Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Eat and Shop Well

I know we have all been posting a lot about stocking the pantries - but it is very important.
The purpose is important - and we see ever-present reminders each and every day in our daily life.  Don't get left behind.
Today we look at it all in a little different view - but still all about stocking.

1.  Buy things that can be used in many ways.  The more versatile the item the better.  It will help when you need to get creative.
Tomato products can be used in so many ways
Flour - bread, biscuits, gravy, baking, pancakes.....
Beans - so many uses.  Eat as a side or main meal, they are protein, mixed with other things - filling
Oats - eat for breakfast, mix in breads/muffins, grind into flour......
Think of new uses for everything!!!

2.  Build that pantry/freezer - add, add, add ALL the basics.  Basics are so important.  All baking goods, canned/frozen meats, veggie & fruit, dry goods like pasta and rice

3.  Always have eggs.  They are a huge protein.  Keep eggs in dehydrated form, fresh, frozen and even boxed egg replacement if necessary.  If you aren't allergic - eggs are very important and can be added to or become so many meals.

4.  MAKE bread, biscuits, scones, tortillas, etc. from scratch!!!!  LEARN - it isn't that hard to do.  No need to depend on the grocery stores - and homemade taste so much better
American biscuits

5.  Buy no drinks - except milk and maybe juice.  Pop and all the sugar laden drinks are not only bad for you, but they are expensive and cause a lot of trash.  Stay simple and drink water, tea, coffee and maybe Kool-Aid.  Work with flavoring your water if you have a problem drinking it plain - a splash of fruit juice or infuse with fruit!

6.  Make your own broth and stock with bones and scraps!  This is so easy and has so much more flavor and nutritional value than the stuff you buy premade.  Cook those bones down - cook down veggie scraps and make something else that you can use!   USE IT - DON'T WASTE IT!
Keep bacon grease - great flavoring for about anything
Make schmaltz - rendered chicken skins for the fat!  This stuff is gold.  Render down and jar and refrigerate.  So many uses for any meat fats (great flavoring)

7.  Have a supply of spices and herbs for flavoring.  You can flavor and supplement even the blandest of dishes/foods to taste good.  Keep all the basics and add a few that would be used on occasion.

8.  Use older veggies in soups, casseroles, grate them into breads or smoothies or soups, sautee them, roast them.  Know that you can soak many limp veggies in ice water and they regain their vibrancy.  Don't let veggies go to waste.  Figure a way to use the less desirable looking ones.  You can trim off parts (and compost that) and use the rest.  Waste is not acceptable in hard times.

9.  Shop seasonal!!!!!  Buy, grow, and partake in seasonal foods.  If you have an abundance - dry, freeze or can for later.  Seasonal is always cheapest.  Oranges in July are much more expensive than oranges in December (in U.S.).  Strawberries in May/June are cheaper than in November (in U.S.). 
Veggies can liven up even the most basic of foods such as rice or pasta.  Fresh is healthy.  Enjoy the seasons while you can.

10.  Your freezer and pantry is your FRIEND - USE THEM!!!!  Stock up when possible - buy things when they are cheaper and on sale.  Look for clearance goods
Cook once and make more than one meal.  Freeze extra meals and be prepared when you have less time.
Pre-cook things like bacon or ground meat - it is handy and ready to use (freeze or can)
Use up all odd pieces of meat and scraps in soups, stews, and casserole,  Stir fry is an option for odds and ends as well.
Cook ahead - beans, lasagna, soups, etc.  You will be glad to have these things on hand at a later date.
Have some jar mixes on hand - things you can simply add water or broth to and cook.  Great to keep jar recipes in the pantry.  You can have all kinds of things ready to go.

11.  ADD something every week.  Maybe add a bag of dry beans or rice, canned goods, meat or canned meat.  Make jelly or jam.  Can pickles, kraut, tomatoes, beans, whatever you will need and use later.
Also add to your medicinal supplies, pet foods, canning supplies, canned foods, health and beauty, ANYTHING that you and your family regularly use.  You will be glad you did.

12.  Keep plain yogurt on hand.  There are so many uses for it.  You can add whatever you want to flavor it, you can make dips - use in cooking/baking.  It is very useful.

IF you turn on the news - it sounds like the zombie apocalypse is soon to be upon us!!!!!  The world is all crazy and upside down right now.  Common sense & courtesy seems to have totally disappeared. 
ONLY YOU can prepare your home for you and your family.  It is a wise thing to do in these times. 
Stay vigil and ALWAYS be ready for whatever may get thrown in your path. 

SPREAD love and peace when you can.  Be prepared.  Be vigil.  Stay safe.
Blessings to you all!


  1. I have a 5 pound chub of ground beef thawing today for a recipe that calls for 1 and a half pounds. I'm going to cook it all and then freeze what is left for other meals.

    1. Well laid plans!!! Love it - it sure will come in handy later one.

  2. In Item 11, you mention other things to add to your household preparedness stock besides food. I would also mention to be sure your basics for home maintenance are stocked. Depending on your level of do-it-yourself confidence, many simple home repairs can be made with little effort and a lot of savings over having to hire a professional. I keep the working parts for our toilet, furnace and A/C filters, basic tools and an assortment of fasteners, Gorilla glue, duct tape, WD-40, etc. on hand at all times. When my toilet flush kit quit working earlier this year, I had it fixed in 1/2 hour. My neighbor's quit, and it took literally months of flushing with a bucket before her husband finally got around to fixing it!

    If you heat with fuel oil and can afford to, look into getting your order in and tank filled as soon as you can. You will avoid a long wait and can lock in a lower summertime price.

    Check your refrigerator and freezer temperatures. Are they doing the job? Are all the seals clean and sealing properly? I just ordered a new refrigerator because mine is 17 years old and has been cycling more often than usual the past few months. It has to be ordered and will take 6 to 8 weeks to be delivered. I'd sure hate for it to fail and then have to order one with that kind of lead time!

    1. Fantastic suggestions.
      I always have all kinds of glue and tapes on hand. Nails, screws, etc. We had a hardware go out of business a few years back and I got all kinds of toilet parts on sale 50% off!

      Good tip on heating oil as well. Maybe even extra propane for the grill or charcoal/fluid if a regular grill.
      I keep 5 gal. of gasoline on hand as well - use for tools and then empty in car if needed.

      I don't even want to think about replacing frig. Good luck with that.
      Great suggestions!!!!!

    2. Great ideas. I just read Frances' home fix it ideas to my husband. He said he thought that was smart. He has some of it but plans to make a list of more. He has to go to Menards later this week so he'll get it then. I'm also wanting a couple of food safe buckets.

      The rest is just a little more each trip. It was fortunate that just before this happened, I bought a big bag of yeast at Sam's. I freeze it and it lasts for years. I hear yeast is a scarcity.

      I'm very interested in the powdered eggs. Where are they usually located in the store?
      Are fresh eggs easy to freeze and reuse in baking?

    3. I love that you read that to your husband!!! I love when everyone gets on board.
      A little at a time sure makes for a prepared homeowner.
      I have a lot of yeast in the freezer as well - have had some for ages.
      I get the powdered eggs in the baking section of the store.
      At Kroger they are called Egg Replacer - brand Ener-G Foods. They can be used by people who can't eat eggs. No egg or egg product in it. Great for baking (mainly).
      You can also dehydrate scrambled eggs for future use.
      I freeze eggs in muffins tins (one per) to use for cooking/baking.
      There are also egg subs you can get in the frig section to cook like fresh eggs. I have never had those yet.
      Hope that helps

  3. Great suggestions. I'm trying to stock up a little at a time on foodstuffs
    I ordered an extra set of sheets since I was down to one set on my bed. I think I will get hubby and kids some extra undies and socks. If they don't need them now, I'll save them for Christmas gifts. Won't they be thrilled ;)

    1. Good ideas. I think we should get anything we think we may need for the next 6 months or so. Better safe than sorry.

  4. My daughter and I have been looking at increasing our food stock in case of another lockdown. Just over a week ago I bought some plain flour from Aldi's, Whitworths, so know it is ok, £3.99 for 10 kilos but no self raising. Well that's ok as you can add baking powder to plain flour. Yesterday she called at Aldi's and that one had the self raising flour, 10 kilos so she got that. We will share it but she will need more than me as their family is 5, the three boys have adult meals.

    1. Great that you have someone you share your stocks with. I always buy all purpose and just add the other ingredient. I hope you bot get well stocked. It may be so very important.

  5. I just love your posts. I do most everything you list, so I really don't need to take the advice, but I love that you are out there giving this sermon to the many that need it. I also always pick up a tip or two. I love homemade biscuits and so does my family.

    1. Thanks. Glad you are already on board. The more we remind folks the better. Some just don't understand - and the when they do it - it may be too late.
      I just keep on preachin' it!!!!!!
      Oh, homemade biscuits are the best!!!

  6. I encourage friends and family all the time - some listen - some don't. I think that living in a large city where take-out deliveries have been readily available means that some still won't bother to stock up.

    1. I agree with you. I wonder what would happen when those take-out delivery places would be closed. That could happen. Then kind of up the creek without a paddle!
      I guess they will figure it out their own way.
      Thanks for helping spread the word.

  7. Hi, fellow Hoosier!!! Earlier this week, I dehydrated mixed vegetables to use in casseroles and soups and yesterday, I dehydrated 6 lbs of ground beef.

    This is such a busy time of year, getting everything processed for later. But it feels so good to have it on hand when I need it. I am also buying toilet paper ahead as I don't want to get caught with my pants down again. Ha!!

    Have a great week!!!

    1. Hello there! Sounds like you have been busy and productive! That is fantastic. Yes, it is that time of the year.
      Glad you are getting ready for the future and getting your priorities taken care of.
      No you sure don't want to be caught with your pants down!!! LOL
      Have a good one

  8. All excellent tips, Cheryl! You lovely readers always have something worthwhile to add. I'm with Ms Unknown: don't want to get caught with my pants down again...ha! Will definitely have a supply of paper products for us and for anyone who is in need. Buying a little along is so smart I don't understand why all folks don't do that.