Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Enough - I Think I Am Done

Yes indeed - I think I am done.  I think I am done with major grocery stores!  (What did you think I was going to say?  LOL)
I am finally getting fed up with so much.  We are all fed up with the state of the world - with the state of people (actions) - fed up with shortages and increasing prices...............
OK - I don't want to get into all that stuff, as I am trying to keep this a safe zone.
BUT I am fed up.

Wal-Mart has announced that soon they will have no cashiers.  It will all be self-serve.  NOPE - I am not doing that and then not get a discount - which we won't.  I am not taking someone's job. 

Kroger from what I hear from friends in different regions is now starting to play political and 'agenda' type advertisements over their P.A. system for shoppers to have to hear.   I don't care what it is - that is not the place for it.  NOPE - I don't want to be subjected to that at the store - give me my oldie goldies!

I haven't shopped at Target for almost 3 decades - haven't walked into one.
Meijer - is a once in a while shop -  but I am sure they will follow suit soon.

I have alternatives available.  I am lucky.  I know not everyone does - many communities don't have many options.  I would not expect everyone to feel as I do - this is just me.

I have Aldi - and yes it is a major grocery chain - but so far so good.
I have Fresh Thyme - lots of organic and sells a lot of different things  Yes, it is also a chain, but an option.  They sell many items  like nuts, seeds, grains, etc. in bulk.
I have every type of dollar store there is - in multiples around me.  Again chains. 

Switch things up and try new versions.  Experiment and 'play' with your food.

I also have Waterman's - a family farm located about 10 minutes away and they have a small shop to sell to public.
I have Adrian's a family owned orchard - they sell all kinds of fruit and some veggies
I have the farm market at the park just up the road every Saturday - although it is so busy you can't hardly get in to park
Several communities within 10-20 minute ride have farm markets each week.
There is an farm a few minutes away that sells fresh eggs - I have never stopped, but have noticed the sign many times.

There are many, many ethnic stores that are privately (family) owned in my area.  Countless Hispanic stores and many Asian.  They offer so many food options and new ideas and adventures in food!  They sell basics as well.

I have a German meat market (family owned for decades) just about 7 minutes up the road - they sell beautiful cuts of meat.

I have a garden and I can.
I have the ability and knowledge to make many of the items I buy.  I don't have to buy items to feel complete - I can MAKE them and feel complete.
I love to experiment and make up new dishes and throw all kinds of ingredients together.  Haven't had many failures in that respect.  There are NO rules - have fun.

I am ready to go small.  I want to try an QUIT the major grocery chains.  They need me - I don't necessarily need them.  They want our money and need our money - so do the smaller Mom & Pop shops.  Those little shops and farms - keep your dollars spent right there in your community.  They use it to raise their families and just live.
I KNOW - small places many times charge a little more for things.  I KNOW!

Just me - but I will pay a few cents more for an item and help someone local 'make it' - instead of making  a major corporation and it's CEO's richer!
I see this more important now than ever before.

I am going to really get into working at this.  I am going to make more from scratch.  I am going to try and stay small whenever I can.
I realize there are some things that I will have to buy from  a corporation - preferred pet foods and supplies - being the main thing.

Granted if I see a deal that would just be stupid to miss - I know I will make the occasional trip inside one of these places.
BUT for the most part - I THINK I AM DONE.

I want peace of mind - don't need any more bombardment of 'crap' in my life.  Shoot, I have even stopped reading some blogs and stopped watching some You Tube channels because they have jumped on the 'crap' bandwagon.  Not why I started viewing them.  I turn off the news after the weather.  I do read the paper - that is enough.

I want to HELP my COMMUNITY.
I want to learn to do more for MYSELF.
I want to be as independent as I CAN BE from major corporations.
I just want to be me!


  1. Oh yes! Preach it Cheryl! I have also stopped reading some money saving blogs because all they are anymore is just a slew of items you can buy on Amazon. Uh, no that is not why I read money saving blogs. I had no idea Walmart was thinking of doing this. Bailey likes those new cash registers, but not me. I'm with you, I do not want to be the reason someone loses their job. I don't use them. There are plenty of options to shop other places and we know how to can, so we can be the queens of our own domain. Great blog post!

    1. Thank you. I hear ya on blogs. Don't need to know about Amazon, don't need to know political views, don't need drama. Just how to save money.
      I have never liked self serve. I resisted the gas pumps until I had no choice!!!
      Love that - "queens of our own domain".

  2. Totally agree. I gave up on Kroger and Walmart awhile ago. I shop Fresh Thyme, sometimes Aldi, a local farm for whole chickens, a local meat processing plant for other meat, a local family for fresh eggs, a local farmer at the farmers market and I grow some of my own. This world is totally upside down and I am trying to opt out. Each person votes for what they want more of by where they spend their money.

    1. YES. I love that too! You guys are on a roll today. "Each person votes for what they want more of by where they spend their money".
      It is the truth. Our money speaks volumes.
      I agree - everything is upside down - and I want opt out as well.
      Good for you and your choices!!!!

  3. I totally agree with you. I shop Aldi, Fresh Thyme and an Amish farm market. I can, freeze and dehydrate anything I can get my hands on. I absolutely hate the BIG stores because I have arthritis badly and I like the size of the smaller stores.

    1. Smaller stores are just more friendly as well. Yes and easier to handle.
      I wish the Mennonite store was closer to me. I would be there a lot.
      You are doing great! Keep it up.

  4. We just went to Aldi's yesterday and we just love it. You are in and out, everyone is nice. We got everything we needed for a good price. I rarely go to Kroger, never to Walmart, and I'm like you sometimes Meijer. Then we go to the farm markets and the Amish discount.
    I'm totally with you and I'm glad this post was about shopping!

    1. LOL - thought the title might make people wonder!!! LOL
      Glad to hear it for you too. Aldi is always nice here as well - same employees for years!
      I haven't been to Aldi for a while - soon!

  5. One year I found a blog that committed to buying big box for a year. They took you along on their journey. Once in awhile they had to make exceptions but we're mostly successful. Very enlightening!
    I am rural southern IN. Pretty limited on options. I hadn't heard that on WM. Really, really dislike the self check-outs! I will not be returning if I can find elsewhere. I shop WM, a Kroger affiliate,and an Aldi....thirty minute drive. Aldi has always been my store of choice....good price and treat me and their employees well.
    We have a big garden, preserve food, forage, have fruit trees and buy our pork and beef from local farmers. But,things are getting funky with the large retailers. Our dollars talk. We need them to say what we want!!
    I read your blog faithfully. I reaffirms how I feel and that I am not the only one who holds these values. Thank you so much and God bless!

    1. I have read a book (several times) called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver that is exactly about buying only local and their journey. I get it about every time I see it at the library. I always learn something new and love ready about their families journey. You might look into that.

      You might be close to some Amish/Mennonite shops being southern IN depending on where you are.
      I agree - money talks. We need to be heard.

      Thank you for being here. Like minds tend to drift together and I love that. Blessings

    2. I loved that book - it was so interesting.

    3. I will be planning to check that book out as soon as I can get into the library.

    4. I have that book and LOVE it!

    5. It sure should be our model to live by.

  6. I was in our local Walmart this morning for some items I can't get at our Safeway grocery store and I noticed they've more than doubled the self-checkouts. I rarely use them, only if I have one or two items, but since the pandemic I won't use them at all. At least the clerks are wearing gloves and clean their stations. I'm with you, I'd to ensure the clerks have a job and I have no problem waiting in line for their services.

    Fortunately our grocery chains sell local products, particularly vegetables at this time of year. I occasionally go to the farmer's market but their prices are astronomical.

    Take care and stay well.

    1. I HATE self checkout - if I didn't mention that!!! LOL
      Our WM up the road generally has only one clerk at the checkout and the rest is self serve. Like they don't make enough money off us - they take jobs from people!
      I will wait as long as need be for a clerk.

      So glad to hear your grocery chains sell local. That is wonderful. You don't see that much any more unless at a small rural shop. Yep farm markets are expensive - I guess because they are basically bringing it to us!
      Have a good one.

  7. Cheryl, You go girl! I hadn't heard that about Walmart but don't shop there anyway. I tried to read that book, I don't think I have it anymore. Could not get into it. If I find another I'll try again. Hubby just did some maintenance on the AC unit, it was very dirty inside and not running efficiently hopefully this helps and our bill will be smaller. Hope your day is going good. Bless you.

    1. Really? I loved that book. I can't tell you how many times I have read it. It has a couple slow spots - but once you get past those....
      Good job on the AC cleaning. I need to clean the outside coil here - it gets so dusty and gritty looking. Hopefully that will save you some dollars.
      Have a good one my friend.

  8. Thank you for the information. I think self serve checkouts are a sign of pure corporate greed. I will be sourcing what we can't grow elsewhere.

    1. It sure is. I agree 100%.
      I hope you can source some other local markets.
      You are welcome.

  9. i choose not to shop at Walmart on principle - although workers here are better protected than in the US. I mostly shop at the Loblaw group of stores - my dad worked for them and my brother and a nephew also own one of their lower end stores - I believe that they are the biggest Canadian Food Co.
    Living in a large city I do have a lot of choice - but not driving does limit me somewhat.
    We have a year round market here called the St. Lawrence Market - it is a permanent structure and very popular. It's about a 15 minute walk from my office so I'm thinking of popping in one morning next week - I especially like to buy fish and seafood there.
    There is also a weekly farmer's market that sets up in a big square about 2 minutes from my office on a Thursday so I check that out periodically. Things have been a bit hit or miss during the pandemic but we are moving to stage 3 of reopening this Friday so that should give me a few more options.
    I do intend to support local businesses as much as possible - the provincial govt. has set up a website that will feature Canadian made goods and I'm hoping to buy from them in the future.
    I can't believe a company would be broadcasting their "agenda" - whatever that may be - I think I would object on principle even if I supported their views. Forcing people to listen to this while they are spending money in your store is outrageous!
    Many stores here have added the self-checkout options - but I choose to never use them as I don't want to be responsible for someone losing their job. I'll stand in line and wait my turn thank you very much.

    1. It sounds like you have some lovely options and within walking of your office. That is wonderful. I think we should all support our local economy and our countries goods. It just makes good sense.
      That is neat the you have a site to check those places out on.

      I agree - I don't care if I believe what they say or not - that is not the place. My goodness we are bombarded with enough garbage - I don't want to hear while I am spending my income there. Give me my music.
      Many American stores are getting very agenda and political oriented right now and I will avoid them at all costs.
      I want safe zones.

  10. I like this...
    I have been doing pickups at Kroger and Walmart, and I haven't been in the stores in months so I don't know about any changes.
    But we bought a beef from a local farm and used a local butcher. We have been getting a misfit box since they deliver, and I don't think any of our local csa deliver.
    I have decided that everything that I do will be through the lens of "what would Jesus do" so I am deleting blogs that I follow, shows that I watch and news that I read.

    1. I still haven't done grocery pick-ups. Good for you for having such discipline.
      That is great on the beef. I need to try misfit this fall and winter.
      I love your 'lens'. That is what we all need to do.

  11. Interesting post. I do frequent Wal-Mart, more than I'd like to. I haven't heard anything down our way yet about replacing the cashiers. The closest Aldi to me is 40 minutes away but I think I could certainly manage a once a month trip there. What I can't get used to is the announcement they make over the Lowe's intercom to maintain social distancing, yada, yada. I feel like I am in a science fiction movie every time I hear that.

    1. I know what is happening and all the rules are important - but somewhat like you, I feel like I am in a science EXPERIMENT!
      I saw a big article on Yahoo about WM cashiers going bye-bye soon.
      The older I get - the less tolerable I am! LOL

  12. I stopped going to WM years ago after a really bad experience. Not the store or employees but the people shopping there! I stopped one morning to pick up a few things and was heading for the register. These two women that were mother/daughter were fighting over some dude in jail! Like they were both in love with him! They started arguing and then slapping. One grabbed at the other, pulled her shirt strap, and out popped a boob!! Lemme tell you these women were not small and clearly wearing clothes several sizes too small. Rather sickened, I left my cart with an employee, apologized and left. I arrive at my car to find a preschool aged boy peeing into my hubcap while his mother? stood by watching!! I holler, HEY!! Woman says, He couldn't wait to get inside! And walks away. I holler, WHY COULDN'T HE PEE ON YOUR CAR!? Right then, I swore I was done. I talked to myself like a nutcase all the way home about people being crazy and such! I stuck to it and never went back. Sheesh.

    1. Oh my goodness! I can understand why!
      People are crazy - and it seems like WM does draw in the weird ones.
      Good for you sticking to your guns.

  13. Not as lucky as you. You are lucky to have so many choices.

    I stay out of Walmart as much as possible, we do not have self serve checkouts in the store here, and use our co-op as much as possible.

    God bless.

    1. I know I am very lucky to have choices. That is not a choice everyone can make,
      You are lucky that there are no self checkouts - that is about all we have and that is happening at MOST stores here. They all seem to have more of those open that any cashier lines.
      I need to see if we have a co-op. Haven't heard of one.

  14. We've been going to Aldis much more lately, and went to a more independent grocery in a town an hour away last week. It's refreshing. I know how ya feel...Totally. I've had to unsub from blogs that have bought into some bad stuff. I'm so glad to read your blog here...I feel so discouraged with everything and try to keep things upwards in my home, and the news? We've pretty much quit on the news. It's one lie after another.

    God bless you. Your blog was a blessing to me to read. ~Amelia

    1. Thank you so much Amelia. I really want to keep this a safe zone for people. I mention current events once in a while - but only to talk about preparing and such.
      It is dismal and we all need to find happy places.
      I have gotten to the point of watching some mindless comedies and then just fun things. Love HGTV, DIY and Food network - except for the commercials - they all seem to push ideas more than product.
      Such is life today!

  15. I'm kind of jealous of all possibilities you have. We don't have those multinational grocery shops here, Lidl is the only one.
    There is three grocery chains here, and Lidl is the smallest one. No independent shops at all, no farmers' markets, no market places with variety (yesterday I checked what was sold in our town market; three cafes, one ice cream van (selling multinational ice creams, but at least their factory is located here so it's kind of local) one meat van (with products that are available in all grocery stores more cheaply), one stall for vegetables and forest berries and mushrooms (much more expensive than in grocery stores). And the guy who's selling old books.
    Nor farm gate stalls, not even bulk shops anymore (went bust about a year ago).
    At least most grocery stores here sell local products, fair trade products, organic products, fresh vegetables etc.
    On a brighter side of things - very few people uses Amazon around here...

    1. WOW - sorry you have no more choices than that. It sure does make it hard for people wanting to share their money in other avenues. Many farm markets and fresh produce stands around here are more expensive than grocery stores as well - BUT it is local and super fresh and you are helping basically a neighbor.
      It sure is nice to have options. I wish all of you had those options.
      I don't use Amazon either - I don't order on-line.

  16. Cheryl, I love the title of this post! Thanks for the information. We generally don't shop Wally World and most likely will not now. I detest self-checkout. Just think of a poor mom with littles, trying to check out her groceries and keep track of her children at the same time she is scanning, bagging and loading her packages. Invariably something will not scan properly which necessitates trying to get help. Good luck with that. We shop at Meijer and I pretty much refuse to check out my cart. Fresh Thyme is another favorite and the stores are about three miles from our home and just a mile (or less) apart. Haven't been to Aldi in ages. The Urban Farmer's mother loved Aldi but we were not impressed. She has been gone 8 years but I understand Aldi has upped their game in that time. Need to check it out again. I won't step foot in Target because of their safety issues regarding men allowed in any restroom they choose and going into the ladies' changing area. We seldom shop in Kroger (rude employees) and won't use their online shopping for pickup again. Actually the few times we did online shopping for pickup at Walmart it went very well. We pick up some things at Big Lots. Right now the garden is supplementing the produce we eat.

    1. Aldi has really improved a lot over the past couple years. They updated most stores - carry more products - a lot of organic - and even some brand names.
      I haven't been to Big Lots since before all this gunk started. I like that store.
      I really like Fresh Thyme - just don't go very often any more.

      I am sure enjoying tomatoes and zucchini from the garden!

  17. On a funny note, I've heard people call it VoldeMART after the evil wizard in Harry Potter!

    1. That is funny!
      I have 2 nieces who have worked there for years - one for a couple decades - but I just can't get into them much.

  18. I love going to different grocery stores but at the moment I am only doing online pick up so that means Krogers or Walmart. We have a great IGA and Aldi is nearby. I so look forward to doing my own grocery shopping again.

    1. Grocery shopping has always been my one shopping pleasure. Could care less about anything else - & shopping.
      I go now and then - but in and out quickly

  19. I don't check in as often as I use to. We lost a lot of loved ones in this virus. I need a break from noise, opinions and everything else. My DH was considered essential and so many selfish people were horrible to him for their own political views and absolutely selfish about his health. I am done with people and so is he. He was trying to work and be peaceful. We are trying to survive, that is all. The story of essential workers lives. So many of my friends had similar horror stories. Being pushed and shoved, spit on, yelled at, called names that are racist. I am a minority to so I have been attacked a lot because of the race issues. I am done.

    I know why WM is going to self checkout. This is a real thing and you can fact check it. Ready for it. The younger generation doesn't know how to count coins or money. I am not joking. The older generation is being aged out to retirement. They were the ones that knew how to count money. It is to costly for WalMart to train a new generation this type of math. I am not being political but our government's worldwide are trying to slowly push us into digital currency. Also that can be fact checked. The coin shortage is one of the examples of this. I have friends who are cashiers at WalMart they were transitioned to different departments. They didn't lose their jobs they just were moved to different departments. I have a friend who worked at WalMart since the 80's as a cashier and they gave her early retirement and a nice severance package. I am not taking up for WalMart at all. I just wanted to let you know that the employee's are not being let go. I don't know what WalMart in your State is doing for their employees and they could be firing them but in my area the cashiers were moved to different departments, received raises and bonuses. The ones who retired got a nice severance. I know it doesn't make much of a difference for an opinion but it is a bit of comfort.

    I haven't been to WM since the pandemic and I have no plans to ever go inside the store again. I live in a grocery desert area & I live in WalMart country. My DH & I have simple tastes. We like simple food with simple spices. We are content. Luckily food buying is not a big deal for us. My heart goes out to those where it is a matter of survival.

    I wanted to add about the Y&Z generation not knowing how to count coins. I keep saying we did a disservice to our kids and it is really showing. When my son was school age I taught him how to count coins and balance checkbooks and all that stuff. :) He loved it. The cashiers would get so excited to see my little boy come to their line and help count out change. One day this lady that knows my family came up to me and said she couldn't believe I taught my son how to count change because (ready for it) it is a useless skill. That is what she was yelling at me that I was teaching my son a useless skill! That was when my son was 11 and he would have been 28 now. Useless skill back then. There you go that's why we have no cashiers! Because of that woman and others of her mindset.

    I know when my son was studying to be a doctor he worked in a nursing home. The director of the nursing home was so grateful that my son could help the residents with their checkbooks. He told my son it was a lost skill and he was grateful that least some kids still knew how to balance a checkbook. Did you know that some colleges now have basic skills class so they can teach kids how to boil an egg and manage money? It's a thing. Several articles and videos online.

    1. So sorry you and yours have seen and experienced any of the nastiness that is going on. That just isn't right.

      I know young people can't count change nor can they tell time on a regular clock. That is not acceptable. It is pure laziness on the educational system and on parents. Basics should always be taught. Sad thing is, someday they will need to know - because I firmly believe things will be going backwards instead of forward at some point in the near future.

      As far as OUR WM - they have reduced their entire staff dramatically. Both of my nieces who have careers at WM have said the said thing for their stores. I will just stay away - no problem. I have other choices.

      I think we are all just trying to survive the best we can.
      I hope you are your hubby are well. Glad to see you stop by.

  20. I have not been to Krogers in so don't know what messages they are playing. Not likely to find out. I just read the comment above this..about kids not knowing how to count money. There was a lot our kids age did not know how. Well, did not know how to make change without the cash register telling them how much to give back. And that is count the money back to them is the way to keep from short changing them, or giving them too much.

    1. It is crazy how many people can't make change without the register telling them amount. CRAZY