Sunday, July 26, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/26

Happy Sunday everyone.  Hope you all had a good week.
It has been very humid again this week.  I truly could stand the temps if the humidity wasn't so bad.  We did get a couple of rains which was helpful
Next week appears to cool to mid 80's and they SAY the humidity is going to drop.  That sounds sounds wonderful - but also predicting chances of rain several days.

The daylight of morning is coming a bit later now, and the darkness of evening is coming a bit sooner as well.  The birds and squirrels  are really eating a lot too.  Hmmmm - I wonder if that means an early fall?

Been kind of quiet this week.  My brother had to have surgery on his ear this week and thankfully it all went well.  Hope it takes care of the problem he was having, as it was pretty serious.  Sadly, none of us could go the hospital (only SIL was allowed).  But it went well, and he came home the same day.  Blessed.

My week:

  • Wanted something sweet and made a butter cake - still have some in frig
  • Renewed library books on-line
  • Repaired my flip-flops.  Hopefully I get through at this this year with them
  • Made Panko bread crumbs
  • Did laundry and used dehumidifier water
  • Used rain barrel water - when watering plants between rains
  • Mowed the yard - good golly Miss Molly it was HOT!  I looked like a beet and felt like a drowned rat.  UGH
  • Did some flower bed cleaning in the cool of the morning.  Had to get all those lilly  stems out and down.  Looks much better
  • Picked a couple (almost) ripe tomatoes.  No new zucchini this week - they are blooming again!
  • Made a gallon of Kool-Aid
  • Made 12 egg rolls - ate some and froze some
  • A neighbor gave me a bottle of sugar free Gator-aide after I mowed.  Boy did that hit the spot - after 2 bottles of ice cold water!!!
  • Call me crazy - but I did more deep pantry stocking this week.  Nothing I need now - but I will at some point and I will have it.  I got more TP, cat litter, cat food, trash bags, blue dawn (huge bottle), dried onion flakes and yeast.  Kroger had lots of yeast and although I have plenty in the freezer, I got more - as it may help family as well.
 I am just trying to get prepared for whatever may come down the pike.  I have no real need for anything at the moment - but whatever I can add (especially at a decent price) I will add.  None of what I bought will go bad - so I will be prepared or be able to help someone else.

Meals this week:
Leftover zucchini fritters and  a hamburger patty
Zesty chicken bowl (like Taco Bell used to have) chicken pcs., salsa rice, refried beans, jalapeno 
Egg roll bowl
Taco bowl - taco meat, salsa rice, refried beans - toppings
Egg rolls (baked)
Loaded cheese burgers
small pizza (used leftover taco meat)
Seems like I had a theme going this week with 'bowl' dinners.  So simple and easy clean-up!

Egg roll bowl - used leftover mixture to make egg rolls later in the week.
Taco bowl - refried on bottom, salsa rice,  taco meat, cheese and toppings
Zesty chicken bowl - refried beans, salsa rice, chopped jalapeno, chicken chunks, chips & cheese

I did eat a tomato from the garden that had ripened totally in the house - oh YUM.  
Just trying to clean and de-clutter more.  Too hot to be outside much.
What have you been up too?  Give us a shout out.  Look forward to hearing from everyone!!!!

Stay well, cool and safe this week.  Please count your blessings and not your problems!  You will feel better if you do.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. That's great that you are deep pantry stocking. I keep many of those same items on hand like the TP, cat food, trash bags, and blue dawn. I heard onions were going to be scare, so it's good to stock up on the dried onions.

    1. I am not sure about onions (hadn't heard) - but they are so convenient. Add great flavor. I don't want to get low on ANY basics just in case!
      Good going on staying stocked.

  2. Speaking of dried onions, I was going to put some in my cart just because its a good pantry staple. Gracious they are expensive online! Larger plastic container averages $10.00!! I guess I'll be chopping and drying the ones I have in the garden.
    My pantry is very full after my stocking up shopping this week. Canned goods, flour, yeast (coming from Amazon), all the things we use on a weekly basis were added. PLUS T.P. Went back to Sam's on their truck day and got a big pack. We should be set for a while but I won't hesitate to get another the next time we are there. And I need to get one for my workplace. I also got the ingredients for disinfectant wipes that I'll be making this week. We use those at our office to wipe done door handles and such.
    I've been trying to encourage my family to stock up. They are trying but have large families so it's hard. We help where we can.

    1. Dry onions are pretty pricey - but think how may are in those containers!
      Glad your pantry is stocked up. All we can do is try to educate others - hoping they will listen.
      Smart to make your own disinfectant wipes. I love being able to make those things myself.

  3. It is hot here also but no humidity. It is supposed to be 103 the day we move. I think storing more food is important now I do believe food shortages are coming.

    1. Glad you have no humidity - oh my goodness 103 is hot, no matter what you are doing. Good luck with the move.

      I keep hearing rumors about - food - so we need to be mindful, and avoid that PANIC scene again.

  4. Those bowls look wonderful! We're supposed to be in the 80s all week so I may actually use the oven for something different. Maybe a casserole. Don't usually have those in summer but I've been craving a shepherd's pie. That's DH's favorite.

    I peeled and chopped about 5 short cukes and threw in about 2 cups of cherry tomatoes and put balsamic in there for a very refreshing side dish.

    Did some house sorting and donations. When we got our carpet laid in March, we took loads of stuff down to the basement from emptying three BIG closets. Rather than just putting it all back, I'm going thru it all. What a job!!

    Saw the ortho on Friday and found out I have a torn meniscus. Takes awhile to heal because evidently my knee is a Sr. citizen even though I'm not! I trashed my knees before I was 20 so I always suspected there were knee replacements in my future. Not quite yet but they need strength training. Off to PT for me to make some Superman muscles lol.

    I cut a big vase of white phlox to enjoy inside. They smell good! I'd never sniffed them before.

    If any of you enjoy British mysteries, I think the summer Endeavor series starts tonight on PBS. We love them! They just finished Grantchester last week. We heard a new one- Magpie Murders is coming in the future!

    Enjoy the cool down!

    1. I think tomatoes and cucumbers (with onions) and dressing is the most refreshing side dish you can eat in the summer.
      That is a big job on the closet cleaning. Smart, to get rid of unwanted stuff.

      So glad you didn't say surgery!!! Do your exercises and get those muscles strong! Do what the PT people say.
      Phlox just smells lovely - I love it.

      Thanks for the heads up on the programs.
      Have a good week.

  5. Meals this week were:
    BBQ cheeseburgers
    Chili spaghetti
    Salsa chicken tacos
    Tuna Melts
    French dips
    Hot dogs
    Chicken guacamole wraps.

    1. That all sounds so good. I love hearing what others eat - I get ideas!

  6. Your meals sound delicious, Cheryl. I have dinner going in the crock pot. Made taco meat, added chopped onion and green pepper (from my garden!), canned chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce, salsa, Mexicorn, and tater tots on top. Cook on low all day and add grated mexican cheese to melt. Serve with sour cream. I sometimes make mine into a burrito. Will make at least 6 servings. Also planning on salmon burgers, hot dogs (fried in buter), and leftover meatloaf from the freezer. Our weather forecast sounds like yours, and it is too hot to use the oven, though I did make strawberry bread one cool(er) morning last week.

    This morning, I placed large orders with Amazon and Walmart for staples and H&B items. I told Husband that we're investing in our panty. Prices are only going to go up.

    Dropped off 14 bags of blankets at the Project Linus workshop yesterday. First time they were accepting blankets in 5 months. The local children's hospital isn't taking donations again yet, so PL doesn't need nearly as many as usual. Husband was glad to see the pile of bags go out of the corner of the living room.

    While on that side of town, I went to a different St. Vinny's and got more yarn ($.59/skein) and another old (1967) Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (Pies and Cakes) for $.99.

    Thursday, I was walking down the hill to get our mail when I stepped on a rock in the road and fell on my hands, knees, and face. Fortunately, my eyeglasses took the brunt of it, A neighbor saw me go down and ran to help along with his neighbor. The guys got me sort of cleaned up and back on my feet, and the one man drove me home. I ended up with a skinned knee, scrapes on both hands, a small cut over my eye, a black eye (from glasses hitting my face), and a twisted foot. I drove myself to the local urgent care, and they x-rayed the foot, which was not broken, and cleaned up my wounds. No concussion, and didn't need stitches. Now I just feel and look like I've been hit with a 2x4. To make matters worse, they had had some possible virus cases in the urgent care that morning, so out of an abundance of caution, I an distancing from Husband, wearing a mask when I make his food, do the dishes, put clean sheets on the bed, help him sit down and get up from his lawn chair, etc. Sure could use extra prayers that neither of us come down with the virus.

    Hope everyone has a safe and frugal week!

    1. Oh sweety - so sorry for your fall and that horrible scare. That is awful to fall like that and embarrassing too - been there and done that. sorry it was such a bad fall - but glad you will be ok. PRAYERS for your health and for that of your hubby.
      Glad you got to drop off the blankets - sadly they will come in handy. Poor little ones.
      Good going on the yarn - what a price. and good for you on your pantry investment.
      My mouth was watering reading about your crockpot dinner. Sounds like my kind of dinner.
      Take care and prayers!

    2. Oh Frances, I am so sorry.
      Prayers that you and your hubby stay well.

  7. Oh Frances, you poor thing!! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt and people helped you. My friend tripped on a sidewalk walking in her neighborhood and they actually walked AROUND her. She had to use a tree to get up. She said she thought it was because she's a little chubby and they were probably afraid it was contagious! (whispering- she was in Beverly Hills)

    I will gladly pray that you and your DH both stay healthy. Take care.

    1. WHAT?????? They walked around her? OMG - what a bunch of losers! That is horrible. It is so sad how people act toward others. The people of our world sadden me.
      Glad she is OK.

    2. My reaction was the same as yours!! I couldn't believe it. She was on the sidewalk and they walked down the driveway before her, into the street, and back up the following driveway! Two women. I was speechless.

    3. Just shaking my head. What horrible people.

  8. We've had a few days of heat (what passes for it here) but this weekend has been much cooler. More high temps are expected for the week ahead, and then we'll be into August. For us that usually means some heating during the day but the nights cool off. 2020 has been such a strange year, who knows...things might be different.

    Glad to hear your brother's surgery went well and he is home.

    Have a great week, take care and stay well.

    1. Glad to hear it hasn't been too hot there.
      Thank you for for your thoughts.
      Have a good week!

  9. I'm so excited I got my first two zucchini from our garden this week. I made some bread right away ha ha. To think yours are blooming again, that's always fun!
    That heat can get you. I'm so glad you have some great neighbors!
    Have a great week.

    1. YAY on the zucchini!! Glad yours is starting to produce.
      Yes, the heat really hit me quicker than I thought. I do have good neighbors.
      Have a good one.

  10. You are not crazy! No one knows what the fall/winter is going to be like. Get ready now. If they call for another shut down, people are going to be super crazy at the stores. Take care and keep writing! You encourage people. Barb in PA

    1. Thanks! The world is really nuts right now. I want to be prepared - because yes people will panic again.
      Thank you so much for your sweet words.

  11. Sounds like a good week.
    Hope your brother feels better.
    Your meals look so good. I love bowl dinners. They are delicious.
    I think you are wise to deepen your pantry. I've been slowly stocking back up.
    It has been so hot here too, but I think we will finally get a break this week.
    Hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks - my brother is doing well. Just got done talking with him.
      I like bowl meals too - all in one dish and so easy to clean up.
      I hope everyone is working on their pantries! Have a good one.

  12. Your bowls made me hungry and I just had a BLT for breakfast with some fruit! Have to try your bowl ideas. We are having chicken and noddles today. I picked another mess of green beans yesterday so that will round out the meal, along with tomatoes from the garden. We have lots of onions in the garden so if the onion shortage hits, we should be good. Pinterest has lots of ideas on dehydrating and freezing onions. It never hurts to deepen the pantry, as Miss Kathy says. It is super muggy this morning but we have a few outdoor chores. The rain (if it comes) will be welcome this afternoon. Will pray for Miss Frances. Never fun to fall down! My neighbor fell in Kroger, trying to get a melon out of one of those deep, deep bins. Broke her wrist so she'll be limited in activities for a while. I so enjoy visiting with you and your readers. A sane voice in the midst of chaos.

    1. I had BLT for dinner yesterday. My goodness, your dinner sounds yummy. Fresh green beans and tomatoes always round out every meal!
      It is muggy for sure - I went out to cut mint and chives this morning and looked pretty rung out when I came in. Hoping for rain - just no bad storms. UGH.
      Oh how awful for your neighbor. Bless her heart. Falling is no fun for sure.

      It is fun to see what everyone is doing and hearing everyone's stories. I love it too - some sanity in our little piece of the world!!!

  13. Great post, as always.

    Glad your brother is doing OK!

    Horrible about the woman falling and the others not helping her. Makes me sad that people are so awful. Poor dear. Hope she heals quickly.

    I am with you on the continuing to stock...sometimes I feel guilty! After reading Annabell (Bluebirds are Nesting), I got another tug... things aren't going so well in Australia either! I may go to Aldi's today...wonder if they are still limiting canned goods to 2 cans each?

    I am sick of salads for now---so just having frozen veggies with our meat. And some fruit as well.

    Stay healthy!! Thanks for encouraging all of us...

    1. Thank you on my brother's behalf. Yes, it is sad to think people care so little for human life.
      I think things are changing all over. My last outing at Aldi (a while back) they had limit of 4 cans per item here. Gee yours had 2? WOW
      I am getting what I can get, as often as I can. Not just for me, but can help family as well.
      Take care - thanks for being here.

    2. Was at Aldi this morning, and they were not as well stocked as they were two weeks ago. Still a limit of 4 on canned goods and meat. No peas, garbanzo beans or canned salmon. The white flour and sugar pallets were getting a little low, too, so I bought one of each to add to the deep pantry. I rearranged my bedroom closet to fit a tightly closed bin of flour and sugar packages (wrapped in plastic). Starting to get very creative with the storage, but food is more important than other things right now.

    3. With limited space, getting creative is essential. Get what you can while you can.
      Our ads for Adli start on Wed. - so they usually do a good stock-up the day before, as that is when their trucks come in. Maybe change the day you go. That might help.
      I have noticed that Kroger (in my area) has taken down all limits on things except TP.

  14. I am keeping my stockpile as high as I can too - we may have another bad run of things with the Covid infections (especially this winter, with flu about then too).

    I have been busy in house and garden due to trying to sell it. Had a viewing (outside only) today - we are shielding which ends on 16th August, but we think we have lost two viewings on the outside-only ruling and don't want to be behind the curve when other properties hit the market. Today's viewers are coming back on Saturday to see the inside (masks all round and windows wide open all day).

    Looking at the fruit on my pear tree, this could be the year I have to bottle lots of keep them through the winter. My only problem with bottling is the first - and last! - lot I did, we couldn't get into the jars! Any tips?

    1. Good for you for staying vigilant.
      I don't think we have outside only viewing - we just call it driving by to see if we like it - it isn't official or anything. Good luck with selling.
      I guess that means you aren't going to be canning this year? I am not sure I understood what you are asking. If you can't get to them to jar them up - could you freeze pie filling or pears to make cobblers or jelly or jam with?
      It would be a shame to miss out on all that fruit.

  15. It is kind of scary to think about having to go to the hospital now. In more ways than one. Bet your brother was glad to get to come home.