Sunday, July 5, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/5

Good morning my friends.

Those of you who have followed for a while know how much I hate fireworks!!!  Last night was the worst year yet!  It was nerve wracking and horrifying.  Think a professional fireworks display X50 surrounding you on all sides and lasting for 5 1/2 hours NON-STOP!!!!  It was a nightmare.  I cried for all the poor animals.
Recession, no money for food or bills - didn't seem so in my neighborhood.  There had to be 10's of thousands of dollars spent on fireworks for just last night, just in my area.
OK - I am sorry for the rant and negativity.  I was just so upset and I am really tired today - not much sleep.
P.S. - my kitties were all here this morning for breakfast as were the squirrels.  So happy!

It has been HOT this week - my goodness.  We got some rain at the first of week and then yesterday  evening at about 6:30 a decent rain storm came through - thank goodness it wet everything down.  It was much appreciated.  I have been watering everything like crazy this week.
Garden is growing nicely.  Finally getting blooms on the cucumbers and they are now vining.  Pepper plants are growing some.  We have broken records for the number of consecutive 90*+ days - more to come all this week.
Have seen this several times this week - this was taken at about 5PM - the heat of the day.  HOT!!!!

My week:
  • I raked the yard again - free mulch
  • Cleaned up the over growing plants on the front walk - they have been taking over again!
  • Got my registration and new plates for the Blazer JUST IN TIME!!!  YAY!
  • My dryer knob broke again (the back part).  I have repaired before a few years back - and did so again!  It is now working fine again - for free
  • I had a couple chap-stick tubes that were close to empty.  I used a toothpick and removed what was left in one and put in the other one.  Not wasting any of it!
  • Weeded garden - boy was that hot!
  • Picked a bouquet - phlox, echinacea and lilies - enjoyed them all week
  • Cut my hair
  • Made a run to Meijer this week.  I received an ad for the first time in months and what a deal they had for the holiday!  Ground beef was 1.89/lb. (limit 2 packs).  I got 2 packs which weighed close to 10 lbs. total.  I also got a watermelon for 1.99 - my goodness it is good.  I found a package of Portabella mushrooms marked down to 3.29 and I picked up some additional fresh veggies and a couple household items
You can see the 1.89 sticker here.  Did I need it?  NO  - but I will and best to buy at a cheap price
3.29 for 3 huge Portabella mushrooms.  A great deal around here

  • Ran across the street to Staples (from Meijer) and got ink for printer.  Hoping that fixes my printer problem.  First time ever in a Staples!
  • All bills for the month paid
  • Made some turkey burgers and froze extras
  • I drove over to the park just to drive around and look at the flowers.  Noticed hardly no cars at the library (it opened back up a little over a week ago).  I ran in - there were 3 people, counting me, and 2 were in computer lab.  I had the stacks all to myself!!!  I missed just browsing the aisles.  Got myself 3 books
  • Had several neighbors visit from over the fences and from the curb this week.  We all caught up on gossip!!!  
  • Made some watermelon water - using the juice left from cutting watermelon and adding to a bottle of water.  Tasty.
  • Picked 3 zucchini
Meals this past week:
Leftover zucchini skillet and a leftover veggie burger
Turkey cheese burgers
Pasta/veggie salad (lots of veggies)
Pasta/veg. salad and a pork chop sandwich (small chop already cooked from freezer)
Jalapeno/cheese stuffed Portabella and sautéed onion and peppers
stuffed mushroom topped with peppers and onion

Smaller stuffed shroom and 2 chicken tenders
Fried zucchini (yum), chicken tenders and cuke/tom/onion side salad
Munching on watermelon all week!

What did you do this week to stay frugal and add to your household?  Did you find any deals?
How are the gardens doing?
I look forward to hearing from you all.  

Stay safe, cool and healthy my friends.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. I feel for you about the fireworks. Last night was actually better than past years because a lot of municipalities around here cancelled their fireworks displays. However, we've been putting up with the amateurs for the past two weeks, usually just as I'm about to drop off to sleep. Very annoying.

    We've been suffering in the heat (mid to upper-90s) and humidity the past week with more to come this week. We don't turn on the A/C until after 5:00pm to cool the house down enough to sleep. We get all of our exercising and heat generating chores done early. Dinner (BBQ Cheeseburger Macaroni) was in the crockpot by 10:30 today. Dessert will be Jello No-Bake Cheesecake (an Aldi bargain) with blueberries and strawberry sauce.

    My tomatoes are loving the heat, and we harvested a few this week. Unfortunately, it looks like they are getting a fungus, so I'll be getting some garden fungicide tomorrow. I was over-watering the cucumbers and have cut back, so they're looking better. At least the lawn doesn't grow much during this heat, so I won't have to mow this week. We have had only 4/10 in. of rain in the past three weeks.

    I made a mistake in my Amazon order that turned out to be a good thing. I thought I was ordering 12x18 in. furnace filters but received 18x30 in.! I looked into returning them and ordering the correct size (which they did not have) and discovered that all of their filters were the same price, $4.95/ea. By cutting an 18x30 in. filter down, I can get two filters for the price of one. A frugal bonus!

    This was Aldi week, and I bought more stock for my deep pantry. Like a lot of frugality bloggers I read, I think things are going to get worse (maybe a lot worse) before they get better, especially leading up to the election in November. They've made masks mandatory any time you leave your house here, as reported virus cases have increased greatly in the couple of weeks since the bars and restaurants opened. As if I needed a reason to stay home. Like the t-shirt says, I was social distancing before it was cool!

    Our libraries are open for pick up and drop off only, and orders are limited to only books available at that library. Since I rely heavily on inter-library loan, I haven't checked anything out. I still have many unread books at home. E-books are available from the library, too.

    Took the car (a 2012 Honda CR-V) in for her annual inspection, oil change and "well car checkup". Because I had driven less than 5000 miles (3773 to be exact) in the past year, I didn't have to have an emissions test. I did have to pay for the emissions sticker ($20) and the oil change, but the state inspection is free because I have the dealership's license plate frame. Another frugal win!

    I went to an estate sale a couple of weeks ago and got two bags of yarn for $2 (which have made a good start for a knitted Project Linus blanket for a teen homeless shelter this winter) and a cookbook of southern recipes for $.25. While I was browsing, I saw a partial set of the Pyrex primary color mixing bowls that I own and mentioned here a couple of weeks ago. I was sorely tempted to buy them as back-ups, but they were $25. Another woman was looking at them, and I commented on how much joy I get from using my set and how they make me feel like I'm part of a long tradition. She looked at me like I was crazy! Oh well, some people just don't get it.

    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week!

    1. We didn't have professional fireworks around our area either - all were canceled. People sure made up for it. It was insane. It has been going on here for a couple weeks as well - but NOTHING like last night.
      Glad your garden is doing well!!!

      Good going on the Amazon order - that is a win-win. I am a natural social distancer too! Have been for years.

      Glad the car didn't cost much. I don't drive much either. I think I have about 67,000 on my vehicle and it is almost 19 years old.

      Glad you have yarn to start some projects. I love my colored Pyrex bowls - they just make you smile. I guess some people have no connection to the past whatsoever!
      Have a great week and stay cool!

  2. Staying put at home is the most frugal thing I do. :)

    We had a few fireworks in the neighbourhood on Canada Day, but I slept through them. Sorry it was so bad where you live.

    I'm grateful we don't get quite the temperatures you see. I keep my thermostat set at 76F (24C) so the a/c doesn't cut in until later in the day. I suspect that wouldn't work as well where you are.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Staying home is very frugal and for today it is SMART!
      I keep mine at 76* all the time (in summer). At least it takes the humidity out of the air and it sure feels cool compared to outside. In the winter it usually stays at 70* during the day and cooler at night.
      I think it is all about perspective!!!! LOL

      Stay well!

  3. Ditto on the fireworks. It was the same here. We took the dog out at about 6pm, then my husband set the alarm to let him out again after midnight when it was FINALLY quiet. Our yards were filled with debris. As I write, they're still popping them. I never hot the idea of making China richer to celebrate our independence lol.

    Still on my butt, four weeks into my knee injury. I'm sooo tired of sitting down! It's better but not walkable. I'm gonna have to set myself up on a schedule to accomplish what I can. I'm a busy 🐝 and this slothness is killing me!
    Not today tho as we always take it easy on Sundays.

    Husband is cooking so we're having lots of salads and sandwiches. I'm gonna coach him through crockpot sloppy Joes tonight. He just has to cook the ground beef and I can make the sloppy mix.

    We're in the oven too with no change in sight. We need rain!!!

    Enjoy your week!

    1. So sorry you are still down with your knee. That is awful, especially when you are used to being on the go. Take care.

      I don't get the stupid amount of fireworks either - there went the stimulus checks for many!!! Occasional popping here today as well.

      Sandwiches and salads sound good this kind of weather. I made taco salad today. That was easy!
      Take care and stay cool!

  4. I am so sorry about the fireworks. Glad your kitties and critters showed up for breakfast.
    We went to our town's fireworks show, and we haven't had too many people shooting them off in the neighborhood, but I live in the country. Hope you are able to get some sleep tonight.
    It has been hot here, in the 90's, and will be hot this week too.
    Sounds like you got some good deals.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. These are the times I wished I lived out in the country. I can't believe people are so rude to their neighbors.

      Stay cool and take it easy.

  5. We had the same thing with all of the fireworks here. They have been doing them for weeks now. They literally were going off all day yesterday. Oreo was going crazy. I ended up giving her some CBD oil to calm down. I know we have a vet that has Ptsd in the neighborhood. I kept thinking about him. As I type this, I hear some going off now. Guess that is what everyone bought with the money from the government.

    1. It is just so rude of people - no consideration of others at all. That could be why Momma kitty handled it a bit better this year - I give her a little CBD everyday in her food for joints. I never thought of that.
      Poor Oreo - I hope your baby calms down.

      I heard them again last night - but not quite as bad.
      That is what I have been saying - there was their stimulus money - blowing up the skies!
      Have a great week - miss reading your blog!

  6. More fireworks last night! Enough already!!! Pretty solid between 9 and 11 pm. We're lucky our boy (dog) isn't bothered by the noise inside but he has no interest in going outside during all that. Hubs did the midnight potty run again. I sure hope it's over. We all need a good night of sleep.
    Instead of fireworks, can't they just enjoy a family cookout and nice game of croquet with Smores over a fire?!

    1. Same here. It is crazy and I am over it.
      Your plan sounds wonderful and maybe a little cooler temps!!!

  7. It's hot here too and the fireworks were crazy. It was like we had a neighborhood fire with all the smoke we had. It was pretty at first then ridiculous! I saw one neighbor out with a grabber picking up the remnants from the fireworks let out in the street. Crazy! How did they afford all those fireworks? So glad that's over with.

    1. The smoke was crazy - even the next morning there was a haze over our neighborhood.
      I don't get it - obviously more cents than sense - or they go hungry the rest of the month!
      I doubt it is over with totally. They will be going off here for a while yet I am sure. Happens every year.
      Have a good one and stay cool.

  8. July 1st - Canada Day - all big displays were cancelled. I live near a big park/conservation area and there were a few fireworks going off there by someone - it didn't last too long and it was only the one night. With the fans going in the living room and the A/C in the bedroom it was just vague background noise for me.

    It's been over 90F and feeling more like 100F for over a week now and scheduled to continue for another week! I try to get up early to walk or do some work around my apt. - if I'm going into the office I also leave early and finish by noon (although the subway trains have A/C so it's comfortable being out). I only have A/C in the bedroom but I can turn it on for an hour or so in the afternoon and read if it's just too hot. Unfortunately I face west so all blinds get closed and fans go overtime during the afternoon. There's been no rain for about 10 days but it looks as though we may get some thunderstorms this coming weekend which hopefully will break the heat at least for a few days.

    I've added a few things to the longterm pantry (paper products for emergency use only) and more cans and jars of veg, beans & pickles/chutneys. I did concentrate more on fresh fruit & veg this week so I have a fridge full at the moment. I'm trying to lose the Pandemic 15 that I've gained during lockdown so there will be a lot of salads eaten this week.

    I hope that things settle down in your neighbourhood.

    1. Same kind of weather as here. It is a scorcher and continuing it seems. Well, I guess it can be expected in July.
      Glad you are able to stay cool and have a good rhythm going.
      Good going on adding to stockpile. It is important.

      I gained some too - not that my schedule really changed. Working on eating more veggies now!
      Stay cool!

  9. I had similar thoughts on the fireworks, Cheryl. How can people spend money on them when they don't have money for food?

    It was hot here last week too I noticed on the one day we did get outside of the house. We went to wash my car and it was 90 here, yuck.

    Nice that you practically had the library to yourself. I miss browsing too. Your watermelon water sounds good. I need to try that soon.

    1. Makes no sense - someone seems to be storying about $$.!!
      I loved just looking around - that was enjoyable.
      The water was really refreshing.
      Have a good one.

  10. Good for you, scooping out the remnant of the lip balm. I think these containers are designed for waste. I follow a blogger from Maine who would take her husband's toothpaste tube after he thought it was empty, cut it open and scrape out the rest. Now that's frugal! Your meals all sound yummy. It's kind of fun to see what you can make from odds and ends.

    Yeah, why are folks buying fireworks instead of taking care of their families? If they have money to burn, Wheeler Mission sure could use some extra bucks. I think I heard the last boom around 1:30 a.m. but the ones closest to us shut down right at midnight. However, it has been going on for weeks. Some idiot set off a couple of big ones last night and Jacob barked and barked. A few years ago I had hand surgery to take care of a trigger finger and a fellow who had handled fireworks was there to be re-checked. Mangled his hand pretty good. I heard his wife tell someone that he was cleaning up the mess a few days after their big fireworks display and it went off in his hand. One would have thought it would have been dead by that point.

    Still trying to find out what is eating our tomatoes. We have them pretty well contained but some varmint is getting in and snacking. Next step is cayenne pepper spray.

    Meijer's watermelons were an excellent price and delicious! We give the hulls to the chickens and they love the cantaloupe seeds too.

    Hot, hot, hot today! The older I get the less I can tolerate the heat. Good day to hang clothes on the line, tho.

    1. Exactly - if people had so much extra money - do something good. Don't know many who were impressed by the fireworks.

      OH let me tell you - Saturday night I was having some evil thoughts!!!!! Good thing I don't have the ability that was in the movie "Scanners" cause there would have been a lot of bad joo-joo going on!

      So sorry something is getting your tomatoes - bummer. I hope you get it taken care of.

      I don't do well with super hot any more. Give me 70's and I am happy.
      I bet you had happy chicks!
      Stay cool.