Sunday, July 19, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 7/19

Happy Sunday to all!
Another week has just flown by - this year is really going by quickly. 

It has been hot, hot, hot!!!!  Going to continue to be hot, hot, hot!!!!  We have a chance of storms/rain just about every day this week - rain would be appreciated - but it will stay at 90*F or above.  That makes for humidity and that is so uncomfortable for many.  We have a heat warning with heat index feeling well over 100* each day.

I have another new gr. gr. niece this week! Adalynn Louise was born Thursday at 8lbs..  She is just perfect!  Her pictures are beautiful - it will be a while before we get to meet in person!

I am dog sitting again this weekend - and I have a sweet story to tell you. 
The young couple have a  2 1/2 year old daughter who is just precious.  It is the first time she actually thought about Bailey (dog) being alone.  She said he would be 'sad'.  Momma told her Cheryl was going to watch him.  She said 'he gets to go to her house?'  No - she will come here and visit with Bailey.
She said Charlotte looked at her and cocked her head and smiled and said "I love my Charro". (that is how she says my name).  Isn't that so sweet??!!!!
Every time she sees me come outside - she runs to the fence saying "there's my Charro".  She is such a doll baby.

My week:

  • Sunday I did a huge yard clean-up after last Saturday's storm.  What a mess - leaves and limbs every where.
  • Picked up a few tomatoes knocked off by the hail - not wasting them!
  • Made a batch of chocolate - chocolate chip muffins.  Shared some with a  neighbor
  • Day trip to the Mennonite store - what fun
  • Colored my hair at home
  • Ran to Kroger as I needed milk.  Looked around and found a couple deals!
 Ground turkey on marked down at 1.19/lb. package.  Sweet buns - .99, and slaw mix (think I will make egg rolls)  for .79
Manager's markdown - 10 lbs. of rice for $4.00.  I wish they would have had more than one left!!!!!

  • I cooked one pound of ground turkey with lots of seasoning for tacos and pizza and froze n 2 packs.  I cooked one pound with seasoning and grated zucchini into burgers (really good) and froze some of them.  One pound went into freezer plain
  • I picked 2 different bouquets this week
Some of the pretty phlox - they smell so heavenly.  The white only appears every couple years - my neighbor used to have white years ago - and it shows up in my yard every now and then.  I guess her way a letting me know she is still around!
  • I picked a total of 12 zucchini this week and my FIRST Roma tomato!
  • I made up 2 quarts of refrigerator zucchini 'pickle' spears with leftover pickle juice I had.  I diced  up one zucchini and added to my big jalapeno jar - making faux jalapeno
  • Made zucchini fritters (makes 16-20 fritters depending on how loaded your Tbsp. is!)
  • I brought some tins and trays up from basement to use in my storage - all cleaned and now deciding how to use.
  • All the normal stuff
Meals this past week:
Fried green tomatoes!!!!  (YUM) 
Chopped steak and mashed parmesan zucchini (tasty)
Lunch at Mennonite store
Zucchini/turkey cheeseburger - loaded
Tex Mex zucchini skillet - zucchini/corn/beans/ground meat all spiced up
Leftover Tex Mex on tostada shells w/cheese
Zucchini fritters and sliced tomato

I am trying to use up zucchini in every way I can!  My plants look sad after the hail - but they appear to be getting new growth as well!  My pepper plants are still so small - I think they may be a bust this year.  I am finally seeing some tiny cucumbers appearing!  Tomatoes are starting to change color from green/green to pink - hoping to get some soon.  Lettuce done - just too hot right now.  Potato plants still going strong - I am anxious to see if there are potatoes this fall.

What have you all been up to?  Stocking those pantries?  Tending those gardens?  Getting any deals?
I look forward to hearing from you all.

I hope you are all healthy and safe and those in the U.S. - stay cool.  It is hot every where!  
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. Phlox is so beautiful. There is a hillside on the way to Crossville, Tennessee and it is filled with phlox and comes back every year. The magazine put out by Farm Bureau featured it in a cover back several years ago. It's such a beautiful flower.

    1. I love it and it smells so pretty too. My purple came from my folks yard years ago.

  2. Good Morning! You had a busy week! But it's good to be busy. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Mennonite store. I can't wait to come back there and go with you; wishing. I still haven't been out shopping much mostly checking prices of things to purchase at the best price. I did go buy 20 lbs of peaches yesterday to can. Which I will be doing today. Yesterday I cleaned out my dresser that I keep all my "I'll deal with this stuff later, stuff in it". There were a lot of things to throw away. Found a few things for my future garage sale. We have been eating leftovers here a lot, mashed potatoes gravy and chicken and coleslaw. Seems like it never goes away. Stay cool. It's going to be 97 here today.

    1. I can't wait either. It will make for a fun trip!!!
      Peaches are so good - that will will sure be tasty this winter. What a treat.
      Good for you on cleaning out drawers. I need to do so much more of that - this house is so full of crap!!!!
      You dinner sounds good - I could eat that over and over!
      ICK 97* - not that bad here - but hot.
      Stay cool!!!!

  3. I like to make the crust less zucchini quiche. It makes a lot but great to freeze in individual portions. Tastes so good later in the winter. I love your blog.

    1. I like just about anything with zucchini in it. What isn't to like?
      Sounds like a great idea.
      Glad to have you here. Thanks for following!!!!
      Thank you

  4. It is always fun to read what you accomplish in a week. I have not had fried green tomatoes in such a long time. We used to have them quite often when I was a kid and my mother had a big garden. xo Diana

    1. Oh I love fried green tomatoes - fried zucchini and fried okra. YUM on any or all!

  5. I love all that you do, I am just very tired today.

    1. I bet you are tired. You have had quite a busy week girl - can't imagine moving. Just the packing would wear me out - let alone moving - all that involves and then unpacking.
      Take care and get some rest

  6. The bouquets are just lovely. Phlox is so pretty but doesn't grow well in my north facing garden space, it likes the sun too much.

    Your story of Charlotte reminds me of my grandson Eli and their next door neighbour Karen. He always wants to go out to say hi when she's working in the yard. No fence between them so he's a bit of a pest.

    Have a great week!

    1. Charlotte is just a sweetie pie. Eli sounds like a curious little fellow! Got to just love the littles!!!! Their questions and comments are so sweet.
      Have a good one.

  7. I love phlox and it smells beautiful. Your bargains were good. I have just finished my large bargain bag of rice apart from some cooked in the freezer. I am looking for another deal now. The little girl next door sounds sweet.

    1. Hope you find a good deal soon. I love finding deals on things I use a lot.
      She is a doll baby for sure.

  8. We had our hottest day of the year (so far) yesterday with heat index near 110 degrees. Today is better temperature-wise but still humid. That is Neb in July-Aug. We've been spoiled the past several years with more 80s than 90s. Love phlox. We get some volunteers that pop up every spring. My tomatoes are all setting on fruit but none ripening just yet. We've picked a few cucumbers and finally one zucchini. My peppers are just sitting there also. Really none of my potted plants are doing very well. I don't think they like the cold well water as well as the poor potting soil I used. Next year I'll be planting all the veggies in garden soil. I'll keep the pots for herbs and flowers.
    I've been making my list for stocking up. Planning to start on it this week, just a few items each time. I plan to do some price comparison with Wm, our local store, Sam's and Amazon. Please stay inside and keep hydrated.

    1. Sorry you are experiencing such heat as well. July and Aug. are always hot. We just had a shower - so it cooled it a bit for right now. Much needed rain!
      I probably should have changed the soil in the pepper pots too - just added to it.
      I hope you find what you need for stocking. It is good to get started and find what you can when you can. Smart to do price comparisons.
      You stay cool as well!

    2. We did find what we need for stocking up. You should see my pantry now! Will be organizing it and once the temperatures moderate, I can put pasta and rice on the back porch shelves (in rubbermaid totes) for the cold months. I'll keep the jars and cans in the house.
      And my peppers are finally setting on fruit. Didn't get very tall, but even if I get a few, I'll be happy. The beets I planted with them are getting bigger.

  9. I live in Indiana too. Our peppers aren't doing well either.

  10. Happy Sunday, Charro! (giggles)
    I think we might finally get some heat relief. It's been wicked hot. We could really use some rain. Our lawns look like someone took an iron to them!

    Our weekend news did a segment on a recipe to help conquer a fair food craving- corn dogs. Couldn't be easier. Jiffy corn muffin mix and sliced hot dogs. Half fill cupcake tins with mix, add dogs, and cover with more mix. I love corn dogs but avoid them because I'm chubby enough!! Good sub.

    I bought a little white phlox about 17 yrs. ago having no idea what it was or that it was perennial. Lemme tell you that it produces about 10 giant blooms a year and they are beautiful! I have a bunch right now. I now wish I'd bought a dozen of them. The seem to love the east side of the house.

    Still on my rear from my knee. I see the ortho next week. Yikes!

    Been working in my craft room. I moved it upstairs into the room our mom's used. It was so sadly empty after their passings, I had to do something. So, the guest room will be downstairs with a private bathroom. I have so much crafting stuff, it's embarrassing! This is my opportunity to clean out and donate. I'm sure some group or school will be thrilled.

    It looks like the beef shortage that my California friend had 6 wks ago finally reached KS. DH went to Sam's yesterday morning and got one of the 3 last packages of ground beef left. And it was only 11am! It was huge at 10 lbs. but should last a looong time.

    1. I love the idea of mixing hotdogs and Jiffy mix together. Corndogs were always a fun treat.
      My white phlox has has several huge big blooms for days now. They sure have lasting power.
      I hate you are still down. I hope you get good news from the doctor. That is good changing the room the room that saddens you.
      Still haven't seen any shortage here (not for quite a while). Last week there was plenty of beef - and ground beef was on sale at 2.19/lb. I guess things will go in phases until everyone learns to chill a bit, and quit panic buying.

      Anxious to hear what the doctor has to say for you. Take care

  11. It has been an extremely hot here in Toronto culminating in massive thunderstorms and tornado warnings all afternoon - it was quite spectacular! At least the storm has cooled things down a bit for a couple of days anyway.

    Did a bit more non-food stocking up but did get a good deal on V-8 juice so bought 4 bottles for the pantry. I was also able to stock up on UHT milk - I like to have a good supply - especially over the winter.

    I also spent the week going through even more decorative boxes that are dotted around my apt. I now have quite a few empty ones that I'm trying to decide what to do with. I'm down to one side of my large credenza to clean out - lots of paperwork in there but should be done by the end of this week.

    I did have one lunch out last week - which was wonderful! I met a couple of friends for lunch on a patio at a favourite restaurant downtown (still no indoor eating) - the food is as wonderful as we remembered and all protocols were strictly followed so we felt quite comfortable.

    I made potato salad, prepped a bunch of veg - both raw and cooked - hard boiled eggs and then just mostly ate a lot of salads. It will probably be much the same this week.

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family and enjoy the doggy sitting.

    1. The heat seems to be around everywhere! UGH.
      Good for you on slowly adding to your pantry. It seems there are always things to clean out and get rid of.
      Your food prep all sounds good. I love salads and eating fresh veggies.
      Thank you and have a good one!

  12. It has been so hot that everything is dying in my garden.

    1. Oh no - I am sorry. Mine is still going - just having to keep it watered.

  13. I had a busy and productive week. Monday was Aldi day, and I bought quite a few items to stock my long-term pantry. Tuesday, I did light yardwork and weeding for a couple of hours and then weedwacked and mowed. I was wiped out when I finished, but the weather was the coolest and least humid forecast for the entire week, and the job had to be done.

    Wednesday I went to St. Vinny's (St. Vincent dePaul thrift store). They're still not taking donations, so were not well stocked except for clothing. I bought a henley-style t-shirt for $1.49. I found two Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks at half price for $.99 each. One is breads (both yeast and quick breads) and rolls, and the other is cookies. One is from 1975 and the other from 1963. Good, old-fashioned recipes. I had purged my cookbooks last year since most of them were not being used. Now I am replacing them with ones I will actually use.

    At St. Vinny's, my best bargain was acrylic yarn. Bought 7 full skeins at $.89 each and a large bag (35 small or partial skeins) for $9.99. Yarn is another of those items that seems to be in short supply, probably because much of it is made in China.

    It's been so hot and humid that I have had to water the gardens daily. The tiger lilies, cosmos and zinnias are blooming profusely. The butterfly bush (purple) and butterfly weed (orange) in the front flowerbed are also blooming. We are eating cherry tomatoes. So much better flavor than store-bought! The grape tomatoes are heavily set on but not ripening yet. Two of the plants are HUGE! I can't believe they are the same pathetic looking little things I put in to the garden eight weeks ago, thinking they probably wouldn't survive. I have one cucumber growing and a couple of tiny ones that may or may not make it. The carrots have taken over the garden bed but aren't big enough to eat yet. I'll start eating scallions this week. Lots of green peppers set on, and a couple getting big enough to consider eating.

    The menu for the week includes crockpot Swiss Steak made with Italian meatballs (so Husband can chew it) and salmon burgers. I made a lemon cheesecake pie for desserts. No baking.

    In order to stock up on a few things I can't get anywhere else, I am going to try ordering from WalMart for home delivery. I wasn't going to shop WalMart until late August, but my gut is telling me to do it this week. If my gut is wrong, then I'll still have the items.

    Wishing everyone a safe and frugal week!

    1. You sure do have to take advantage of any cooler time to do that gardening.
      Old cook books are so good - so many great recipes. Good going on the yarn - what a price.
      It sounds like your garden is doing great. That is wonderful. Cheesecake sounds good!
      Smart to be stocking up while you can - and things are still available. Yes, you will be supplied - whether gut is right or not. Nothing wrong with that.
      Have a good one

  14. When you list what you have been cooking, I always get hungry! ha! Everyone talks about having an abundance of zucchini and we can't seem to get a variety that produces well. That's the thing about gardening: if something doesn't grow, there's always next year. We have had a few cucumbers but will choose another variety for next season. I have just about had it with the thunderstorms and my Chihuahua Riley would agree. Rain is wonderful but not the high winds and thunder and lightning. The sun has just come out so the laundry I hung out should dry quickly. Love the fresh smell of line-dried clothing and saving on the electric bill. We are pretty well stocked up but need to sort through the canned goods and organize them better. Found eight cans of black beans in a cabinet yesterday that had been forgotten. It's like a treasure hunt!

    1. It is odd how some things work one year and not another or in one area and not another. Live and learn.
      Agree on the storms - it scares my kitties too. Remember when we used to get JUST rain showers? Now it seems everything is a storm. Crazy.

      Love laundry on the line - nothing like that smell.
      Those treasure hunts are fun!!!! Amazing what we find in our own homes!