carrots with cheese sauce
Tamale pie (from freezer) and leftover veggies and cheese sauce
Parmesan pasta with peas and chicken tenders
Chicken and fresh veggie roll-up  (used extra chicken tenders)
Tortilla chips with melted cheese and salsa   --  I was too tired to cook anything
Egg/veg/meat omelet round on bagel
Cheeseburger and cauliflower salad

                                            Parmesan pasta with peas and chicken tenders
My omelet round on bagel.  It sure was yummy.  Egg, bell pepper, onion, diced jalapeno beef stick.  It was bigger than the bagel - so I cut to fit and then just ate the rest as is.

How was your week?  Were you able to save any money?  I think it is easier to do now that most people are staying close to home! (Unless shopping on-line - EEK).
Do you have big plans for the coming week?
Stop by and say hello and let us know what is going on around your home.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy.  If you are getting with family for a special day/celebration - stay safe BUT have fun!!!!
Blessings to you all from my humble little home to yours.



  1. Stores with street entrances (no malls) were allowed to open last Tuesday but many aren't ready to open as yet and others are sticking with curb side delivery rather than allowing people into the store itself. I picked up a new bra at my favourite lingerie shop but it felt a bit like doing a drug sale (not that I know what that's about) - I ordered and paid online and then arranged a pick up time. Knocked on the door, gave my name - I was then handed a brown paper bag out a door that was barely opened 6 inches! Very strange.

    I have ordered more things online the past few weeks but I am now going to cut back on this practice. I intend to take a serious look at what I have - food, clothing and household goods and make plans for the next 6 months. All our experts seem very certain that a second wave will be here in the Fall and that, combined with normal cold & flu season, it will be very bad and we will be shut down again. I work for a church and we might be lucky if we are allowed to open for a couple of months before being shut down again. (I do as much as I can from home and a Youtube service is produced each week). I'm thinking about things like, extra baking supplies, a bread machine, extra PJ's and entertainment such as crafts/books/puzzles etc. for entertainment plus filling any gaps in my pantry.

    They loosened up some of the restrictions in parks this weekend and one big city park was a nightmare yesterday - way too many people!!! Doctors, the premier and the mayor have gone ballistic! It's beautiful here today so more police will be deployed - the mayor & the premier will be there and everyone has been warned - either behave or things will be shut down again immediately! What I've seen on TV seems to show groups of young people - no masks and way too close to each other. We've had a rise in transmission that can be traced back to Mother's Day and now we'll probably have another spike in two weeks time due to this weekend!

    The premier is now on TV telling everyone who feels they need to get tested to go - we have testing centres everywhere now and tests available and we're being told to go even if you don't have symptoms but may be worried about exposure - no doctor's note needed, take your family with you - you will not be turned away and of course, there is no cost.

    I tend to stay home on the weekends and go for my walk early in the morning during the week just to avoid any potential crowds. Thunder storms are rolling in tomorrow afternoon and are to be around all week so that should help to keep people at home. I may do a quick shop for fresh food during senior hour tomorrow morning but won't go out again until Friday if the weather is as bad as expected.

    Enjoy your garden and stay safe!

    PS - I found yeast this week!!

    1. LOL - that is funny on picking up the bra. It would seem somehow elicit! I have ordered nothing on line and don't intend too.
      As far as what the 'experts' say - I don't think there are any. They all say something different - so who to believe. I am skeptical of them all.

      It is wise to keeps things stocked up for sure - we just never know what new crisis might hit. Personal or public.

      I'll enjoy that garden if I ever get it planted and they grow!!!
      Take care

  2. It was a bit of an expensive week for me, since I finally got around to changing over the tires on my car and replacing the wipers. Add to that groceries and some items for the garden. I'm grateful to be on a pension as it means there is a guaranteed income coming in.

    Enjoy planting your garden, when you get the opportunity! Why weeds are able to do so well is beyond's not fair. :)

    1. Glad we don't have to change tires for winter/summer. I remember as a kid Dad had chains on his tires in winter. That guaranteed income is nice!

      Weeds will grow when nothing else will!
      Have a good one

  3. Cheryl, the Coca Cola 600 IS RUNNING today! 6pm Eastern time. I assume that's what you were referencing?

    Yea for the gardening! I ordered 6 cherry tomato plants and she gave me 10 because "they were small". Holy that's a LOT of tomatoes.

    1. No - the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race is what I was referring. It happens Sunday of Memorial Day weekend every year. I am not a big race fan - but many are and many backyard BBQ's were always planned around the listening to the race all around the world.
      It brings in millions of people and millions in revenue to the city.
      Yep, that is a lot of cherry tomato plants! You will have them coming out your ears. I love just eating them like candy!!!!!

      Have a good weekend

  4. Our garden is too wet to plant seeds ..I did plant the tomato and pepper plants though in the mud. Hope they make it. We are burning up today..summer is here in one day. I ordered a bread machine too.might just come in handy.
    Have,a great day.

    1. It is hot here as well today. Humid as well. Hope your plants do good. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next day or two here.

      A bread machine is a good thing to have - I like it just to do the mixing and rising.
      Have a good one.

  5. Hi Cheryl, I read every post you write and learn from you as I read. Thank you for sharing how your days progress, your home/garden/yard work your weekly menu, life as it is now.

    1. Glad to have you here Joy. Thank you so much. I hope I inspire someone just a little now and then!
      Just sharing makes life seem a little less lonely.
      Have a great one

  6. I love me my Mantis, too! I got the first one about 35 years ago. Had problems with the engine from the get-go, finally got tired of getting it going (loved it when it went!) and sold it when we moved to Idaho. About 10 years ago I bought the Troy Bilt version. Didn't like it nearly as much. It had a Tecumseh engine that was discontinued shortly after and eventually we couldn't get tune-up parts. I sold it as-is for $25 when we moved again two years ago. Last year, I asked a friend (who can find ANYTHING) to look for a Mantis for me. He found a one-year-old Mantis, with HONDA engine, for $50, and rebuilt the carburetor for $35. The Mantis of my dreams! We had the same Honda mower for 32 years and sold it to someone who is still using it. I expect to love this Honda/Mantis for the rest of my days!

    The Mantis is perfect for the woman who gardens and doesn't get much help.

    The reason the woman got rid of the Mantis after one year, even with a Honda engine, is that she didn't drain the fuel and it wouldn't start the next year. She thought it was a dud.

    1. Forgot to add, the Mantis sells for about $400 new.

    2. You are right they are perfect for women. I love it. You went through some trial and error before getting it right!

      Mine came from the trash!!!! Our best friend found it in the trash and sent it home with hubby as a gift for me. Later that day he suddenly passed away.
      It was the last kind gesture he did for me - so I hope to keep this little tractor forever!

    3. Yep, that mixed fuel will clog things up if not careful.

  7. How about something to make your head spin lol?! My friend works for a wealthy San Francisco family and they get take out for lunch every day from a local eatery. Yesterday was 3 pasta dishes, 2 orders of avocado toast, and two cookies for.......ready?! $239.59.
    Wrap your head around that, if you can. I can't even bring myself to pay for a pasta dinner, let alone one that expensive!! She couldn't resist telling me cuz she had just done her 4 week grocery shopping for the same size family for $280.

    Had a good and quiet week. Got to Aldi for a stock up. Lots of rain and more expected. Hot today. My flowers are so beautiful.

    1. Debby, did that include the tip? LOLOLOLOL

    2. Yep, the tax was probably more than what we spend on a meal!!!

    3. Holy cow! That is ridiculous. I can't even imagine. Definitely more money than sense!!!!
      How is it possible that that amount of food could possibly cost that much??

      Rain - oh so much rain! I hope to get the garden in today. No rain predicted until later. Everyday there is some predicted.
      Glad you got to Aldi. I haven't been in a long while.

  8. This was my errands week, and I went to Aldi and the local grocery store, bringing my monthly grocery total to $283, though I bought no fresh meat and very few paper products during the month.
    I also went to the local nursery and bought cherry tomato, green bell pepper and marigold plants. Spent less than $10. The plants I had grown from seed are just too small to produce this year, though I did plant them just to see what happens. Won't be trying to grow tomatoes and peppers from seed again. I just don't have enough light in the house. The rest of the garden is doing well. Carrots and green onions are up, as are the flower seeds I planted last week. I will pick the first spinach today. The strawberries are covered in blossoms and little strawberries. When they ripen I hope to get to them before the chipmunk does!
    My lesson in frugality this week was giving my sewing machine a deep cleaning instead of buying a new one. It is an all-mechanical Singer clone (made by White) that I bought in 2006. It sees hard use, especially in the past few years of sewing quilts for Project Linus. I clean the bobbin area frequently and clean and lube the gears in the bottom of the machine every few quilts, but had not taken apart the top of the machine. I found that the belt had slipped a little off the top wheel, causing the bobbin winder to not work. Good thorough cleaning removed lots of lint, aligned the belt properly, and it is working fine again. I do think I will order a new belt, but I sure didn't want to have to buy a new machine. Funny how the owner's manual doesn't tell you how to take care of the machine beyond cleaning the bobbin area. Almost like they want it to break so you have to buy a new one.
    This week is to be very hot and humid, so I will be staying in, sewing and reading. I plan to get another e-book from the library.
    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week!

    1. Glad you are caught up on supplies.
      I bet those little plants will produce - just a little later. Once you get them outside in the sun and rain - they will thrive. All plants start itty bitty!!!!

      Good job on maintaining the sewing machine. It probably would be wise to order a new belt to have on hand. Just in case.
      Stay cool and safe.

  9. Flying my flag today and saying a prayer.
    Such a sad time for our country and our world.
    I'm sure your flowers are going to be so pretty. Great job on the tilling. I had hoped to expand my raised beds but don't think it will happen this year.
    We are going to grill some burgers, and I have a watermelon chilling. Going to pressure wash porch so I can paint it tomorrow.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Flying mine as well. So many gave all for us. It is sad.
      Watermelon sounds so good! YUM. I had a burger yesterday - today is just tuna patties fried and salad.
      I have been garden planting - and boy is it hot! WOOHOO - finally!!!!!!
      Have a great one

  10. Enjoyed your column, as always, today!

    We are not alike in a few ways---I do not have a garden...did 50+ years ago--lots of work! A few years ago, I bought tomatoes in containers at the Home Depot. When they started to get little tomatoes, they became covered in those nasty green caterpillars. That sting! Must have been eggs in the soil. I got so grossed out picking them off,that I threw them in the garbage. And my lanai is covered with screen! Decided I'll get them at the store.

    DH and I do not eat bread (rarely anyway), so I do not have a bread machine. Everyone seems to be baking bread and needing yeast and flour and so on. I, again, many years ago, used to do it by hand. We all loved it---the boys would eat a warm loaf with butter after school! My recipe made 4 loaves. Great for toast. I keep thinking "I need to get a bread machine"..but then remember NO--we aren't eating bread! haha. When the kids are home for a visit, I buy good bread from the Publix bakery. Whatever might be left, I freeze. If I get a craving for toast, I just grab a slice from the freezer!

    Same with canning---used to can tomatoes, peaches, bread and butter pickles,and so on. As life got busy and crazy I gave away all my canning stuff. HUGE pots and so on--where to store them in Florida with no basement? Now I keep stocked up on commercially canned stuff. Life does change, doesn't it?

    Happy Memorial Day!

    1. We are all different and do things differently. Not a thing wrong with that. Storage would be hard with no basement - especially for seasonal stuff.

      I go through stage with bread - sometimes hardly none and then other times I eat a lot.
      Oh gross on the tomato worms - I hate those things. So dang ugly.

      Yes mam life do change indeed!! I just keep adjusting and doing new things and different things. Don't know if I will ever get used to being alone. Sure is lonely.
      I guess that is part of life as well.

      Good job to you and doing what you do. Stay well.
      Happy Memorial Day to you as well.